Friday, June 22, 2007

Music News And Photos

Tokio Hotel - Hippodrome - Paris
Mika - Hippodrome - Paris

Avril Lavigne - Hippodrome - Paris
Amel Bent - Hippodrome - Paris
Gaby Moreno - Roseland Ballroom - New York

Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana - Bryant Park - New York
Rihanna - Gotham Hall - New York

Mandy Moore - Joe's Pub - New York
Reba McEntire and Kelly Clarkson - The Ryman Auditorium - Nashville
The Spice Girls will make an announcement next week that they are reuniting. Rumor has it they are being paid $20M each to get back together.

Lauryn Hill and Sony keep teasing us.

The Smashing Pumpkins can teach people a few things about marketing. Their new album Zeitgeist will have 12 tracks. Nothing unusual there. If you buy it from Target, Best Buy, or iTunes then you get an additional 3 tracks. Each of those three outlets will also have an exclusive track not available at the other outlets which means you need to buy the album 3 times to get all 18 possible tracks. Speaking of The Pumpkins, they, along with over 100 other acts will be at the 2007 Voodoo Music Experience in New Orleans. RATM will be there also.

Is Kelly Clarkson going to be joining the American Idol summer tour?

September 13th is the start of the US tour for The Cure.

Donnas have formed their own label and their album is due to be released in September.


mookie said...

enty, you just like typing 'Hippodrome', dontcha... said...

I've been dying to ask this for ages...WHY does Scary Spice look so different now? I can't put a finger on it. And I don't mean aging. Something is different.

Anonymous said...

Arrggghhh! Lauryn Hill and Sony need to work it out. Reading the article i can't believe they have been pulling our strings for 10 YEARS. Sony blows!


Mooshki said...

Actually, that kind of tactic just annoys people and makes them pirate the music.

Who on Earth thinks the spice girls are worth $100 million?

Anonymous said...

So Avril wore her man pajamas to the concert????????????????????

Anonymous said...

Raging coming to New Orleans freaking ROCKS! That's going to be a bad a*s concert I will attend!

adore said...

Lucky you Anon 12:22. I saw Smashing Pumpkins when I was in HS. All I remember from that concert was that everyone around me was getting high. The Cure eyy...

Anonymous said...

Hey... isn't the picture of Reba and Kelly an answer to a blind item about a younger female singer getting blasted on tequila at a dinner party with an older country singer, older singer's husband and another younger male country singer?

Have to look back, but a lot of posts thought it was Kelly C. and Reba M.

Am I right?

bluegirl said...

I hope Lauryn Hill does put out another album. It's hard to believe it's been that long since her first solo. Missing you Lauryn!

Anonymous said...

Posh Spice has certainly changed. Now she can be labeled Hideous Bitch Spice.

Anonymous said...

I have wondered why Victoria Beckham is not the one called Scary Spice? She makes my skin crawl.


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