Friday, September 29, 2017

Blind Item #11

This almost network superhero not named Arrow is having some PR issues. His company tells him to do one thing, but he then goes out and listens to another PR company who has him buying followers and likes on social media. He also can't get his story straight about the girlfriend. I wrote about them before. He cheated all the time but thinks getting married will keep him faithful. The thing is though, in a very important major purchase, he has excluded her. 


MontanaMarriott said...

Grant Gustin, The Flash?

sandybrook said...

Grant Gustin is the Flash and is engaged to marry somebody

gina g said...

I can't decide if this item is straight up cribbing from Grant's fans who don't like the relationship, or if those fans are geniuses after all. Guess the PR thing is new no matter how you look at it.

el said...
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el said...

@ginag it's from ppl who don't like his relationship, i wouldn't call them fans. sad to see this bs posted, but what can ya expect from the blog that says stephen is having an affair with emily. didn't u say grant was closeted before?


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