Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Random Photos

Drea in a dress looks a great deal like Princess Leia.
At least Sofia Coppola is a good director.

Ummmm. I'm thinking Rachel Dratch should go back to work before she completely falls apart.
Parker Posey just gets better and better.
Lance must have a boyfriend because he's not even trying here.
If you have enough money you could probably have both of them for the night.


Anonymous said...

no comments, prob. b/c ent is right on target....with all of em'


Anonymous said...

Is Brittany Gastineau a blind Item answer???

inuyasha said...

Kim and Brittany: BI about the socialite who wasn't as rich she proclaimed and used to be a call-girl! The question is which one? Or is it the two of them! lol

Anonymous said...

ooooooh, i HAVE to know if Kim and Britanny are the answer to that blind inuyasha!


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