Saturday, September 30, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #1

September 23, 2017

After just seeing this reclusive A- list reality star just twice, this escort says she was offered a $75K car if she would be willing to just spend a night or two with him. Apparently most escorts don't want to stay longer than necessary.

Rob Kardashian


DavidHowesCREBroker said...


Apparently, all that Kar-trash-ian money isn't enough to keep them for very long.

sandybrook said...

You know you can find other Hollywood establishments who would have girls willing to spend a night with Rob for that kinda price. LA Xpress even has ads in the back for people who do it for free.

Bubbles said...

I'm thinking the girls know about him and leased cars, so what's the point if it's not yours. And I'd prefer a down payment on a piece of real estate in my city of choice. i want to build wealth not squander it.


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