Thursday, September 28, 2017

Random Photos Part One

Two parts today. Matthew M and Camila Alves on date night.
Natalie Portman making a school run in LA.
Pamela Anderson this morning in Paris.
Pierce Brosnan with his wife while taking a break from Mamma Mia 2.
Robin Wright and a new friend in Paris.
Selena Gomez had another day off from the molester's movie.
Beyonce and Jay-Z at a Bruno Mars concert. Jay-Z is looking young in this photo.


Sadie said...

Somebody on Daily Mail posted Matty Mc and wife went to a rock concert in Austin and were making out. I assume there was marijuana involved..

Apricot29 said...

wow, totally thought that was Lena Headey and Ryan Reynolds instead of Robin Wright and mystery dude.

cc423 said...

Fergie gonna drunk.

I'm Right You're Wrong said...

Wow, who knew that James Bond was married to such a porker!!

sandybrook said...

Once they got into the soccer match Robin had to sit in front of Kourtney KTrash who was making out with her new piece.

Unknown said...

Robin enjoying being single and sleeping around. Get all those younger dicks sis.

Scandi Sanskrit said...

Anna Wintour is so distracting in the Pammy photo.


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