Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Random Photos Part One - Paris Fashion Week

Two parts today. Naomi Watts
Karlie Kloss
Anna Wintour
Monica Bellucci
The Diro show.
Courtney Love
Frances Bean Cobain


Moose said...

I love The Bean's look. Everytime I see her, I find her refreshing, and pleasing to the eye.

Anna Wintour's arms could use some botox, or whatever her assistant injects into her face every morning.

Joel Theriot said...

Naomi Watts. Yes please!

Sd Auntie said...

Karlie, terrible outfit. Anna scares me and Frances's dress is nice.

alphacranberry said...

re: Anna - when you get to a certain age you need some fat to fill out your skin. My grandma realized that. Meryl Streep relizes it. Anna can't get past the "anything larger than 0 is fat" mindset.


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