Friday, January 19, 2007

Today is Friday and the day for which you all have been waiting. Just a few more hours and you shall have the answers!!! I will try and have a couple easy blind items at the same time. Like I said though, they will be easy because I know you will just want to concentrate on all the answers. In other Ent news, Jeeeze has taken on the task of trying to organize this site to make it easier to navigate and comment, etc. It is not going to happen overnight, but wanted you to know that efforts are being made.

The Grammy show just got better. As I have said before it is my favorite show of the year and this year I hope all of you Australian readers coming to visit will let me know so we can get together during that week. What I really want to do is take the Australian Idol host who will be in LA and then have him meet Seacrest in some kind of UFC match. If Idol's from around the world can compete against each other, than hosts should as well. Besides, I think Seacrest could use a good ass kicking. Mel, I just want you to let him know what is expected of him before he boards the plane to LA.

On a side note to the article above. Please note the article on the right side of the page which talks about Bjork's new album. One of the few singers who give me the shivers when she performs live.
I recognize the fact that I do not know every bit of gossip and every hookup that ever happened. I also know that at the Golden Globes, I said "Who the hell is that?" or "What are they in?" on a fairly regular basis. So if my memory is going faulty, forgive me. When I read the story of Cameron Diaz and the surfer boy (no, not that one) I said I know that name. How come no one sees this connection but me? Pam Anderson and Kelly Slater did the f*** buddy thing for quite some time. Cameron wants to have a go at Pamela, but thanking everything that is holy that has not quite happened. So what is the next best thing? Cameron can get some Pamela through Kelly. Maybe she wishes she had been involved with both of them at one point. Maybe something happened before and she wants to recreate it. All I am saying is that make sure you know where someone has been.

Posh Spice made the top of a list. No, it wasn't which celebrity wears a bra the least, or who looks most like an alien, or even who has the most lopsided nipples. Instead it was something more monumental.It was the top of the list of the worst movies of all time. Congratulations!!!

Not a Jeffrey Sebelia fan from Project Runway. However, I know some of you are, so here is a link to his new line which is highlighted in Elle Magazine.
"Hi, I am Juliette Binoche. I know many of you have never heard of me, but I want to say, that I was heartbroken for Jude Law. He was going through so much pain after he cheated on Sienna Miller with the nanny. I just thought he was so adorable. I wanted to do anything for him." I guess she wanted to be the nanny.
"Hi, I am Courtney Love. I went to and discovered that no one was compatible with a recovering drug addict, convict, single mother, selling out my dead husband's image woman." I am sure that e-harmony is just lining up hoping that Ms. Love will do some commercials for them.
More to come.


Anonymous said...

Oh, didn't I mention that I'm really Australian? I'm just putting a variety of things on the barbie as we speak. (Ok, so maybe not, but I can fake the accent pretty darn well)

Stellar opening to that post, by the way... you have your own tux AND avoid ending sentences with a prepostion. I think I'm in luuuurve.

I hope you have a very restful weekend, Ent. You've earned it.

Can't wait for the reveals!

Zanna said...

Hurry up and release the blind items! I'm so excited my nipples are hard!

Anonymous said...

el, you're such a salacious tease!! readers in earlier time zones have been dying for these blind item reveals for *hours*!!!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Hez, it's great that Ent can successfully avoid ending a sentence with a preposition, but can you PLEASE coach him on how to properly pluralize? He puts an apostrophe before the s more often than not. Case in point in this post - Idol's. You earlier caught party's, which he subsequently edited, so I fugure you're the helpdesk on this.


Anonymous said...

oops - *figure


Anonymous said...

gah! I love Juliette. man. eww Although I had previously thought Jude was attractive, I don't think he's aging too well. Plus I don't really like Sienna at all. But I guess I must have a thing for the same guys as her. I use to fantasize about Hartnett all the time! = )

Anonymous said...

I wasn't too fond of Jeffery from PR but I loved the model he used. I'm glad he won just so I might see her from time to time.

Good luck with the housekeeping Jeeeze. :o)

Anonymous said...

Hey ENTL, enough of the small talk. Let's get to the nitty gritty!!!

Anonymous said...

hey Hez

Love to hear you fake our accent!!

Besides, were too busy trying to fake yours!!

Were just like America except we drive on the other side of the road, we don't have as many guns and a fanny is only what a girl has on the front!!

Ha Ha!!

Loved the reveals,

Can I have some more now!!


Cayla said...

haha i am in a relationship, but just for fun, i went to eharmony to see who they would match me with. i got no one, too! so dont worry, courtney love, we are in the same boat. minus the drugs and huge lips.

meltish said...

Unfortunately AG has already met Seacrest, and I think it was quite the opposite of an ass kicking. I wish I was coming.... oh well, im sure to be getting texts throughout the night.


Anonymous said...

I don't like Jeff from Project Runway. He used his drug addiction as a sob story on the show, then it turns out, he went back on drugs to finish his collection in time. Seems he can turn it on and off. You can't have it both ways, Jeff. Poor little rich boy! SOB!

Anonymous said...

To PF @ 11:20 am...

Poor wee thing was all tuckered out. He's usually pretty on it. I barely have to get up from my help desk. I probably wouldn't even have to wear pants.


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