Tuesday, December 05, 2006

This morning will be the usual links to the far off corners of the globe, but of course with the new format. I really try my hardest to not give you the same links every other gossip site does, but of course there is going to be some cross-over. It just cannot be helped. But what I give that no other site really does is my BIG blind items, and today I have one so large it is going to be two parts. Seriously, it is that long. The first part is done and I will post that around noon PST. The reason it is so long is because it is without a doubt one of the most unique experiences I have ever had in my life.
I spent the entire week with K. K is the ultimate A lister. An A+ lister who has received awards, honors and accolades and generates a presence that few others have ever matched. He also is a dirty old man, an incredible drinker, pompous, arrogant, of bad breath and odor, and treated me like his whipping boy for a week. It is hard to do him or his actions justice, but you will just have to read for yourself starting later today.

Now onto the LINKS

From the I never saw this coming file -

Eddie Murphy and Mel B are calling it quits - Why you ask? Well Eddie thinks there was some cheating going on because he doesn't think he is the baby's daddy, but in the meantime Eddie has been dating Babyface's ex. Got it?

Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody split - and although there is not the drama of Eddie and Mel B, it seems Adam just could not wait to get back out there.

Usually the story of your life means the story of your life, but with Heather Mills it means the last 5 years or so. I guess she just wants to forget about the alleged soft-porn and escorting and just concentrate on the gold digging part.

I really hope boning means something different in Australia or the guys in U2 could be really sore.

Beyonce is closer to social security than we thought. I wonder if Jay Z knew he was dating a 32 year old and not a 25 year old. I do not actually care how old she is but 7 years is a big difference. The one thing I do not understand about the whole article is why hundreds of people were e-mailing to find out what her birthday is. Is something else going on here we do not know about? Hmmmm?


Anonymous said...

first! haha

Anonymous said...

is "K" kurt douglas?

the beyonce thing doesn't surprise me. i've heard the same thing before, but at the same time, this would mean that all the other destiny's child members (esp. the original ones, like kelly rowland) would be 32 as well. i've seen video footage of the girls performing when they were really young and they all seem to be the same age. so either beyonce has always looked really young for her age or a lot of people are lying right along with her.

Anonymous said...

I would guess that K is Jack. As in Jack Nicholson.
Indie, I think you mean Kirk Douglas.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was George Clooney. Now that would be a good story!

Jack has kind of seen his day. :(

Anonymous said...

I guessed your blind item already - it's Jack Nicholson. Has to be. ;)

Just kidding, Jack. (Well maybe?)

Anonymous said...

Been wondering about the whole Beyonce thing for ever, "no no no" was released
in 1997 who knows when it was actually recorded.
The media didn't make a big stink about 15-year olds singing about giving it up.

She was 24 for 3-years. Cant really hate on her
thats how the industry work.

Anonymous said...

she has to be MV or MK from your previous post

Anonymous said...

What about Harrison Ford? Although if true, that would make me very sad. I think Kirk Douglas is a bit older than in his 60s.

Anonymous said...

Stop with the "first" posts. Shouldn't you be on Perezhilton's blog? I am certain no one here cares.

Anonymous said...

Maybe that she's MV?! :)

mrs. roboto said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

if true i wondered if media outlets will pick up the story.

Anonymous said...

That Beyonce Knowles item is fabulous. I don't know why but it's fun and spooky in a Twin Peaks kind of way. So sick of her pulling the wool over everyone's eyes...


Anonymous said...

Re: Beyonce Knowles story

See the following link:


04-Sep-1981 f

Information in this database comes from the Texas Department of Health.
As of March 2000, Birth Indexes from 1926-1995 and Death Indexes from
1964-1998 are available on the Internet, microfiche or CD-ROM.

Anonymous said...

I was born in Harris County, Texas as well and my birth info is correct on the link.


Anonymous said...

^^^I wanted to submit the same information you did, but you beat me to it, I was born in Harris County, TX also, but waaaaay before B.....

Anonymous said...

MV=BK (Beyonce)
K=P (Pacino)

It's "Vixen" I'm struggling with.

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