Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Golden Globes Part 1

I am looking at all the notes I scribbled to myself last night. They made sense last night, and I will try and piece together everything and give you something coherent to read. It will be in several parts and I will try and use photos to tell the story as well. Most of the photos are coming from wireimage with whom I have a license. They may disagree to the extent of that license, so enjoy the pics today.

The beginning

The way I go to the Golden Globes every year is to find someone who will trade tickets with me. Until two years ago I always traded with LG who would allow me to go with her and she would go with me to the Grammy's or I would just get her some extra ones. Because of what I do, I can get tickets to all the music award shows, but have trouble getting tickets to the SAG awards, the Academy Awards and the Golden Globes. The thing you have to realize about the Golden Globes is there are only about 1300 people in the main ballroom. So, if everyone were allowed to bring a date, there would be only 650 actual invitations. That is a very tough ticket. Because of the scarcity of tickets, a show like Heroes is given a certain number of tickets which obviously leaves certain people out. The person I went with this year was YK which is who I went with last year. She is a friend of a friend and we do not have much in common and we will not be going again. Last year I was really sick and almost did not go, so I was kind of oblivious to things which this year I noticed immediately.

In past years, LG and I would make fun of people and say OMG a bunch. There were plenty of bathroom reports because that is where the fun is and also often the only time you get to be closer to someone. As you can imagine, walking around during the actual show is kind of a no no and so where you get stuck is where you get stuck. The only milling around usually is done before the show if you get there early enough. How early? Good question.

The show starts at 5pm Pacific time, but depending on who you are and what you need to get done, you may get there as early as 2pm. That is always the time I have got there. In past years, a group of people would come over to my place about 9am actually and we would hang out, have a little brunch catered. The women invited would share the cost of makeup and hair and have it done there. My place is fairly convenient to the hotel where the show is held and so we would leave around 130pm to try and actually get there at 2pm.

Celebrities who are trying to get noticed or promote something or are less than A list try and get there around 2pm because they have the news outlets to themselves and are guaranteed to get lots of photos taken and interviews done. More often than not, these early arriving celebrities get more photos sent out and interviews done than A listers just because of the time constraints. There is no way someone like LG or YK will get the attention at 455pm, but get plenty of it at 230pm. In addition these early arrivals get their photos sent out all over the world first, and therefore are often used when in most cases they would be an afterthought. Between 2pm-4pm, news outlets are often desperate for actual interviews and so this is a way you can get yourself out there at that time. Everyone from a television show will try and arrive at roughly the same time and basically swarm everywhere. It is a very effective tool.

For the last two years I have met the group I am going with and it is just so much about business to them and not about having fun. Like I said, I will not be with this group again. I did not stay with them very long into the evening so it all worked out well. It is nice to see things from a different perspective though and to see how one group is about fun and another is focused on their show and their respective careers.

OK, next post will be some photos and some comments that were overheard as well as some of my own. Lots of gossip in the next post.


Anonymous said...

Ok. So I got the ELs (duh, there were pics of them) but who're LG and YK?

Also, it's obvious Britney reads this blog in light of her recent generosity (giving hundreds of bucks to the homeless guy). Maybe this blog can be used to encourage her to clean up her life? I'm rooting for that.

Anonymous said...

I'm assuming LG and YK are Lauren Graham (Gilmore Girls) and Yunjin Kim(Lost)...thoughts?

Anonymous said...

LG is totally Lauren Graham. She would be a fun date. (And hey, if it can't be me...)

Anonymous said...

So putting 2 and 2 together from various comments made by EL...

"It is nice to things from a different perspective though and to see how one group is about fun (Heroes) and another is focused on their show and their career (Lost)."

He attended with YK (Yunjin Kim from Lost) and would not do that again as the table was obviously more about business. He specifically cited Heroes for being fun.

Anonymous said...

I'm reading this blog and watching the red carpet show on Tivo and was trying to figure out who YK was and voila! Yunjin Kim appears on screen. Hmmm, I wonder if our elusive ENT is on camera in the background. Perhaps when HP is being interviewed (which seems to be hapoening at the same time YK isposing for pics).


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