Friday, June 22, 2007

Random Photos Part Two

At least Ashlee's hair looks better. Must have gone to Supercuts.
Brother sister dates are always weired. When you combine it with the sister wearing something that says f**k me now, then I start having Jolie flashbacks. Can't sleep when that happens.

Keira actually looks better without makeup.
My favorite Full House alum. Jodie Sweetin has totally remade her life and she is a great example of recovery and what you should do to get your life back together.
Which one of these women will James Blunt cheat on next?
No more Duff photos when they are together. They all look the same.
Aaaaah. Love for Eve and Shane Powers.

Still no ring huh?
I wonder if Pimpa Joe did something to Ryan to make him slide downhill like this.
Speaking of sliding downhill.
Mel C dressed as Posh for a UK television special.


Anonymous said...

Is that an answer to the BI? Everyone guessed Stacie Kiebler as being engaged to that guy who was with Jennifer Aniston but she is afraid to announce it.

Anonymous said...

Damn half these folks look like they have the coke bloat going on. Eve and Ryan especially. Jodie looks really good. Just gotta do it, "How RUDE!"


Anonymous said...

Ashlee, I'm sorry, I'm just never going to like you. Nice clavicle, though.

Anonymous said...'ve got to be kidding me about the Jodie being a model of recovery. Heard she not only still drinks but enjoys the coke on occasion. And don't give me that 'hey, it's better than meth' (even though it is, really). She's a recovery fraud.


Anonymous said...

And I agree...everybody looks like shit in this line of photos. Weird.

Anonymous said...

jodie had a drug problem, not an alcohol problem.

Fino said...

Oh Meg, what happened? I spent the entire decade of the 1990s wishing I were you. Thank God we don't always get what we wish for.

Kathy said...

No, really, Ent .... I'm BEGGING you--is it too much for you to identify these people??????? Even just at the bottom?

Am I the only person who doesn't know who some of these people are? (the brother/sister, the "still no ring")

Anonymous said...

Ashlee always looks so uncomfortable in posed photos. It drives me crazy!!!!

Anonymous said...

Kathy--You took the words right our of my mouth. Not sure, but I think when ENT doesn't identify them it means they are an answer to a BI.


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