Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Golden Globes Part 6

I went to the Moet after party and to the In Style party. On a side note I heard that Paris Hilton and Vanessa Minnilo were all over each other at the Weinstein party and so I am thinking there is something going on in regards to Nick. Also, that as good as Vanessa looked earlier, is as bad as she looked later.

Moet party--observations - very calm party. Lots of Old Hollywood and traditional Hollywood.

Alec Baldwin moving from one lady to the next.

Jay-Z being goaded into taking photos with Jennifer Hudson.

EL the Housewife looking for anyone famous to get her picture taken with.

Cameron Diaz getting pointed out and not in a good way most of the night.

Hayden P getting hit on even more. Wives and girlfriends coming over to drag their significant others away.

Siena Miller NOT talking about her sex scene, but all over several different guys. Perhaps looking to recreate it later in the evening.

The following guys could have taken home almost anyone from the party
Sacha Baron Cohen
Josh Holloway
Rainn Wilson
(I know, but the ladies loved him)

Jennifer Love Hewitt acted as if she and her boyfriend were on a first date

Only 3 or 4 guys had bimbo dates.

Tossup between Leonardo Dicaprio and John Stamos for who had the worst time.

In Style Party

Cameron Diaz following Leonardo around.

EL, the Housewife looking for someone famous to be with. Had to settle for castmates. Kept making lots of noise to get photographers attention.

John Stamos turned around when he found out his ex was inside

I love Mary Kate Olsen and realize I am one of the few. However, she looked like the little girl in the movie The Others and I really do not think I am going to sleep well tonight.

2nd kindness at the party

Chris Klein looking lost and for someone famous to be photographed with.

Jamie Foxx following Jessica Biel from one party to the next.

"crack" was there and a jackass

There are some pictures of yours truly that I saw on the web from that party.

Ashley Olsen looked good and guys were noticing.

Everyone telling Mary J Blige how hot she looked at the Awards show proper and how equally stunning she looked at the after party.

Christian Slater doing the Alec Baldwin for this party.

Lots of guys trying to console Emilie de Ravin.

Katharine McPhee looking lost and unsure. No one seemed to care.

Many guys on their VERY best behavior with Jack Nicholson's daughter. Not so, with her friend.

OK, I am tired of writing and trying to decipher cocktail napkins.

Also, as I read some of your comments they are really interesting. The things you saw on television I had no idea about. Reactions and things of that nature you do not really notice in person because of the size of the room. Probably better for that type of thing watching at home. I did TiVo it so I will watch it tonight and the red carpet stuff as well.

I hope you enjoyed it all.


FrancesDanger said...

Sienna Miller looked like a cracked out Heidi. Why is she famous again?

Anonymous said...

Great read, EL! Amazing memory you have, not to mention the typing skillz.

Emilie de Ravin is so tiny and gorgeous. No wonder the guys were round her. Was DM at any of the parties? He noticably avoided the red carpet, so I wonder if he disappeared as soon as duty allowed.

Anonymous said...

EL, the stuff is interesting, but as a lawyer, you really ought to know that the plural of party is parties, not party's. There are so many simple grammatical errors appearing on your blog (that a lawyer would never make) that I have to wonder if you are in fact a lawyer. That said, the blog sure is fun!

Anonymous said...

ohmygod, EL!! so catty! love your perspective--thanks!

Anonymous said...

EL - I adore you blog.

But every time I read it, I have a question that will not die.

I'm in law school and I cannot figure out how you have the time to post so much during weekdays. I haven't worked at a law firm outside of being a summer associate and that definitely doesn't count. But from everything I've seen and been told - I'm lucky to pee when at the office. Does being an entertainment lawyer and being in LA (as opposed to NY for example) have something to do with it?

Anonymous said...

Ok, one of the kindness items from a few weeks ago is TOTALLY Rebecca Romijn (sp?). She was the model-turned actress...anyway, EL said that John Stamos left the party immediately upon hearing that RR was there and then he mentioned that one of the kindness people was there..it's totally her!!!

Anonymous said...

chaka-kahn, you're right on. I've been practicing law for over 20 years and there is no way in the world I could find the time to post a fraction of the number of entries as EL does and still keep my clients and partners happy. I'm having trouble even finding the time to read the entries!

Pats Fan

Dirty Disher said...

I LOVE that you actually get to go to these parties and blog this stuff. Too cool. Thanks for the gossip, which I plan to pass on..with credit, of course.

Anonymous said...

i have to say in EL's defense, for all those who are doubters of EL's writing skills. i have many friends who went to top (ivy league) undergrad and law schools and they write like EL or even worse. they would never do so at work, but they certainly would on a blog. lawyers can write like normal people too. EL probably never double checks his writing here (whereas he would on his legal work)

Amber said...

I want more specific dirt on:

- Angelina Jolie
- Eva Longoria
- why DiCaprio and Stamos had such a bad time

Ooooo I love this stuff!

annie said...

best post GG gossip! please, post some more?

cindie said...

We've all heard the rumors about Paris and Britney, or Paris and LiLo, so does Paris and Vanessa being "all over each other" mean what I think it means?

Anonymous said...

Cameron Diaz's dress was just awful. I don't know who deserves more criticism, the person who made the dress or Cameron for wearing it.

Sacha Baron Cohen is disgusting and so was his acceptance speech. I hope his fifteen minutes of fame end soon.

Sienna Miller's hair was.....um...interesting. After I saw it, I had a sudden urge for Swiss Miss hot cocoa.

Amber said...

Cameron Diaz always seems to wear cheap looking dresses to award shows.

And Sacha Baron Cohen is awesome, he deserved it! He's not going anywhere, a Bruno movie is coming up. Can't wait!!

Anonymous said...

Haha! I saw Cameron Diaz's GG dress and thought, "Who the hell put her in a dress that looks like a freaking bottle brush? More importantly, why in god's name did she actually wear it?!?" Is this the Justin Timberlake Ex-Girlfriend Curse? Anyone he breaks up with ends up looking like they've aged 15 years with the fashion sense of an epileptic goat.


Anonymous said...

Good times. Here's my two cents. I am so, so grateful that people weren't buying into Angie's big bag of bullshit. She looked mean as a snake. WTF happend to Love Hewitt? Reese was all that to look at? Doesn't translate into the pictures. Drew was an absolute vision in white. I hope she did hit Hugh. He is an absolute prick, btw. Cam looked like a Tim Burton designed her dress. If Selma was mad at me, I think that I would piss my pants, wonder what happend there? Jamie will chase down anything, he is a young Lionel, right? Annette Bening, whoa. I think that John Stamos needs a hug and I think that Leo needs to get over himself and get a real woman. That was more like 5 cents..

Cooper's Mom said...

LOVE this site! it's AWESOME! Who cares if EL isn't in fact a lawyer... his site rules!

i agree, Angelina looked like a complete witch, bet she'd be a real animal too. and poor Brad looks well haggard... must be all the work he does with the kids while she rests in bed...

Anonymous said...

Ryan Seacrest got what he deserved last night. Talk to the nominee and ask about the movie. Period. Is that really so hard to do? Stay away from personal stuff on awards night.

meltish said...


Anonymous said...

The following is from People.Com and I'm posting it so we've got a list on who was at the InStyle Party as it may help us with the blind items:

Paris Hilton arriving at the InStyle/Warner Bros. party at the Beverly Hilton with Vanessa Minnillo, who wore her third dress of the night. The trick to the quick change? "Have a side room available to change," she told us, "and one of your girlfriends to zip, tuck, poke, squeeze, and strap you into your dress." The party was such a hot ticket that stars including Hilary Swank, Sheryl Crow, Felicity Huffman, William H. Macy, Globe winner Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon had to wait outside before being let in. Inside, Seal and Heidi Klum took a breather on the couch and bobbed their heads in unison to AC/DC's "Back in Black" while Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Leonardo DiCaprio stood together and chatted over drinks.

Anonymous said...

EL is smart and does a beautiful job of conveying his(?) axe to grind with the industry. perhaps we are encouraged to be thrown off the scent.

regardless, this is the best gossip read there is, and i will enjoy this blog for as long as it's up. fantastic!

Anonymous said...

ATTN:cooper's mom!

I'm with you. Brad needs a brow lift ASAP. Angelina's gonna spit him out whole one of these days.

Anonymous said...

LOL, Eli, good call.hmm...can't remember the early Kindnesses...off to look...

Anonymous said...

Good job. I want to know more about the fight with Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz over Jessica Biel. I heard Jessica made a play after Justin at one of his concerts last week. I also noticed when she was on stage the camera zoomed in on Justin.

Anonymous said...

I saw some of the pics and heard some of the rumours of Cam and Justin fighting and her confronting Biel (like she is really interested. Cam looks funny with that dark hair. Her face is unforgettable. I feel for her.

Sienna taking home Josh Harnett (big meth head, I think he was one of ENTL's blind items).

I saw no pics of Halle!!! She always manages never to have a bad dress day. Very good stylist.

Paris looked like Dorothy from the Wizard of OZ "Click your heels and say three times, There's no place like home, there's no place like home, there's no place like home......"

I will really have to look hard at some of the pics from the awards show for ENTL.


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