Sunday, September 24, 2017

Blind Item #1

Before you know it, this important charity will be nothing more than a way for sponsors to make money and promote their products. The main event of the charity is the highlight of this film festival. A new group wants to exploit the name for their own gain and don't really care if money raised goes to charity or not. They want the name.


sandybrook said...

That doesn't cut down the list of charities by much.

Leila Haikonen said...

amfAR... was in DM

auntliddy said...

I cldnt even read that. It seemed long and twisty and i was too lazy to follow it.

T B75 said...

lots of obscure money deals behind most of celebrity charities...Leo in the first place. Penn comes a close second. Harvey wants a piece of the cake too.

zerooptions said...

Straight from the new york times:


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