Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #3

May 3, 2017

Don't take unregulated diet pills and mix them with edibles and tequila shots and you probably won't end up in the hospital for whatever this B+ list mostly television actress claims happened to her after a party.

Lena Dunham


sandybrook said...

Of course she could work out of she wanted to lose weight or liposuction. Or an actual diet. The show has been gone which means she should be too, yet she's not😣

Amartel said...

How about just don't take unregulated diet pills and leave it at that? Don't drag "edibles" and tequila shots down with it!
Also, just go to the gym and cut back on the portions. It's not difficult.

zerooptions said...

Uh, wait a minute,
She lied about the dog, she made up a story in her mind about the football player, she probably lied about the airport employee incident.
This is lying Lena wanting attention.
In short probably another lie, since those diet pills don't seem to be working on her lying ass.

Amartel said...

She could burn a lot of calories patrolling the airports of the nation for unauthorized opinions.

Unknown said...

She actually said it was her endometriosis so she was lying. She's pathological.

auntliddy said...

Saw a pic of her today, and she is a mess. Dead looking hair, tired looking skin, and unflattering clothes. I swear she goes out of her way to look bad. Now if this is from illness, i revoke:)


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