Friday, January 19, 2007

See, I think this story about Lionel Richie dating a former Miss Nevada would be MUCH more interesting if it was the most recent Miss Nevada. Oh, the parties she and her step-daughter would have. Girl on girl action, drinking, drugging and clubbing. Oh, wait, I guess they already do that. Well still, it would be a step-mom and step-daughter. That just screams reality show or at least multiple guest shots on the Howard Stern show.

As you know I do not usually link to other blogs. But honestly, this is so snarky and I laughed so hard that it was the reason I did another post this morning. You HAVE to read it. If you like Paula Abdul, you will want to skip it. If, however you are like me and cannot stand her, this will make your day.

Did I do a blind item about Rose McGowan being a coke whore? I really need to check. If she is, then she is the sweetest coke whore around. Really, most of the time coke whores are unpleasant to be around. I really find Rose to be wonderful despite her one very bad choice in a boyfriend.

I did not really want to link to another story about Lindsay. I just happened to see this photo of Lindsay and her biological mother. When I first saw it, I said to myself that it either looks like Dina is trying to steal money from Lindsay's pocket, steal something else from Lindsay's pocket, or putting a little something in the pocket to make the night seem more fun.


Anonymous said...

Did you do that blind item of Rose?


Anonymous said...

Ent I need to know soon!!! I'm leaving work for my 2nd job (with no computer access)in an hr. Please please give something up!!!


Anonymous said...

Got any more info about Paula Abdul? You must! Tell us!

Anonymous said...

I have been seeing that too, that many gosspip blogs have been saying that Rose is a coke whore, because she looked a "stressed". Everyone know is a coke whore.

Lionel and Miss Nevada? Interesting. Since Meladore, he has really lost himself. Maybe some day he will find it.

Lindsay and her mom? She looks nothing like her.

Cooper's Mom said...

Dina Lohan is one of the most despicable people around. how she still has custody of the other lohan kids is beyond me; look at poor lindsay. A mother should support and nurture you not treat you like a paycheck and entry to celeb parties, it's absolutely disgusting. Mrs lohan's penchant for the nose candy has been reported on several blogs and i for one believe it as she's as much of a train wreck as her daughter. now, SHE should be sued.


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