Friday, June 22, 2007

Random Photos Part One

My favorite photo over the past few weeks. They all look good and it's a great combination.
Whether you sleep with him or not ladies, Dallas Austin will talk smack about you. Better to just walk away.
The fingers look fine on Courteney's shirt. They look obscene on David's though.
I know Salma is pregnant, but you have to believe she can look better than this.

I wonder how long it takes him to get ready?
"A fan. Someone came. I can't believe it."
Kelly Hu on the set of Farm House.
Jamie Brown on the set of Farm House.


Anonymous said...

I think Selma should wear whatever she wants. In fact pregnant women should wear whatever they want. The fact that they're carrying another person for 9 months, which puts strain on the back, feet and puts your body on high gear, I'm okay with the muumuu

adore said...

Aww Ent, Salma looks great!


Anonymous said...

Sure that's not Salma trying to be Violet Beauregarde?

Anonymous said...

Who is that chickiepoo who looks elated to see her one and only fan?


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