Saturday, September 30, 2017

Blind Item #4

This still a teen celebrity offspring of permanent A listers got burned by the B+ list mostly movie actress again. They were supposed to go out so he went by her place. She was there hungover and wasted from a night of drugs and booze with a guy old enough to be her dad.


sandybrook said...

Brooklyn Beckham\Chloe Grace Moretz

just sayin' said...

usually it's the girl who's this lovesick for the loser, user guy. poor brooklyn.

Anonymous said...

No problem. He calls dad for advice..

AprilInParis said...

If this is Brooklyn don't feel sorry for him - he likely was always going to turn out like his dad (a scoundrel) anyway. And if this is Chloe, she'll look back on this in 20 years and reminisce about how things could have turned out differently (they wouldn't have).


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