Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Random Photos Part One

Two parts today.

Michael J Fox and Tracy Pollan make a rare red carpet appearance.
Mila Kunis headed into Kimmel with some very long boots.
Rachel Bilson sure has been papped a lot. That is really unusual for her.
Eddie Redmayne and his wife after lunch yesterday.
Selma Blair gets stopped by paps during a coffee run.
Sandra Bullock doing the back to back movie thing which she has not done in ages.
Selena Gomez made sure to get all made up for the paps she called.


sandybrook said...

Those red fuck me boots don't work with that outfit Mila. You getting enough from Asston lately or is he cheating on you? I like Rachel's boots though.

Sandy said...

How long until we see Selena going to "church" with Bieber and spinning the stories that they both found "God" and they are living a clean and upstanding life??????

MontanaMarriott said...

MJF must have the mildest case of Parkinson's around or he has access to the most incredible drugs which if that is the case I would hope he'd share. I have buried enough friends and family due to that dreaded disease and they had it for a helluva lot shorter time than Fox.

Alexandria Anna said...

I want pictures of SPIDERMAN!

Sorry I couldn't resist, ayy lmao

AngryLiberalKTS. said...

Red boots work for me. Rock on!

Truthseeker said...

Love the red boots. I Love Mila though.. lol. ANd Selena already goes to church, the same church that Beiber goes to, Hillsong. (love that church myself, just saying)

.robert said...

It just occurred to me the MJF played a bad guy in Back to the Future. He teamed up with a demented scientist to cheat Biff out of his destiny.

T B75 said...

Sandra has another mouth to feed now. Let her be. 50 year olds are high maintenance
Bilson looking for a new gig. More pap strolls more media coverage more exposure.
Redcarpet Eddie, how's the new wig? fits well?
Fox and Pollan all my respect to these two.
La Jolie and her tipped pap strolls are getting old now. Is she a new Kardashian? that thirsty?

shakey said...

@MontanaMarriot, didn't MJF have surgery to minimize his Parkinson's? Friend of mine just had a Deep Brain Stimulation operation. He had seizures and an infection, so he's in a coma right now. Apparently these are the side effects.

On to lighter fare - is that Selena's Hallowe'en makeup? Scary.

the everyday girl said...

Let me get this straight... paps show up for Selma Blair, but Selena has to call them? Ok! Btw Selena's nose looks perculiar

Sd Auntie said...

I saw his recent interview and the tremors were severe while talking. When he was not talking, it would stop. It was really sad.

Alexandria Anna said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Scandi Sanskrit said...

He probably has access to the really good stuff (or he's just lucky—or destined to stay alive in the public eye to raise awareness or something). If he's not sharing, it's probably something experimental or not FDA-approved or something. It BAFFLES me how Venus Williams still plays tennis professionally.

Meanwhile the common Sjögren's YouTubers look perpetually tired just running their daily lives and doing things healthy people take for granted. The meds need are often out of stock, and when they're there sometimes you don't want to take them because they worsen the fatigue but if you don't you're sore/dry all over. I get a fever from going out to run errands/watching a film and SHE GETS TO PLAY PRO TENNIS?! WTF.

Scandi Sanskrit said...

*YouTuber (singular, not plural)

And he's an advocate, so maybe he is sharing notes with the rest of the class (we just don't hear about it, because we're not in the community).

hothotheat said...

Is anyone besides my sceptical about Selena's "liver trnasplant". I've never seen a healthier transplant recipient. I worked in healthcare for years and she doesn't look like she had a liver transplant recently.

.robert said...

@hothotheat, that is because it was a kidney transplant needed due to her 'lupus' and not her liver.


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