Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Here I was working on November and December blind items to reveal on Friday, when Ms. Lindsay allows me to reveal an additional one from December and one of the first from January.

I am glad she is headed to rehab, because, honestly, her current guy was just the end. I have never heard one nice word said about him.

Here is the US Magazine link about her entering rehab and here is the TMZ story.

Photos of the rehab center

Here are the two blind items

January 3, 2007

So this starlet who has been mentioned everywhere had a little drink Sunday night or was it two or three? Seems she got rejected by an ex in a VERY public way and proceeded to drink the night away and came on to any guy who headed her way. Except for one.

(Lindsay Lohan/Wilmer Valderrama(ex)/K-Fed)

December 8, 2006

Developing---This female star has been spiraling out of control over the past several weeks and has been the subject of numerous internet gossip sites. She is currently being persuaded by those close to her to enter rehab within the next week. There is even a chance it could be this weekend. Her friends and family are extremely concerned that if something is not done now it may be too late. Going into rehab now would allow for a fresh start for the new year and to get her life back on track.

(Lindsay Lohan--From what I understand, her father was the one who wanted her to go to rehab and she was wavering, but she used her AA as an excuse and also the fact she did not want to be in rehab during Christmas. She promised everyone she would not drink, and that if she did, she would go right in.)


annie said...

OOOhhh! So glad I checked in again!

Anonymous said...

Oh man. Who didn't see that coming? Still, she's only 20... still a chance for redeeming herself.

Anonymous said...

Take that all you haters! Good on ya, EL.

Anonymous said...

I like the confirmation, it so much more satisfying than never knowing for sure!

Anonymous said...

That is great news, actually. Remember when LL used to be enjoyable? She was terrific and fresh in the Parent Trap and things like Freaky Friday, but she has just degenerated into a skanky ho who didn't even respect herself. She does have the chance to redeem herself and I truly hope she can.

Kiwi said...

I've often thought that LL reminds me of Elizabeth Taylor - beautiful, talented, child star, substance issues, confusion, lots of medical just waiting on the husbands.

It's great to have confirmation on those BIs. Thanks and keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

So her father (who is in prison) is the better parent! Dina is a piece of crap.

I still don't like Hohan and doubt she'll stay in rehab long. But I'm glad Michael is trying to be a decent guy.

Anonymous said...

ewwwww! k-FEd?!?!?!!

syd said...

You are awesome, true to the definition of the word. I saw this on t.v. and I take this as all the proof I need that this site is the best gossip site on the web! Keep up the great work, and damn it you are the reason I can't wait for 11:30 every morning. Thank you so much for the fluffy fun to break the monotony of everyday.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Hope she sees it through and gets
cleaned up. I'd hate for her to
have some tragic end at say,25.

Anonymous said...

oh, you changed the comments back :( I liked it small, made it easy to see the blind items & read at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Her career is def shot til she is 30 I think. Unless she takes some indie films that are cheap to make, no one will insure her.

She should have done this a year ago. Oh well, at least she didn't die and she would have been turned into a martyr for like young Hollyhood.

In a way, as much as I don't like her, I hope she cleans up her act like Drew Barrymore. Like Drew, she should also keep her mom out of her life. She really just needs better role models to steer her. Her career in the immediate future is done. She has to just focus on her life now, maybe even move outta H-wood.

Anonymous said...

Interesting thing has happened. I read a recent interview of Lindsay's father in jail. He is a changed man who has learned how remarkably stupid he has been, how foolish he lived his life. I guess prison can teach you that if you let it. Anyways, he has also found God and is praying for his daughter. It may sound kind of silly here as I relate it, but he really came across as sincere and repentant of his actions towards his family. I think it is great that Lindsay now has a parent who has his head on straight, who can see straight and cares very much for her.

Anonymous said...

It is hard to see the forest for the trees when you are drinking and coking it up, especially in LA. In my opinion it is not the substance abuse but pissing everyone off. Cart or horse story though. A publicist that I know, told me that although she was begging he wouldn't take her as client because he did't represent 'personalities', only talent. Ent you can email a rare bird for that story if you like.

Anonymous said...

Lindsay Lohan’s father writes open letter to daughter
Monday September 25th, 2006 at 7:01 pm by HeatherHoneypot
Lindsay Lohan’s father, Michael has written an open letter to his daughter via The Sun newspaper because “it’s evident that my [personal] letters never reach you … ‘people’ continue to build walls between us.”

Michael was sentenced to four years in jail last year after admitting to charges related to drink driving, assault and harassment. Lindsay has previously called him “self-destructive, full of anger and bitterness … He’s never done anything for my family or career. I don’t have any respect for him” and the stress caused by Michael’s divorce from Lindsay’s mum Dina was claimed to be the cause of her dramatic weight loss last year.

In the letter, Michael apologises for the “heartache and embarrassment” he has caused and warns Lindsay that she’s “so talented and blessed” that people will use her to serve their own interests.

Michael, who claims to have become a devout Christian while in prison, also adds: “You are an amazingly blessed, talented, intelligent and loving person. Use it to do good! To set an example by putting God and his principles first. Your love for life and people is a gift.”

“I trust you, I believe in you and I will love and protect you until my dying breath, and if that’s what it takes so be it!”

“Please know how much I miss all of you. Stay strong my Angel! God bless you and stay strong!”

“Things do happen for a reason Linds — God’s reasons. Reasons I will never question ever again in my life.”

“They’ve taught me more about myself, others and how important God is in our life, than you’d ever imagine! God, Linds! The one that blessed you, made your name famous and wants you to use your blessing to bless others.”

Cooper's Mom said...

well, who didn't see that one coming??

i agree, Dina is a shocker of a mum and if rumors are to be believed is as much of a cokehead as her daughter.... but hopefully linds will get help, though unfortunately i fear it won't do much good as she enjoys the attention too much cos she is just so self-destructive. but time will tell.

JeeezeLouise said...

I'm glad to see this because, even though I am not a LiLo fan, this girl was going to end up dead very soon.

I still say all of the adults around her are equally at fault, from her so-called mother to the clerk at her corner liquor store. She's barely 20 years old and already in rehab; anyone who served her drinks, sold her alcohol or let into a club has contributed to her disease, and should (but likely will not) be ashamed.

And for the record, some of us never doubted EL ;)

Anonymous said...

Be Adequite! says: You rock EL! And to LiLo- honey, even bad girls can go good and still be fun- I'm a hottie with 5 years sobriety ;-)

Keep it up EL!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad she's doing this. She's a talented girl (people forget that she REALLY can act) and still so young. My best friend also had a drinking problem when she was that young--but finally entered a rehab facility when she was in her early 20s and has been clean ever since (15 years later). Good luck, Lindsay. And get rid of the fair weather friends/leeches once you get out.

JeeezeLouise said...

When Brandon Davis, in his famous "Firecrotch" rant, said LiLo was "only" worth 7 million and she lives in a "hotel room", that seemed to all of us common folk an incredibly arrogant thing to say.

But the rant wasn't meant for us, it was meant to hurt her .. where it would hurt most.

She's a kid, from a lousy background, trying to fit in with the so-called "beautiful people". Brandon was saying, "You'll never be rich enough, you'll never be good enough". Skeeeze.

By the way, Brandon Davis is broke.

Anonymous said...

I hope she can pull through, and come out sober, clean, and with strength. She has talent, but she tossed it aside during her treacherous spiral through celebrity.

I hope she gains personal insight and better discernment of her own character (and the character of those that currently influence her life).

Anonymous said...

Where is all this "talent" everyone sees? Mean Girls was ok but I think that was Tina Fey's writing, anyone could have played Hohan's role.

I don't see it. Her movies flop and she's a famewhore.

Anonymous said...

Well, those were hardly 'blind' items! I doubt that one visit to rehab will clean her up. LL has so many issues to deal with, she will be in and out of rehab and therapy for years.

The real problem as far as her career is concerned is the lack of professionalism. No-one cares what you do so long as you turn up for work and do the job you are paid to do. Some heavyweight producers and directors have seen talent in her, then been let down by her behaviuor. LL should try the indie route, in supporting roles, to show she can hold down a job.

Anonymous said...

I am betting her stay in rehab will be short, shorter than Nicole Richie attempt.
She did'nt go to rehab because her father advised her @@ please. Movie companies are not going to hire some drunk girl who is not going to show up to work. She's makeing a show to prove she still employable to f the flim industry.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know what this rehab place is like. I'm guessing it's more of a resort, and word is drugs and alcohol are plentiful at places like Promises, which I believe this place is affiliated with. This girl needs inpatient. I think this is for publicty, she won't get better. And, by the way, other than parent trap, color me unimpressed by her "acting" skills. A good child actor does not a good adult actor make.

Anonymous said...

nice to get confirm on these 2.

have a ? though... are we really to believe her new guy..

'I am glad she is headed to rehab, because, honestly, her current guy was just the end. I have never heard one nice word said about him.'

is brandon davis??
confused on that..

Anonymous said...

doh so sorry, am catching up afte a few busy days.. so hadn't read farther than first post.. now i see it's joe 'scumface' francis that she (linds) is hooked up with.

cindie said...

Anon@7:42pm, if you click on "show original post" at the top of the page next to the number of comments, you can read the day's post along with the comments on the same page. I think you will find that it's easier than switching back and forth between pages. I, for one, am glad that EL switched it back. Thanks EL. :)

As for LiLo, I'm glad that she's recognized (through her father or Greasy Bear)that she needs help. I never did like her much, and like someone else said here, don't see what all the fuss is over her acting. But I didn't want to see anyone dead either. I wish her luck.

cindie said...

Or Anon@7:42pm, you can hold down your CTRL button while clicking on the comments on the front page and it will open in another window.

Anonymous said...

Lindsay is a really good actor. She stole the show in Freaky Friday. Even Jamie Lee Curtis said at the time that Linds is an extremely gifted actor. Imagine at 16 being so convincing in acting like a woman in her forties. Especially when her own mother was not the example she would have emulated. Don't know how she did it, but she did a fine job. And, the fact that she did her own guitar work and her own singing was amazing too.

I hope she gets her act together. I hope she is able to parent herself since she has not had good parenting. I hope she proves herself by choosing good life choices and not destruction.

Anonymous said...

Um, she sang one song in Freakey Friday, and that's not her playing the guitar.

Anonymous said...

Well, I think that having to support her whole family and getting high with Dina only contributed to her problems. She is too young to be going through this, but I find that alot of young actors/actresses often do. I wish her the best.

By the way, I really don't like the way the comments section is now set up. I cannot see the blind items nor anyone'comments without scrolling up.

Anonymous said...

Ok, now we have to talk about who will take Lindsay's place as most out of control party girl while's she's in rehab or "on the wagon." It may not last long, but let's see... How about up and comer Hayden Panettiere? Sienna Miller? Drew Barrymore? Scarlett Johanssen?


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