Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I do not usually comment so soon in response to comments, but I think Anonymous made a good point about Budapest and Vince. I think the triggering event though happened over a week ago and this was the first time everything was done. I think the triggering event was the Thanksgiving dinner in which Brad's parents were invited but NOT Vince. When that story broke, it kind of looked silly that Vince was not going to be there and that is when the phone calls probably started. Again, I may be wrong, but that is what I am guessing.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous here again :-) I don't know, I thought this website would be more about your personal knowlegde. We ALL can read the gossip pages.....I 'heard' Vince didn't want to fly the 12 hrs from London where he is filming but went to Budapest instead. And I think Jen invited Brad's parents after she realized Vince was dissing her and Brad + Angie were going to Vietnam and Cambodia......Just a guess ;-)

Then Vince fooled around with some co-ed and the cat was out of the bag. Hence the announcement. I bet she was the last to know V was done with her. She has bad luck with men right? Tough luck. Thanks for the banter Ent Lawyer....till next time!!!

Anonymous said...

^I think he mixes general gossip with his business information/knowledge. He added what he knew about the PR industry.

Maybe keep it to what he knows as we all probably make the rounds of Gossip blogs.

This blog is still evolving. I still think he's doing a great job. :)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous here: I know, you are right.... I am just venting my frustrations I guess, because I really want to have new exciting never been read first hand gossip from someone on the inside, and I get disappointed by the regurgitated stuff. I am just having fun commenting too!!!

Anonymous said...

So let's hear about part II!

Also - is MV JLo as another site is reporting?

Can we get an update on the pap and the A-lister-freaky-girlfriend-beaterupper? I think a lot of us would like that one resolved soon regardless of the money involved for the pap.

Anonymous said...

And any more hints as to who the crazy actress is who did a cop a favor?



Femme Cafe said...

EntLawyer: actually that story about Jen inviting Brad's parents to her thanksgiving was never true or confirmed. It originated from a tabloid and was not very widely repeated. That's the sort of story that would have lived on a little longer in the other rags but it didn't I don't think it was true. Brad's parents have other kids and grandkids, I doubt highly that they spent the day with Aniston instead of there family.

Anonymous said...

True or no:

Jennifer Aniston is a heavy cocaine user? i know she smokes weed but i've heard rumblings to this effect (including a blind item inferring she and brad split because, yes, he cheated, but mainly because he asked her to give up blow and she didn't.


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