Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Golden Globes Part 5

The first kindness was there last night. She looked amazing and we caught up with each other. She said she would think about letting me tell the world who she is.

OK, just so you do not get the wrong idea about what I saw. I was nowhere close to the biggest of the big. BUT, with many bathroom visits, some selected wandering and some willing co-conspirators that I found as the night wore on, location did not really matter.

Some observations from a majority of the group. Had to be a majority.

It was assumed Hugh Grant had sex at some point during the evening. He looked perfectly normal, and then a few minutes later looked as if he, well had been having sex.

Jack Nicholson could not stop talking about how proud he was of his daughter.

Ben Affleck was deemed to have been whipped beyond belief and he looked like a shell of the guy he used to be. He just did not look happy to be there.
Annette Benning is 22 years younger than her husband Warren Beatty and looked 22 years older.
When is Sharon Stone going to go away? Since when does one movie make a career?
Jessica Biel has an amazing body, but the sun is starting to make her face look older. Isla Fisher won the D list award for being the lowest celebrity who dared walk the red carpet the latest and came after a bunch of A listers.

Seal looked like a lounge singer in Vegas.

Geena Davis looks like she could beat the living crap out of her husband.
No one had ever seen Mary J. Blige in a dress and thought she should wear one more often.
Beyonce seems to wear the same outfit at every awards show.

Everyone is scared of Jada Pinkett Smith.

Sheryl Crow is becoming a scarecrow.
Salma Hayek looked really mad most of the night.
Rinko Kukichi had a huge following of guys around her.

Drew Barrymore looked very pretty. Unknown if she was the reason Hugh Grant looked like he did. Drew will also no doubt be sad that she will be the subject of a blind item revealed on Friday.

Everyone TiVo's The Office.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt acted like royalty but were not treated like royalty and did not seem to be universally liked thanks to her.

The latest jackass is still a jackass.

Coming up next..The after parties.


FrancesDanger said...

I'm going to venture a guess that Drew is the back on drugs star who has to produce to get cast from the BI a few days back.

Anonymous said...

*parties for *party's please, Ent. I mean, if I can't be your date, at least I can keep your spelling on a short leash.

(But you know we would have had fun!)

Anonymous said...

Isla Fisher is engaged to nominee/golden globe winner.. that is why she was on the red carpet

and hardly d list, please

Anonymous said...

It's true. Isla Fisher is no way D-list. She's a working actress who never embarasses herself and always does superb work.

Anonymous said...

As for Salma looking mad the whole night, she always looks mad. I stopped liking her b/c back when Frida was up for Oscars, everytime they showed her face she looked pissed when Frida wouldn't win. She gets really happy when Hispanics win and pissed when they don't.

Anonymous said...

If Angelina feels the need to look down her nose at everyone and scoff at the idea of awards shows in general, then bitch needs to stay home. She walked around looking like she smelled dog shit all night. Such a disgusting human being.

And Isla Fisher is awesome.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that Jack is proud of his daughter (odd to think that 16 years ago, he & Anejlica broke up because of her conception), but why was he camera hogging every time they panned the audience? He did some weird move when during Hugh Laurie's acceptance speech that I didn't feel was appropriate (unless, unbeknownst to me they are good friends). It was like he was trying to take the spotlight off of Hugh's win. Just my two cents there.

Anonymous said...

"She walked around looking like she smelled dog shit all night."

I agree, she looked genuinely pissed to be there.

Forgot to add RE Anette Benning that I have thought the same thing, ENT, for such a long time. She is unfortunately not aging well. Maybe it was just me, but I detected some annoyance when Tom Hanks mentioned Warren's legendary womanizing?

Anonymous said...

I want to know if Justin and Cameron had any uncomfortable moments. God willing. She's a hag.

monkielion said...

At least Annette Benning doesn't have the same Botox/facelift mask face as everyone else. (Poor Courtney Cox couldn't even make an expression.) AB looks gorgeous for someone who is natural. She looks like a real person. Or have you all forgotten what real people look like?

Anonymous said...

So...it's pretty safe to say that Ben Affleck is the whipped hubby for Friday's blind item #3 then? Or is it just me hoping that I finally got a blind item right for once in my life?

Anonymous said...

"Or have you all forgotten what real people look like?"

No, as a matter of fact, I haven't.

I happen to think that Diane Keaton looks fabulous and she hasn't had any surgery either. Ditto for Meryl Streep (although there has been some speculation that she may have had slight work done).

Anonymous said...

I love reading this blog, but the commenters correcting EL or other commenters get tedious. It all seems like a ploy to keep focus on themselves and "own" the blog. Just my 2 cents.

Anonymous said...

{Waves at lynne} Yay! Nice to see you posting!

Anonymous said...

Never mind Annette Benning, her husband is one pompous windbag.

Anonymous said...

It's not Annette's face that's the problem--it's her hair, makeup and wardrobe.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the comment about those who feel the superior need to correct other people on spelling, grammar, etc. I have a Mom and I certainly don't need another one. Thanks.

Amber said...

This blog is the greatest thing on the 'internets' right now! Wow, I love all of your GG coverage.. it's just awesome. Ok, I'm loving the stuff you're saying about Angelina.. Is she not a nice person or something? Oh, and I want to know what E Longoria did in college which made you not like her. MMhmmm good stuff Lawyerdude.

Anonymous said...

...Helen Mirren is a babe too... and NORMAL/NATURAL, even (gasp!) wrinkly! Not to say that surgery is bad, just give it a rest people!

OK so what's the dirt on Jolie's attitude, ENT? Do tell. Trying to figure out which BI Drew fits...

Lovin your blog! Keep it up!

Rubie said...

Angelina was miserable to watch last night. Although happy with her big paydays she appears appalled to be forced to mix with the "unwashed masses" of Hollywood.Ok, so she does charitable deeds. Well we all do Angie but we manage not to look quite so constipated about it. What a train wreck that household must be...."no Brad, not tonight I'm too worried about Darfur". Geez, no wonder Brad looks so beat down.

Anonymous said...

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt acted like royalty but were not treated like royalty and did not seem to be universally liked thanks to her.

Really? Is that why they always seem bombarded with people wanting to meet then during every commercial break while noone could be bothered to even glance at Nicolette Sheridan?


Anonymous said...

Justin Timberlake made a fool of himself when he mocked Prince. So what if Prince put your music down however long ago, at least act like a grown-up when you are in front of the cameras.....use those acting lessons from the Mickey Mouse club that you are so proud of.

Mary J. Blige looks gorgeous.

Beyonce's poses on the red carpet looked awkward and like they belong in Maxim or Playboy....not the Golden Globes.

Maybe if E! hadn't trespassed on Brad Pitt's property and maybe if E! hadn't sent airhead Ryan S. to ask old lady gossip questions, Angelina would have shown E! some respect. Shouldn't the questions be about Brad's movie and his nomination? Why should anyone reward a person's stupid and irrelevant questions?

Anonymous said...

Jolie is a stuck-up bitch (she reminds me of my ex-sister-in-law--not a compliment) and a closet junkie. Pitt must be so henpecked.

You all know that Jolie doesn't raise those kids--that she has hired a nanny for each of them--and when she travels with the family, she always gets a room separate from them?

Denise118 said...

>>I was nowhere close to the biggest of the big.

Is it just me but is Ent hinting about MV? JLo was there last night.

Anonymous said...

Actually I know what the prob with "Angie" is. She has a contract with St. John and she is REQUIRED to wear the label to every red carpet event. Well, suppossedly she was raving mad about her choices of what to wear and had to pick that horrid grey number. Well what did she expect? St. John is a very 'mature' brand. Not at all young hollywood!

Anonymous said...

Ben affleck and jennifer garner are SO annoying. I wonder if they ran in to JLo

Anonymous said...

I liked Angelina's dress, both the color and cut. The jewelry didn't quite go with the color, but otherwise she looked really nice. I do think her past outfits were more glamorous than what she wore last night.

Pretending to know about celebrities' travel arrangements and their childcare is so lame. It really doesn't take much to spread rumors, does it?

Anonymous said...

oooh, I feel so sorry for angie having to pocket 12 million dollars from St. John to pose for a couple of pictures and HOW DARE they not jump through hoops to make her a goth dress....brat.

If she is so focused on "other issues", world hunger, world peace....why the hell did she care so much about a damn dress....enough to act like a total bitch?

Because she is a fraud.

jcolette said...

Angelina Sucks! I am glad to hear that they werent treated like "royalty" brad dropped off my list when he started dating her...she is such a fake. she goes form lesbian, to goth freak carrying a vile of blood around her neck to "profess her love..." to humanitarian goddess...PLEEEZZZZ she cant make uo her mind as to what she wants to be. She chose brad to i think to up her "imsge" of being some hard core bitch (she like to play that up) and act better than everyone else... but really is just a black widow spider. I am thrilled that she looked like shit in that dress with her manly vain popping out her head (Did you see that---GROSSSSSS :)...and brad looks horrible as well...
why were they there? to up their "bradgelina" image...whatever i could go on and on about my dislike for this couple.

Anonymous said...

it's funny how a lot of the people commenting act as if they angelina so damn well. a couple of pictures of her not smiling and that stupid interview with seacrest is enough for you to stone her to death?

i saw the e! interview everyone was trying to make a big deal about, she talked to him, smiled and at least she didn't give him the look penelope cruz gave him, but you're not talking about that issue. brad pitt did the same when at the good shepard premiere. the press were trying to talk to him but he tried to put to focus on angelina, but you're not bringing that up either.

if someone trespassed my property (e!) and then someone else (seacrest) talked shit about me on tv, i wouldn't even give them my time. yes it's awards show and people get asked stupid questions but don't lie and say that you won't hold a personal grudge when you see those people face to face had it been you. and yes all celebs get asked those questions but then again those celebs' homes weren't trespassed just so some idiots can get the latest scoop. besides, seacrest doesn't have the caliber to interview real celebrities. he's used to lindsey lohan and hilary duff and paris hilton and the latest boy toy catfight between those 3.

Anonymous said...

I think the BI about Drew is that she and Hugh Grant had a fling while they were filming their new movie (due out in Feb).

Maybe it's about to come out that they are seeing each other...thus the reason for Drew's split with her boyfried who was waiting for her to come home from filming.
This would also explain the comments about her being responsible for Hugh's change in appearance at the GG>

Anonymous said...

Leave the BRangelina worship to some other blog pleeeeeease....

Anonymous said...

OMG I hope little Drew isn't seeing that pervert Hugh Grant. Good guess though.

Anonymous said...

I love reading the posts from others!! I did not look at the awards show personally, because it is overrated. But, I have heard some things and seen some pics of the event.

Annette looks tired and beat.What in the hell is up with her hair? That gray streak thing up there? It looks worse than Denise Richard's hairdo a few weeks back.

I have to agree with ENTL. Sharon Stone had one hit movie, and she has played it to the hilt. I have not seen her in anything else worth mentioning. I think she stays onto money because she at one time was married to money. I am tired of seeing her as well. Her age is starting to show, even though when she first came onto the scene she lied about her age.

Angie and Brad-overrated couple, and now folks wanna hate on them. Stop it!!! The public made them what they are. They try to live a quiet life, and cannot. Right now Angie is going through alot with her mom battling cancer and all. She has lost weight worrying about her. Her arms do look quite bad, but give her a break. The public builds these folks up, then wants to tear them down. So the hell what she did not give Ryan a damn interview! Who is he? She has given enough as well as Brad. What they do is their business and as long we (general public)continue to meddle and want to know what the hell they are doing , well, they will become more and more big headed.

Poor Drew!!! I truly hope she is not the BI about the actress drug addict whose career was on the skids because of a coke problem. She has been through alot. I hope it is something lighter than that.

I have yet to see John Stamos and Old Man (Leonardo DiCaprio) look happy at any damn event. Why even come? How stupid. Maybe Old Man was mad because the award ceremony was not "environmental-friendly" too much waste on electricity and stuff. Think so ENTL?

Beyonce looked greasy,didn't she? Real slippery. Maybe she did that as a safety feature in case some over zealous paps tried to grab her for a picture. Can just slip right on out of the grip.

Sheryl Crow- Yuck!! I think that that was my prom dress. I graduated in 93.

Poor Ben!! I don't see this marriage lasting much longer. Rushed relationship, both on the rebound, and he seems to be away from her Violet then he is with them. I hope I am wrong.


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