Monday, December 04, 2006

Going to try a new format for the links. They will still be from all over the world, just not going to always specifically identify which country. If you click the link you will be able to tell, and in some cases the performer themselves will be the clue.

Is Madonna going to get divorced? Did she tell the judge in Mali that she was seeing a marriage counselor? Could you be married to Madonna? I love her music, but she would be a VERY intense person to be married to.

Is Kylie getting a broken heart for Christmas? You know this may have been on the rocks for awhile, but the guy is never going to look good in this situation. Even if he is not cheating on Kylie, you are still the bastard because of what she has been through the last year.

If I ever get arrested in London, I am getting this guy for my lawyer. Seriously what the hell do you have to do in the UK to go to jail? Even Robert Downey Jr. eventually went to jail here.

You will want to come back later today for a very short blind item, but VERY good. As a teaser, I will tell you it will probably not be hard to figure out.


Anonymous said...

MUCH BETTER! Thanks! I think if you are going to do links to the same gossip that all the other blogs do, this is the perfect format....kudos again :-)

Rebecca said...

is you name M S?

Anonymous said...

Omigod .. a HUNDRED times more readable! Thanks to you and whichever tough-love friend spurred this new posting strategy! Applause.

Anonymous said...

Well I'm thankful you haven't been arrested in London...yet. Picadilly Circus wouldn't have been the same without you, but I could've done some serious damamge at Harrods if left to my own devices with your checkbook! Diggin' the new format.


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