Friday, June 22, 2007

Ted C. Blind Item

Some people love Fake-à-la Ferocity...the rest live to hate her. This do-it-all diva, known to dabble in everything from fab sex to fabber shoes, has her hand in purty much everything these days. Endorsements. Charitable endeavors. Entertainment projects. You name it. And all the wowin' while, Fake-à-la manages to look super-duper delish in the process.

Well, she used to, at least.

Lately, F2's once enviable bod has changed for the worse. And her hunky man isn't the only person concerned about the once divinely gifted babe. Nope, now a very few inside Industry types are also concerned 'bout our gal Fakey.

See, F.F. has enjoyed a fairly good reputation in the media and rags...until recently. She's known for being accessible, candid and honest. How very friggin' heretical here in lip-cemented T-town! Apparently, Ms. Ef's hiding one helluva secret. And I'm the bitch to fill ya in on what, exactly, it is that has those select few Hollywood movers 'n' shakers so shaking in their Prada wear, regarding Fakey. She's got what's known as...a heroin habit.

Well, she's hardly the first dame in this drug-infested enclave to fall down that slippery alley, right? It's just, uh, so damn rich to find this out, knowing how utterly benevolent our do-goodin' broad happens to be as of late.

Gosh, wonder how long before everyone finds out what's really behind Fake-à-la's rapidly withering figure? It'll be "Paris who?" should that happen, trust.


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Meredith said... just has to be her

Anonymous said...

Has to be Angelina Jolie

Anonymous said...

Seriously read through this thing. It aint Angelina. The press has been hating on her regularly for years. Even when they talk about her humanitarian work, they mention her numrous faults. Her mom just passed, and clearly there were some serious bonds with her and her bro. She admits to being a wreck from it all. When I lost my mom I lost a heck of a lot of weight, and no it was not drugs, just depression.
Angie is not that stylish either nor is she fake. Her face is beautiful, but a bit jacked too. Grant it she is messed up in the head, but she isnt an idiot. Doing heroin with all of the political press, adoptions and Brad on her arm, well that would be just plain stupid.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why but Angelina seems too obvious.

Anonymous said...

oops some spelling errors there...apologies said...

I think Ted C. must be extremely worried about her to out an A-Lister like that. Out her about drug use, that is.

Anonymous said...

The shoe thing doesn't fit Angelina either. The Ferocity thing a reference to Sex in the CITY?

Anonymous said...

The shoe thing doesn't fit Angelina either. The Ferocity thing a reference to Sex in the CITY?

sasha said...

If this isn't AJ, Ted C is in for a world of hurt. EVERYTHING points to AJ in this item and everyone on the 'net is talking about it being her.

Either Ted C is incredibly stupid, or quite, quite sure of his info.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

OR as usual Ted is trying to throw everyone off.

Anonymous said...

The fashion/shoe thing does fit, as does the recent media fall-out -just search for the MH premiere just last week and you'll find this in every article and/or the press blocks:

Angelina Jolie Rocks $26 Outfit At NY 'Heart' Premiere

Ms. Jolie was wearing Christian Louboutin shoes with crystal heels.

kellysirkus said...

Does sound a lot like Angelina, but idt she is the only possibility. Believe it or not, many H users are VERY functional in their daily lives. I would be sad for her and her kids if it is truly AJ.
ENT - Please post Lainey's blind and let's hear some guesses on that. You can't comment on her site. (Smart girl).
Have any of you read it?

Anonymous said...

Maybe Brad will turn out like Howard K. They call him an enabler but I think it would be very hard to keep someone like either Anna or AJ away from drugs if that's what they wanted. Maybe AJ shoots up in her feet???? Hence the reference to shoes?????? It's her, no doubt. Very sad. Very sad.

sasha said...

BTW, AJ only gets bad press on the 'net. On msm print and broadcast, she is portrayed as a beautiful Mother Teresa. Until the who censorship thing.

She wore $800 shoes with that $26 dress the other day. "Fabber" than the dress?

However, I think Ted C may be stupid. She functions too well to be riding the horse.

Anonymous said...

I immediately thought it was SJP. She is getting old and haggard. Could easily be using drugs. Wouldn't you if all women strive to have your style and look like you all the while your husband does not want to sleep with you? At the height of SATC she was idolized but the public has moved on to other actresses now. She is old news. Plus, her Bitten line of clothing looks like a momswear line of Old Navy clothes. What was she thinking?

Twisted Sister said...

SJP isn't exactly married to a hunk. Kind of rules her out, I think.

Anonymous said...

I still think the Ferocity clue and the shoes are the telling clues. ferocity=sex in the CITY? The shoes were a big part of her character. And Ted would think that MB is hunky. How about Katie Holmes and her shoe fetish and shrinking figure?

Anonymous said...

tho' angeline jolie definitely was/is a user, the description sounds like... kim cattrall?

Anonymous said...

I've been reading a lot of comments on this and there's quite a few recovering as well as still using heroin addicts posting that say a person can very easily maintian an outward 'normal' appearance for a long time. She has the money & the means to access anything she wants. I doubt she was using when she and Brad first hooked up - or even when she was pregnant - but the stress of the mom death may have pushed back to her old friend Heroin and there's not a damn thing Brad can do about it if she doesn't want to be helped.

sasha said...

Get over SJP. Her press is no better or worse than it ever has been.

Anonymous said...

There have been rumors about Fergie lately--she was a rep for candies shoes

Anonymous said...

Fab sex ~totally Kim C. (her book) and does have a hunky boyfriend. But the weight loss? And I haven't heard any bad press for her. What about Sharon Stone?

hello kitty said...

Fab sex isn't what I would call the limo with billy Bob thing.

Also, name one thing that falls under the endorsement category for AJ.

I'm thinking it might be someone else in the press lately for being bare faced or looking really whithered, like Sharon Stone, Courtney Love, Renee Bobblehead, Kiki, or....????

kellysirkus said...

Lainey's Blind:
What's worse than Rossum? What's worse than Rossum is a CHEAP celebrity. What's worse than a CHEAP celebrity are two CHEAP celebrities.
Both successful, both earning millions, both with new prohects on the go...both in Toronto last weekend treated to a comp dinner at a posh supper club. An d leaving only a $6 tip. SIX DOLLARS.
Of course the teenage fan defence will be that stars don't carry cash. Fair enough. But if you don't have cash, do whatever it takes - call you farking manager, call your assistant, call your band if you have to, get a few bills and tip the hard working server who has to make your punk asses happy for 2 hours, would you?
As of Thursday, no follow-up visit has been made for more generous gratuity. Unforgivable.
But then again, not that surprising. She's always been a twat anyway. And he's a twat for loving her."
Anyone know who these charming kids are? said...

There's really no one else it could be. Humanitarian, hot man,
"fab sex", rapidly losing weight, someone who could upstage the Paris insanity......

No one else fits.

Anonymous said...

I'm w/ the kim cattrell guess

Anonymous said...

Sharon Stone sounds right but does she have a hunky boyfriend?

Anonymous said...

The name usually has a clue. Angelina=Fake-a-la? I don't know though to out AJ would be HUGE. I just don't think Ted would do it. It just seems too obvious.

missbliss said...

I was thinking about Fergie too.
A few things fits. The "FF" and "Fakey" References = Fergie Ferg. So Does the Hunky boyfriend and the endorsements and entertainment projects. She had (has?) an enviable bod. She is also doing Live Earth on the 7th - a charitable event. However I dont think its Fergie. a) I dont think anyone would be too suprised if she admitted to an H problem seeing as she has already admitted to being a meth addict in the past. the line about " It's just, uh, so damn rich to find this out, knowing how utterly benevolent our do-goodin' broad happens to be as of late." also doesnt really fit as she hasnt been making headlines for any solid charity work.

It does fit Angie to a degree but I still think its just a bit too obvious, even for Ted.

Anonymous said...

YUP, I thought of Kim C too!! And her body has always been her new relationship, yada yada.

Sharon...well, Sharon is just wacked period. But it would make sense how crazy she behaves at her charity functions. (but i thought it was vicodin and booze, myself)


Anonymous said...

9:45am~ I'm going with Avril and Derryk. said...

To Hello Kitty @9:44 - when the day comes that Courtney Love is known for her charitible acts is the day I throw in the towel on Hollywood gossip....

Anonymous said...

The only way I could see him risking saying it about AJ is if the story is soon to break anyway? Is that why ENT has reprinted it today?

hello kitty said...

Try Pam-e-la?

Ever really wonder how she really got hep c???

Anonymous said...

AJ is too obvious. BI's are meant to throw you off the scent so as not to be too obvious (and get themselves sued.)

Anonymous said...

angelina shills both Sheisedo (sorry...spelt very wrong I know) as well as St. John.

De Anne said...

i mentioned this on the earlier comments, but i was thinking maybe Posh: Victoria Beckham.

David's a hunk, Vicki loves her fashion (fierce!) and has been recently labelled as a crazy kinda ass/bitch to work with (fierce!)...

She likes to dabble in almost every business out there from fashion to charity work, and she has often talked about having lots of sex with David...

And maybe she isn't lying when she says she's not Ana : she's just a junkie! :P


sasha said...

What kind of bad press is Kim Catrall, Fergie, Sharon Stone getting? I missed that.

Anonymous said...

But who would Pamela's hunky boyfriend be? She's been hanging with Tommy and that aint pretty.

Anonymous said...

That Lainey blind is Avril Lavigne. "Punk" ass cheap? Avril AND her hubby are both in the punk genre. Also, if I'm not mistaken, they were both in Canada last week. AND, the teenage following she mentions? Totally fits.

sasha said...

Posh has been super skinny for at least 2 years. Nothing new there.

Anonymous said...

kellysirkus, those bitches are derek w and avril lavigne. derek played a show at the mod club in TO and avril joined him. peace!

kellysirkus said...

9:49 - Avril was the first to pop into my head as well, but does her husband actually DO anything? It sounds to me like they both have a career to speak of. I was thinking maybe Ashley Simpson and Pete Wentz. Remember her scene in McDonald's?

Tripoli said...

I know it seems too obvious, but it's easily Angelina. Ted must really want her to get her act together. Remember this blind item from a while back??


--WHICH Tinseltown sex siren with a humanitarian streak has resumed her old habit of dabbling with heroin? She paid a recent visit to an old rockstar friend and joined him in narcotic stupor.

This was when Marilyn Manson's portrait of her came out, plus it's well known that she used to be a heroin addict. It's easy to think that she would fall deeper into it after her Mom's death.

Anonymous said...

Angelina Jolie..her name is all over this like white on rice!

Anonymous said...

Ted is confusing me! Is Gloria Good Hag and Fake-à-la Ferocity the same person? I thought Gloria was Angelina ... but this chick sounds like her too.
Related items: NY Post posted a blind item "just asking" what philanthropic A list star stopped by a rockers house for some H? Then a few days later, ran an article that mentioned Angie paying a visit to Maryilyn Manson ...

Anonymous said...

It just seems like whenever something big like this seems so obvious it's not who you think it is.

Anonymous said...

kellysirkus, yes, derek whibley is the frontman for sum41

Anonymous said...

I want a reveal!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

It's Angelina, of course. The NY Post had a blind item about heroine several months ago that was definitely Angelina. You guys don't want to face it.

Anonymous said...

I'd just like to state for the record that I was a heroin addict and NO ONE ('cept for my user buddies) had any idea I was even using. I got more concern from people about my state of being AFTER I'd gotten clean than when I was using.

If you want an indication of how much I was using, Robert Downey Jr. bragged once to friends about how I could put him under the table, and this was at the WORST of his addiction (remember that summer he completely lost it? That's the timeframe I'm referencing). Still, you'd never have thought "junkie" to look at or talk to me.

It is quite possible to be a very high functioning heroin addict, it's even true that certain users are more functional than certain sober people! I was a lot more functional as a heroin addict, believe it or not, because I wasn't affected by my often-times crippling depression. But there are downsides, and I know them well. I wouldn't go back.

I laugh at people's stereotypical view of junkies as total wastoids who nod off in conversation and are covered in scabs, or whatever. For all you know, your perky neighbor could be a doper. Stranger things have happened.

- Ten Years Clean This Christmas!

Tripoli said...

Excellent post, anon 10:04, so very, VERY True!!

Congrats on being clean for ten years, it's no small feat, that's for sure.

Melissa said...

It Angelina for sure. Ted did everything except look each of you in the face and tell you "Angelina Jolie is doing herion again". I realize she has some hard-core fans, just as Ted says at the beginning, but even though some don't want it to be her, there is no way it's not.
Oh, and for the poster a few above me, Gloria Good Hag was Sienna Miller I always believed

Anonymous said...

I think it's Pamela just because of the syllables. Ted C sometimes manages to match the meter of his code names to the real names. Eg. Morgan Mayhem = Lindsey Lohan

Fake-a-la = Pamela

Also, I just don't think Angelina would do it with 4 kids.

Anonymous said...

I gotta tell ya, this is everywhere and it fits AJ to a tee. If it seems too easy, it means it's going to come out soon anyway. Usually ted throws his readers a bone in that situation. But there were 3 page6 references to this person (AJ) in the past year. I can't find the other one but i'm heading back to look again. ENT what is your take on this? ~Irishstayc

Anonymous said...

I just had a friend of mine call his girlfriend who is an editor at one of the better rags to question her if it could be AJ.

She says that she thinks Angie had issues w/heroin in the past, BUT she doesn't think that she does now. And with this girls job, if there was a whisper about this, she would have heard it.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how much Stephen Huvane paid TC to place that BI in his column.
"A Mighty Heart" opens today.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Ten Years! :)

ps. to the Gloria Good Hag - that is Kirsten Dunst. Sorry to ruin your fun... :(

another ps about the 'enviable bod' - Angelina's body proportions are NOT hot, never have been. She's always super thin and she has giant linebacker shoulders. She has never ever been one to be called hotty body. Just sayin'...


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much, tripoli! :)

- Ten Years Clean

Anonymous said...

10:04...cheers for your sobriety and agreed that addicts can function well in polite society, but I still hesitate about AJ as subject of the BI. My awesome woman's intuition tells me it's someone else but def not Kim C or SJP.

~American in Holland

WTF said...

It's not Angelina. I'd go with Pamela before the other guesses.

Anonymous said...

...and thank you as well, mel! You two are sweethearts. :)

I think Ange's body was hot as could be until recently, mel. Maybe not the ideal figure, but certainly enough to warrant commentary. Just goes to show there's no accounting for taste. ;)

One word of advice: check the pupils. Pin point pupils are a tell-tale sign.

- Ten Years

Pope-rah said...

The Lainey blind is def Avril and Derryk. I read Lainey religiously everyday coz I lurve her take. She notoriously HATES everyting about Avril and basically gives it away when she calls her a twat.

Anonymous said...

Could someone PLEASE tell me the Ted blinds that deal with Gloria Good Hag and Veiny Vamperella? People say that they also have to do with Angelina and I can't find them anywhere on the website!!

Anonymous said...

The last line says that if the truth about this person came out it would be "Paris who?" As in-- huge news -A list- big time.

Do you really thing Kim C or SJP would be that big of a deal??? I think not. Deff AJ!

Lauren said...

Lainey's Blind:
What's worse than Rossum? What's worse than Rossum is a CHEAP celebrity. What's worse than a CHEAP celebrity are two CHEAP celebrities.
Both successful, both earning millions, both with new prohects on the go...both in Toronto last weekend treated to a comp dinner at a posh supper club. An d leaving only a $6 tip. SIX DOLLARS.
Of course the teenage fan defence will be that stars don't carry cash. Fair enough. But if you don't have cash, do whatever it takes - call you farking manager, call your assistant, call your band if you have to, get a few bills and tip the hard working server who has to make your punk asses happy for 2 hours, would you?
As of Thursday, no follow-up visit has been made for more generous gratuity. Unforgivable.
But then again, not that surprising. She's always been a twat anyway. And he's a twat for loving her."
Anyone know who these charming kids are?

I think this blind is about Will and JadaPinkett. they were both in Toronto last weekend. I think Jada is in a punk band. and maybe they have projects on the go- dont care enough to check though

Ent's blind sounds like AJ to me. Wasnt there a blind awhile ago about her hanging out with Marilyn Manson and getting into some crazy shit? Seems to fit

Melissa said...

Who is loved or lived to hate? Angelina
Who talks openly or has before about their "fab sex" Angelina
endorsements- St. John to name one
charities- really must I?
entertainment projects mighty heart, all the movies.
body changed for worse-Angelina is sickly thin u all know that.
hunky MAN- why not hubby? just man. must not be married
Known for being candid and honest in interviews- Angelina
People et all have always made a saint out of her. Only recently did the tabs turn against her when she sold Pax's pictures to Ok.
Do-goodin- come on now
And the last line of the BV tells you it's someone big not Kim Catrell or Pam Anderson. Who even cares about Kim and who would be suprised if it was Pam.

Perfect fit. Ted has made his last 4 blind items easy as pie and has even revealed two of them. The fact that this one is easy means nothing except helps the case that it's her

kdjccr said...

Ted C has had two reveals in the past two weeks and those BIs were written so that it would take very little effort, if any, to guess...much like this one is. IMHO it has to be AJ. Maybe this is his way to bring attention to the fact so that she'll reach out and get some help.

Anonymous said...

who are Teds reveals?

Anonymous said...

Who is Stephen Huvane? Kevin's brother?

Nicole said...

This is absolutely AJ. I remember hearing something about back in the day when she admits to doing heroin, she had met up with Marilyn Manson and they did some dope together.

The rumors of this got started when she ran into him again about 6 months to a year ago and they hung out to catch up privately. Everyone suspected they were using.

check it out for the story about the page six item and "slip up"

kdjccr said...

Jesse Metcalf was Wendell Waxer and Jo Frost from the Super Nanny. (I can't remember Ted's name for her.)

ms_wonderland said...

Ted C has been changing his MO lately, and I think it's Ent who has rattled him! Ted has revealed two blinds in the past month, which he rarely did before. Ent and his reveals has made Ted raise the stakes to keep in the game, and I think this is why he's done such an obvious BV.

In his column today, Ted says (at least I think he says) he's going to name Toothy and also an older and a younger actor, both closeted. He doesn't believe in outing as such, so these guys must be on the verge of coming out anyway.

hello kitty said...

I'm going to repeat my hep-c comment -- it can only be contracted through blood exchange and in my experience is one of the things that tips you off about someone's needle riding past.

It's also very common for someone who has been hooked in the past to find the monkey back on their back.

And lastly, just because you only see the pix with the ex, doesn't mean that there isn't also other male arm candy in the picture.

I'm not saying I know anything, just that you all seem to be hung up on one particular name and not evaluating other more persistent whispers that have been floating around for a while. said...

I just want to tip my hat (and bad wig) to Ten Years Clean @ 10:04.

Anonymous said...

Ted's "ain'ts" are Kelly Ripa, Jessica Biehl, and Kiera Knightly.

He has said these are ALWAYS clues.

I can't fit Angie with any of them...

Anonymous said...

Ted's column has become a nearly indecipherable mess. Tired, irrelevant, and phoned in. He needs to call his sponsor.

~American in Holland

Melissa said...

Hello Kitty, we are hung up because it is a "blind item". Pam Anderson doing herion (sp?) is not blind to me. Would not only not suprise me but, I would put money on the fact that she does it. I don't beleive that other BI about doing herion again with an old rock star friend is Angelina. I think that was Pam. This one, however, is not. Who is her hunky man? When have the tabs been nice to her? I respect others guesses. But, to answer your question, we are fixated on one person because she fits every single clue given. Not one other person does.

mary mac said...

Title of the BV from Ted is "One Needling Blind Vice." Angelina is known to love the needles...i.e., tatoos!

Someone on the E-Online site mentioned that, which sold it to me.

Very sad...I think Jen and Brad's mom might have been dishing some pretty wild stuff in that trailer, huh???

Anonymous said...

angelina was the face of st. john (high end clothing brand)...dont forget

these rumours have been around for a few months now...

Anonymous said...

But there have been persistent rumours about Angelina in the past few months. She had a liking for Heroin in the past so if she tried again even once it could have triggered something. I don't think Pamela Anderson gets negative press - she doesn't get postivie press really either - it's just press. And not to be snarky to the animal lovers out there, but is PETA considered humanitarian work? Anglelina was actually very known for her openness with the press (she never used to have a press agent - don't know about now). There's just too much that points towards her.

Not trying to diss the Pam guess totally or any other - I'm just having a hard time fitting the clues with anyone else.

Anonymous said...

William S. Burroughs, famous long time junkie

"In the end, Burroughs is probably best remembered for living so long. Most people assumed that the prototypical junkie would have to die young. Instead, Burrough's life demonstrated a number of truths about junkies:

Junkies don't use constantly; they use, get clean, use; sometimes they get clean for the rest of their lives.
The opiates don't have a great negative effect on the body.
Junkies who have a means to support themselves can life long and healthy lives."

Melissa said...

10:45- Jessica Biel named sexiest woman alive. So has Angelina

Kelly Ripa-working mom with lots of kids- so is Angelina

Kiera Knightly- plagued with eating disorder rumors- so is Angelina.

Guys nobody is perfect. If this is even true (which who is to say it is) she has had a rough go of things for awhile now. She has huge loads to carry. she will overcome. she always has

Anonymous said...

AJ "Devinely gifted babe"? Saint Angelina? The Fabber shoes comment makes me think of the literal meaning ~i.e this person designs shoes. (Pam does)

kdjccr said...

The shoes comment is the only one that doesn't seem to fit with AJ in my mind, but I still think it has to be her.

Melissa 10:55 nailed the And it Aint's. You rock! said...

Can't help but wonder too if this is a retaliation against the "press ban" fiasco of last week. Do you think Ted would do something like that?

Anonymous said...

Yah, I think it is just sad to think it's Angelina. I think we are all hopeful that it wasn't. Regardless of what you think about Angelina, she has 4 beautiful children that need their Mommy. And everyone knows what a rough road heroin recovery can be. You can't wish that on anyone. Thank God she has the money for nannies.

Anonymous said...

I think Ted would reveal it just beause he is not nearly as popular as he used to be and is trying to stay in the game. Plus he loves to rank people that he feels have done wrong.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Ten Years Clean 10:04! Way to hang in there!! I think you’re right. I don’t think it’s Pamela because she’s looking a bit chunky lately. Although I do think she has dabbled with needles in the past. And I thought Kate Moss but I don’t think Pete would ever be described as “hunky”. I did a Google on Marilyn Manson and AJ and lots came up. And we were always seeing Brad in the morning with the kids. It all fits. And I also think it’s on the verge of coming out. said...

Anon @ 11:03 - I've got a feeling you might be right. A lot of press people were really pissed with AJ....was it this week or last week?

Anonymous said...

Damn Melissa. You've got a point. You gotta break down Ted's "It ain'ts" more often. I'm on the Vagelina wagon. She has a history of using the shit and she's fuckin scary skinny. I mean big ass veins are popping out of her FOREHEAD.

Ted seems obvious for the first time ever...that's weird. Oh wait, I forgot about Toothy Tile, he was obvious with Jakey too.


Anonymous said...

Did anyone ever say what the reveals were on Ted's site?

Anonymous said...

10:04 congrats...on July 1 it will be 10 years that I lost my brother to heroin induced Hep C.

I wish he could have found your peace in life that he only found in death. not to be a downer, jsut wanted to say good for you.


Note: Angelina is constantly raoming the world on plane to plane, airport to airport..and yet she's heroin adicct who manages to score worldwide? Doesn't make sense even if they use private jets everywhere.

kiki said...

Is this why she is always going off to far corners of the world?
Combodia, Asia , Africa

Anonymous said...

Also for the ain't's: the syllables - Kelly Ripa (4), Jessica Biel (4), and Kiera Knightly (4). Wendell Waxer (4)=Jesse Metcalf (4). Angelina (4). I don't know maybe I'm reaching. That just always seems to be the syllables thing that sticks out at me. said...

I'm sorry to read that Jax. Please accept my condolences.

Anonymous said...

Hello Kitty... you are right about the Hep C and Pam Anderson, but I believe she said she contracted it while getting a tattoo... although its not like she would admit to getting it through iv drugs.

Congrats 10 Years Sober.... you are a strong person!

tripoli said...

Melissa, you've done an awesome job of breaking down the whole item, including the "it ain'ts"!!

I can't think of anyone, and so far no one has been able to suggest anyone, who could possibly fit ALL the clues like Angelina does.

Anonymous said...

kelly ripa

Anonymous said...

"once divinely gifted babe"

It's ANGELina.

fo real said...

The shoes comment is the only one that doesn't seem to fit with AJ ...

I have to say this immediately made me think of her 28$ dolla dress with 900$ + dolla Christian Louboutin (hehe) shoes.

so I kinda do think it's her... I also question Brad... JA was a know pot smoker and coke head… AJ possible H… what’s Brad's vice?

Congrats on 10 years that’s is incredible!

Robin said...

Anon 10:04am I just wanted to thank you for sharing your experience with us. I hope you've been able to remain well with the depression too...

Anonymous said...

Sigh, anyone with a drug problem has my sympathy. Even if it's self inflicted it's a shitty terrible thing. Especially trying to kick it.

I don't get an entirely Angelina vibe with this and I'm gonna follow my instincts and say it's not her. I think she'll be discounted next week in Mailbag.

NARC said...




Anonymous said...

It's got to be AJ the quote ferocious sex TOTALLY fits her. She was just seen in Europe buying whips and some other kinky shit!!! Anyway...., I actually was a heroin a. I've been off the shit for 6 years but I can always tell when someone is high on opiats. Just look at how pinned AJ's eyes have been looking.

Anonymous said...

I have read Ted's column for years. To be honest, yes, he has been revealing lately with his Blind's, but I honestly DO NOT THINK he has the cajones to out major A-lists like Toothy Tile who is clearly Jake G., or this one, which is pretty obviously Angelina. doubts with the Angelina guess lie in all his references to FASHION. Angelina, although endorsing St. John's, hasn't really been KNOWN as a face of fashion like stars like SJP. Everything points to Angie except the in-your-face fashion references.

I will agree this seems to directly point to Angelina, besides the fashion stuff, and if it is her, there is NO WAY Ted will reveal it. Toothy must have one foot out of the closet because today Ted hinted that Toothy just broke up with his annoyingly perfect girlfriend... Jake G. and Reese Witherspoon. He is being very obvious with that hint.

Anonymous said...

Reasons why it’s not Angelina:

Let's make a list of all the celebs that have all of these at this moment:
Charitable Endeavors
Entertainment Projects
Hunky Man
Bad Press, recently
Body change
Angelina does not fill the Entertainment Projects, she has none other movies which she’s always had…… or endorsements all she has is St Jones and Shiseido. She’s also ALWAYS had bad press only recently is it semi-good (charity) but still bad re: stole Brad etc etc… so that cancels her from “always had good press and only bad press recently”
Another thing Ted says it will be a shocker, well no one would be shocked if it was Angie as she’s been known to have done drugs before she even admitted to it as part of her wild past including “cutting”. And she is not into shoes has never been known to be into shoes has never been showcased even in tabs as with good shoes.
And finally on Ted C’s blind items Angelina is known as Vampirella Veinpop. Why change the nick name now for this story?
Alias used by Ted C:
Paris Hilton - Slurpa Pop Off
Lindsay Lohan - Morgan Meyhem (really obvious, think about it)
Nicole Richie - Pixie something (I can't remember now)
Jake Gyllenhaal - Toothy Tile
Ryan Seacrest pops up quite a bit but I can't remember his nick name. I'll know when I see it.
Who else could it be?
I think its Charlize Theron
or Jennifer Anniston. She’s been known for “fashion” from hair, to clothes to shoes, she’s ALWAYS had good press until recently when some tabs started talking a little ill of her, she’s dating a model hank now and has lots of endorsements e.g. the water thing she’s just doing now and many others she does and just recently it was said she was going to produce a musical thing etc… Also Ted C and Lainey Gossip have always said how Jen A is fake, appears good girl from outside but very manipulative otherwise (through her PR guy and just personally). Also if it was Jen then that would be a shocker as she’s known to be the “good one” and has never been known to have a “drug” issue other than Lainey saying she is addicted to “happy”


Anonymous said...

Emily Blunt? Did you see her face at the WIF wards? She's only 24! She has a hunky BF(Michael Bublé), was in the devil wears Prada (prada clad reference), at to lose weight for that movie. Dates a musician like Keira and Biel.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I think the connection to Kelly, Jessica and Keira is the fact that they have all done voices in an animated project. Angelina recently completed a project for an animated film that is supposed to be released soon.

Ted C. seems to have taken off the gloves with Brad and Angie - a couple of weeks ago he had the end blab with speculation that George C. isn't too fond of Angie and then just last week he made a post about Angie dumping Brad's butt..

I really think that this points directly to Angelina.

Anonymous said...

Maybe that's why Angelina gave birth in another country~don't want to find any drugs in the baby in the states or they'd take her away. ???Hmmmmmm................

Anonymous said...

"hunky BF(Michael Bublé)"

Sorry, anyone who mangles Moondance like that douche bag did is not a hunk!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Firstly, we've covered the fashion angle - she was in the news for shoes and her dress last week, she's always in best dressed lists and she reps for a fashion company. That more than matches this. Plus, she has always been built up, not just as saintly, but sexy.

Secondly, let's not go crazy, just because she's using doesn't mean she's constantly strung out and/or that she did or is endangering her children. With plenty of nannies, they never need to know...unless it becomes front-page news.

Agree though that old Brad can't be completely innocent.

Anonymous said...

has never been known to have a “drug” issue other than Lainey saying she is addicted to “happy”

JA is a known pothead, and "happy" = coke.

sasha said...

OMG, some people are really reaching. (Jennifer Anniston even!!!) You are wallowing in denial. Whether this blind is true or not, it is pointing DIRECTLY to Ms. Jolie. She DOES fit all the clues. Once again-
"FabbER" shoes=better than the $26 dress.

"Withering figure" does not equal Pam A., who has put on a few.AJ is wasting.

I won't go on. It's been said over and over on this thread alone, nevermind dlisted and the rest. I just find it passing strange how some people refuse to believe that Ms. Jolie could be less than her perfect image. You know- FAKE!!!!

Melissa said...

Thanks for the props all. I have been an avid reader of Ted for years and years. I love his BVs. I actually only found this site because people were talking about it over there. I think it all boils down to, for whatever reason, Ted is getting really lax with his BI's maybe he's leaving or trying to keep up.
fo real- that's a good question. I wonder about Brad, too. What's he got going on? or is he totally innocent? who knows?
I also agree with a few who said this could be payback for how Angelina has been treating the press. Keep in mind I am not saying Angelina is a herion user I am saying she is who Ted is talking about here. And there is just no telling with Ted.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Femmecafe! I would have never considered J. Aniston. You certainly make it look possible, and because everyone's guess seems to immediately be Angelina, this BI would be all the more shocking and clever for it!

Heartfelt thanks to American in Holland, brendalove, anony 11:05, anony 11:24, and the rest of you for your kind words on my sobriety. That kind of positive re-enforcement is ALWAYS helpful. It is a challenge, to say the least, to be in Hollywood where drugs are EVERYWHERE (and I'm not kidding!!). Being able to proudly say I've got nearly a decade under my belt has been my saving grace on many occasions - who says PRIDE is such a bad thing? ;)

Robin - thank you. I am learning to cope with the depression. I'm doing much better now that I've come to understand that it is an illness and not a character flaw. :)

And JAX, sweetheart - my prayers and heart go out to you and your family. I wanted to reach out to hug you when I ready your comment. So far I've lost 6 people to Hep-C, and though none of them were as close to me as a brother, it is never easy to lose someone that way. I hope that your heart can heal and have closure, knowing that your brother is finally at peace. So much love to you.

- Ten Years

Anonymous said...

Wow, Femmecafe! I would have never considered J. Aniston. You certainly make it look possible, and because everyone's guess seems to immediately be Angelina, this BI would be all the more shocking and clever for it!

Heartfelt thanks to American in Holland, brendalove, anony 11:05, anony 11:24, and the rest of you for your kind words on my sobriety. That kind of positive re-enforcement is ALWAYS helpful. It is a challenge, to say the least, to be in Hollywood where drugs are EVERYWHERE (and I'm not kidding!!). Being able to proudly say I've got nearly a decade under my belt has been my saving grace on many occasions - who says PRIDE is such a bad thing? ;)

Robin - thank you. I am learning to cope with the depression. I'm doing much better now that I've come to understand that it is an illness and not a character flaw. :)

And JAX, sweetheart - my prayers and heart go out to you and your family. I wanted to reach out to hug you when I ready your comment. So far I've lost 6 people to Hep-C, and though none of them were as close to me as a brother, it is never easy to lose someone that way. I hope that your heart can heal and have closure, knowing that your brother is finally at peace. So much love to you.

- Ten Years

Anonymous said...

LOL, ugh, sorry for the dbl post. :)

- TY

Anonymous said...

From Lainey after Page Six tried to claim AJ in a BI was on drugs:

I just posted this on the last thread only to immediately find, as usual, there’s a new thread. Since the blind item is already being discussed here I brought it over.

Here’s the editorial Lainey wrote in January when haters attributed Page 6’s herion blind item to Angie.

Sure makes Ted’s blind item look like recycled trash, doesn’t it?

The Pitts,The Big Easy,The Gloat,and The Editorial

Us Weekly laid claim to the official confirmation this week: Brad and Angelina have bought a home in New Orleans, the French Quarter, and are said to be enrolling their children into local schools, making a permanent move away from LA to The Big Easy.

Warning: Gloat ahead. Stop reading if you can’t stand it…but didn’t you know that already?

As I first reported exclusively back in November the decision had been made as Brad’s involvement with the green housing project became more pronounced. In regards to the kids and their education, again January 3rd, I reported on the schools that were being considered: ** George’s Episcopal and Audubon Montessori.

But enough smug, on to the smut and the editorial I promised on the Page Six blind item. Many, many, many of you have written to follow up, sorry for the delay - travel, awards, trying to stay warm in Park City. Still, the extra few days gave me more time to get some more information…recap below.

First a refresher on the Page Six Blind Item – a humanitarian who hooked up with a rock star friend in LA 5 months ago and got strung out on heroin. At the time, when only the item came out, I wrote that it sounded to me to be more Pam Anderson than Angelina Jolie.

Humanitarian: Pam is AIDs spokesperson for MAC Cosmetics, hardcore party rumours for years, contracted Hep C, commonly infected through needles, a long list of rock star connections…and of course, you have to admit, the girl looks bunk-f*ckin’ ROUGH.

However, in a subsequent column about Marilyn Manson two days later, screwed up in his own right, there was a mention of Marilyn’s friendship with Angelina, followed by the online dissemination of photos of a painting he created of her with nails popping out of her arm, which naturally led many to conclude that the heroin-using humanitarian is none other than Mrs Pitt herself, especially since she’s so thin and walks around pouting and reminding you of that Deep, Dark, Harrowing Past.

First of all, I have no idea if that is indeed the answer behind their mystery. It’s their blind item, not mine. I’m not sure how they go about giving clues and I’m not sure whether or not they deliberately drop red herrings to divert from the real culprit. All I can tell you is what is told to me about Angelina’s behaviour and the observation coming from my own sources.

Is she weird? Yes. Is she demanding? Yes. Can she be a *****? Hell yes. Has she had a troubled past? Absolutely. Did she make out with her brother? Uh huh. Did she use heroin in the past? Rumoured to, yes. Was she headed for self destruction not too long ago, pre-Maddox? Obvious and admittedly so.

But seriously y’all. The Pitts might be courting the media and they might do it very well but have you ever for a second characterised Angelina Jolie as America’s Goth Sweetheart and Favourite Homemaker?


The girl is a badass. She looks better with blood dripping from her lips and her neck than she does in a bikini sunbathing in Malibu. Angelina Jolie was Lindsay Lohan BEFORE Lindsay Lohan – a dysfunctional family, a dangerous and wild past, and the anti-everything that glossy Hollywood usually peddles.

In recent years however, since Maddox, since ditching BBT, since becoming involved with the United Nations, Angelina Jolie has said that she’s become a new person – the kind of person who no longer hurts herself, Earth Mother and Mother Theresa, saving the world one adoption at a time, criticising Madonna, pissing off the MiniVan Majority, playing perfect wife to Brad Pitt, shunning Hollywood and the luxe life.

According to the anti-Angelina movement however, the façade is starting to crack. According to some, Angelina is too f&cked up to be this mentally stable and too strong willed to be tied down and she buys babies and she hates The Chosen One and is going to ruin her baby’s life and now…courtesy of Page Six, she’s shooting up.

Because heroin is apparently so benign one can use it casually without fear of addiction. Because she supposedly used to be an addict and she fell off the wagon and when you fall off the wagon after a serious addiction, it is actually possible to have the self control to avoid the feast or famine syndrome, only using occasionally without affecting your work life and family life and self destructing all over again. Because that’s how addiction works? Because that’s how harmless heroin can be?

Okay. Sure. Why not?

But take this for what it’s worth – even though she’s absolutely freaky and manipulative and calculating and bitchy, even though she’s all those things, I absolutely agree – according to my sources, Angelina Jolie is not using heroin.

Angelina Jolie is a Goodwill Ambassador for the UN. Representatives of the UN are expected to go through medical procedures like immunisation and drug testing before and after missions on a regular basis. As you know, a Goodwill Ambassador is responsible for drawing attention to important issues advocated by the UN, Angelina’s star has certainly helped the organisation in the few years she’s been involved. And of course the UN is happy with the relationship, so long as her celebrity and her actions do not jeopardise the message and the work.

Which is why she, like all employees and representatives of the UN, is tested and tested often. Which is why I hear she has never been observed to be engaging in behaviour that would compromise the organisation. Which is why she hasn’t yet been fired. Which is why there hasn’t been a carefully worded statement announcing her intention to step back from her duties because she needs more time to care for her children.

If that were to happen, perhaps the suspicions might be founded.

Right now however I’m told she passes each drug test with flying colours. But then again, you are welcome to draw your own conclusions about cleverly avoiding detection. Conspiracy, coincidence, conspiracy, coincidence.

As for her body and her behaviour at the Golden Globes: does she exhibit signs of a junkie? Is she bored with Brad? Was she fidgety? Did she hate being there? Is she a smug ass ***** who can’t be bothered to speak to people?

I spoke with the always delightful Nelson Branco who had the privilege of being inside the ballroom that night, seated behind Kyra Sedgwick. Nelson is a writer for TV Guide and In Touch, a ‘Mo of course, and therefore as catty as they come and deliciously so, with the trademark gay man’s eye for detail and observation and a nose for the dirtiest smut ever, especially the kind barely noticeable to some, but absolutely 100% obvious to a Queen.

According to Nelson, the Pitts were lovely, Angelina did not leave the table once, she is extremely calm, she was engaged and chatty with her tablemates, she and Brad sipped water all night, they sat close together, and she is thin but not disgustingly so.

Nelson also said that Matthew Perry was nuzzling the neck and kissing the shoulder of his co-star Sarah Paulson who has had a longterm lesbian relationship with Cherry Jones for years…weird, non? Sorry, I digress. But I’m kind of bored now. Editorial over.

Reported On 1/19/2007

I just wanted to add that I know that there are fans who don’t like Lainey because she criticizes B&A. And she calls those fans loonies, though I always feel that it’s with a bit of affection. But, whatever, I like Lainey. I like her writing style, her ability to turn a phrase, get to the heart of the matter and the way she keeps journalistic credibility by writing about her subjects’ pros as well as cons. And I especially like that, in the end, she always recognizes who the good guys are. (except that her fashion sense can be really wanky)
Its not AJ for Ted C's BI though he wants everyone to think it is, he'll have done his part of tarnishing her without ever revealing it or admitting what he's doing. He's mad at them for kicking him out of the press junket...


Anonymous said...

The only thing I've heard about Brad is that he smoked pot - some quote in an interview tabout how he enjoyed a nice "wake and bake," but that was many years ago.

Melissa said...

Is that really true about people not liking Lainey for that reason because it seems to me she, like so many others is very found of Angelina and Brad. She is nice and defends them more than she doesn't. I thought. But, then i don't read her because I am not a fan so i don't really know. Ted's good at putting out red herrings. The only problem is, there is no one else it could be in this case. Someone give us a person that fits every clue and ties with the "and it aints" and we will definetly hash it out and consider it.

Anonymous said...

The withering body comment made me think of one of Angelina's fan websites...Wuthering Jolie. LOL.

There's no doubt in my mind Ted's pissed at the Jolie Pitt clan - but he seems to be quite comfortable using his daily column to speak 'directly' to them - why go to a veiled comment now?

I read one thing on that Lainey site during the whole Cannes thing - it was what I understood to be a first hand account of the O13 premiere - and you can't tell me whomever wrote that didn't have a serious thing for AJ & BP. I read a lot of gossip and that post was just odd....sounded like a 13 year old gushing.

Whether this is Angelina or not - there is something seriously wrong with her health wise - and it's a little more then grief.

Anonymous said...

Anon @12:03 said:
"today Ted hinted that Toothy just broke up with his annoyingly perfect girlfriend... Jake G. and Reese Witherspoon. He is being very obvious with that hint. "

Ted said that today?

I do not think the annoyingly perfect girlfriend refers to Reese.
Ted said that in the original blind item which came out (no pun intended) on 3/05/05.
Reese and Ryan didn't split until 10/06.
If it is in fact Jake, the girlfriend Ted is referring to is Kirsten Dunst; they announced their breakup in 7/04.
Perfectly annoying maybe, but not annoyingly perfect IMHO!

Anonymous said...

I agree Melissa - there just is no one else that fits all the clues like AJ does.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Femmecafe!!! Well written. We all know that gossip columnists are just like tabloid mags~they all jsut want to get readers. What better way to do that than to insinuate a BI that will never be revealed? Got ya reading didn't it? Look at how many comments this post has gotten on this site alone!! Well done Ted. You are on the map again just like you hoped.

Anonymous said...

Hold up, I am well acquainted with UN with celeb patrons (official ones). They go through a vague screening risk/assessment process for sure, and yes, if something public happened to jeopardize the mission, they could in theory be fired. However, they absolutely do not have mandatory drug testing for them. They could only 'fire' someone if it were a public crime or a major reputational threat and rumors of private drug use do not qualify. Not all of the UN reps have squeaky clean personal slates, ala Ralph Feines is a UNICEF ambassador,so that theory is nonsense.

Melissa said...

Exactly right 12:48, both of you as a matter of fact :-)

J.Mo said...

Wow, you guys are good, especially Melissa! One exception, Lainey's BI is obviously Avril & Derek, she refers to them as kids. And the Saint Angelina stuff, Whoah! She WAS having good press in the mainstream market until recently. The only thing that doesn't fit is the shoe stuff but someone will figure it out. As for the "fakey" name, it's been questioned who her female friends are. She doesn't seem to socialize with any women except the Pearl woman who she is promoting a movie with and she is known to have been cold & unfriendly to Jennifer Aniston BEFORE filming with Brad began and JA said hello. Also, BP was a pothead along with JA, one of Gwyneth's peeves with him. I think one of the big entertainment mags will speculate carefully about this next week, they've been tip-toing around it a bit lately.

Anonymous said...

This from a poster at JJ:

I apologize if this has been posted before on another thread. I don’t read comments all the time, so, please have patience.

This was an interview of Sean Smith. He answered questions from readers about his Newsweek article on Angelina. The read was interesting.
Angelina Jolie has faced continued skepticism during her decade-long metamorphosis from Hollywood libertine to mother, activist and UN Goodwill Ambassador. But in “A Mighty Heart,” her new movie about the murder of journalist Daniel Pearl by Al Qaeda terrorists, Jolie combines her profession and her activist objectives to deliver the most delicate, powerful and human-scale performance of her career. Playing Pearl�s widow, Mariane, Jolie has taken cues from the real-life Mariane, using the movie to confront intolerance and promote global understanding.

During an hour-long Live Talk on Thursday, June 21, at 2:00 , ET, NEWSWEEK’s Sean Smith will take your questions about his interview with Jolie, her work and ‘A Mighty Heart.’ Submit questions now.

Read Sean Smith’s story

Read Smith’s bio

Automatically Update Page | Get New Responses | Submit Question

East Windsor, NJ: I understand that Jolie believes that Israel has no right to exist. Does her vision of world peace mean a world without Jews?

Sean Smith: I did not ask her about Israel, but Danny Pearl, the man she just made a movie about, was Jewish, so I find it hard to believe that her vision of world peace means a world without Jews.
Orlando, FL: Why did Jolie not adopt children from her own country, the United States, and why does she still not speak with her own father even though he’s apologized to her?

Sean Smith: I got a lot of questions about this, so I’ll answer them all here. I don’t know why she isn’t choosing to adopt American children. It’s a personal choice she’s made, clearly. I know from personal experience that poverty in other parts of the world is much, much worse than it is here, and that may be part of the reason. I know Angelina also sees herself as a global citizen. Just on a human level, it seems to me that if she’s saving three kids’ lives, does it matter what flag they were born under? That’s purely my personal take on the matter. But,as I said, I’m afraid I didn’t ask her about this.
Birmingham AL: Jolie talked about being not being a racist, I want to know during the interview did she make any mentions of “Z” to you? I have followed Jolie for many years but I have yet to read her mentioning “Z” and have seen one maybe two pictures of her with “Z”? I do not believe she is a racist, but one has to wonder if “Z” adoption was for publicity.

Sean Smith: She talked about “Z” a lot, actually. I had a whole section in the story about the kids that had to be cut for space reasons, and I only saw her with Maddox (Z was taking a nap), so that’s why Z’s not more prominent in the story. She says Z is really strong willed and funny and screams whenever Brad dances until he stops. And no, I don’t think she did it for publicity. She doesn’t need anymore, frankly.
New York, NY: As a development academic and mother of 2 children - with family members working for the UNHCR - in, yes, that’s right, Darfur - I think the tone of the article is absurd. It is uncritical, fawning and deeply disturbing. The mythologizing tone you take when you say, for example, “her eyes never leave his face” (when taking about her seeing her son at the end of the day) is ridiculous. What about where was she all day while he was doing these new things? Why he was in a room alone? Indeed, the vast majority of mothers do look at their children when they speak….in fact, one wonders, Mr. Smith if in regular conversations your eyes wander aimlessly? It is certainly a Good thing that she is engaged and interested in the world around her, but there are 6 billion individuals on this planet and a great many of them have dedicated their lives to the development and aid of those less fortunate. Certainly I have no doubt she is relatively well versed in the subject of Int dev/aid - but so are the thousands of specialists at universities, think tanks and in the field doggedly working on. To promote her to a seat at the Council for Foreign Affairs (as well as Davos) is disturbing at best and, at worst, a sign of things to come as we enter a Big-Brother Reality-led Simulacrum of Art representing Art representing Life. I think she is doing good with her life, and is clearly a role model for the young Hollywood set. But, and its an important But, to promote her as an Icon of the 21st century for the greater world at large, is most likely the illusion of Newsweek, which seems to be less unlike US Weekly than it would suppose.
My question for Mr. Smith is when did rigorous journalistic inquiry and critical thought (not to be confused with mindless criticism) become the order of the day at Newsweek? One wonders that if Ms. Jolie was less beautiful, would her deeds carry as much weight with the media. As her overall experience, while good, is certainly nowhere near enough to garner her the accolades she has received if she were to be held up against many of those actually working in world development (rather than, as has been the case thus far, as a modern day saint in Comparison to those simply Watching world development take place and not involved).
Still, in an article where Brad Pitt (who was in his late 30’s before he even managed to make it over to Africa) says that Jolie and Pearl are like “Churchill and Roosevelt” (?) - one can only wonder at how little else he is aware of. In such a context Mr. Smith, you did little to offer the reader with anything even approaching international-level journalism.

Sean Smith: I’m sorry that you think I was fawning. I addressed the criticism against her, I thought, in the story. Yours is the angriest question I’ve received, but there are others, so I’ll address them all here. I am not Angelina’s friend, or publicist. I will likely never speak to her again. I have no stake, one way or the other, in how she is perceived, nor do I have any concern with whether she likes the story or not. (And, by the way, I don’t know.) My job is to research her, spend time with her, think about her, talk to other people who know her, and tell you what I’ve learned. If she was a b*tch, or narcissistic, or cruel or stupid, I would have told you. Why wouldn’t I? What you read in this story is my experience with her. I believe her to be involved and sincere. She’s been doing it for six years, so it’s clearly not a lark. As for your question about whether she would get this much attention if she weren’t beautiful, I think you’re absolutely right that she wouldn’t. Look at all the attention you’ve paid her, and you don’t even like her. One more thing, Brad Pitt was being really light-hearted when he compared Angelina and Mariane Pearl to Roosevelt and Churchill. I thought the context of his quote made that clear, but I may have not shown that well. He was kind of kidding, and being cute. Clearly, they’re not Roosevelt and Churchill. Even to him.
Austin, TX: How well has Pax picked up English since he was adopted. Has it been difficult to communicate with him?

Sean Smith: When I was with her in November, she hadn’t adopted Pax yet, so I don’t know, I’m afraid.
South Houston, TX: Did she go to college?

Sean Smith: No,she didn’t.
Memphis, TN: I know people will think I am just being a ‘feminist’ here but something I have noticed with Oprah, Madonna, Hillary Clinton and now Angelina Jolie. Although very different, they are all extremely powerful, influential and EXTREMELY divisive. People either love, love, love them or hate them. Do you think that the U.S. still has a problem with this type of intense power being in the hands of women?

Sean Smith: This is a great question, and I think you’ve really hit on something. And oddly, I think it’s primarily women who have this problem with powerful women. I don’t know why. Truly. I remember being really struck by people’s anger that Oprah built a schoool for girls in Africa instead of doing it here. The irony is, all of these women could just sit in their palaces and be completely isolated by their wealth, and the choose to go out into the world and try and do something positive. As soon as they do, they get attacked. It’s strange to me. I’m not saying Angelina, or any of these women, is a saint, but what harm are they doing, to anyone? It’s not like they started a war under false pretenses or even used government funds for something. I’m afraid I don’t have an answer here, but the question does fascinate me. I should probably do an entire story on this topic.
Los Angeles, CA: I’m a 30-year-old Asian American who immigrated here at age 1 with my family. I am also an activist who has been working with low income communities of color here in the US, making $11-13/hour, working 2 jobs at a time at non-profit organizations for the past 8 years. I am currently working with foster youth and poor “orphans” here in California. I know people are always criticizing Angelina since she’s in the public eye. Well I’m in that group. I used to really admire herbecause I thought she was different than other celebrities who were so full of themselves. But I’m starting to feel really irritated by headlines that say that she and Brad and other Hollywood-ers are going to save the world. I get frustrated because there are so many activists here who have dedicated their entire lives to creating change in their communities, the unsung heroes who don’t get 1/1000 of the headlines you guys do. She adopts a few kids and makes a movie in blackface and I’m supposed to believe she is going to eradicate poverty? Please! It doesn’t even seem she is aware of how much privilege her and Brad have as white movie stars, and to me it just sounds like she is collecting babies around the world like they are dolls or something. I’m so sick of hearing about her and her kids. Either just be a movie star, and stop talking about saving the world and collecting babies of color; or help give a voice to all of the activism OTHER PEOPLE are doing also–she has the power, use it wisely. Don’t be a megalomaniac.

Sean Smith: Your frustration here is not with Angelina, but with the media. She does, in fact, go lots of places without cameras, and works with refugees with no one looking at all. I had a section on that in the story that didn’t make it into the final version, becasue of space restrictions. It would be a wonderful world if people who do good work — non-famous, non-beautfiul ones — were rewarded and covered as much as stars are. She is aware of her privilege, by the way. How could she not be? You know, she really could just stay at home in her mansion in LA. and go to parties and things, and adopt no one. Would things really be better if she did?
Kennebunk, MN:
What did Jon Voigt do to Angelina throughout her life that pushed her to the extreme of disowning him?

Sean Smith: He was a semi-absentee father most of her life. They reconciled during the making of the Tomb Raider sequel. When she adopted Maddox, he went on television and questioned her mental health. She said at the time that she didn’t think it was healthy to have Voight in her life.
Eagan, MN: Does Angelina Jolie feel remorse at all for her actions and choices she has made regarding Jennifer Aniston? When Brad and Jennifer were married they had planned on Jennifer playing the role. It seems like Jolie just keeps pushing the dagger deeper and deeper into Aniston’s heart and soul.
To do what she (Jolie) has done to another will return sometime to herself. How does she live daily with herself and all of the extreme exposure while hurting Jennifer?

Sean Smith: I got a lot of questions on this topic about this, too. I don’t know why Pitt and Aniston broke up. Frankly, I can’t tell you why MY last relationship ended. The only two people who really know what happened in relationship are the two people in it. Neither Jennifer, Brad or Angelina has ever said that Angelina “stole” him. She may have. She may not. I don’t know. But neither does anyone else, and I’m perplexed by this need for us, as the American public, to cast something as complicated as a romantic relationship into a simple soap-opera narrative, with a good girl and a bad girl. I do know this in general: when a relationship is happy and healthy, neither partner can be stolen by anyone.
South Pasadena, CA: I am so tired of people doubting this woman who is so obviously a woman of great heart and integrity. She also seems to be very well-read and intelligent. Did you get that from her? I mean, holding your own with the likes of Bill Clinton, Diane Sawyer etc…I wouldn’t think you could fake that. Did you feel as Marianne Pearl does in terms of learning things from her, that she is definitely a woman with things to say?

Sean Smith: Yes, I did feel she was intelligent and informed on the issues. I agree that a lot of people are skeptical/cyncial about it. As I mentioned in an earlier reply to someone, if I felt she was false or dumb or self-aggrandizing, I would have reported that. In the time I spent with her, I found her to be calm, sincere, focused and educated on the issues that matter to her. I’m not saying she’s a genius, just that she’s not flitting about the world blindly. And yes, I do think she is shaping a complex and humane worldview for herself. I’ll be interested to see who she becomes in the next decade.
Warwick, NY: Does Angelina TRULY want to save the world or just look good for the media??? Personally I think she just wants to appear to be wholesome in the public eye.

Sean Smith: This is too cyncial, even for me. And it’s my job to be. She’s been doing this for six years. If it’s a lark just to get publicity, there are about 1 million easier ways to do that. Also, that headline is something one of my editors put on the story. I don’t think she’s trying to save the world, and she’s never said so. I think she’s just trying to be of use, and make some positive change. We really should not have put that headline on this story. It’s inaccurate.
LUDHIANA (PANJAB): Angelina could do a lot of good if she chose better roles, if she is going to act anyway. So why doesn’t she do more work like “A Mighty Heart,” and less like “Laura Croft: Tomb Raider”?

Sean Smith: I agree. I hope “Heart” is the beginning of a trend.
Budapest, Hungary: Isn’t it a bit cliche that the most beautiful woman in the world is with the most beautiful man, it seems a little contrived. When speaking with Angelina was there ever, even for a second, a sense that she was coordinating this image of herself?

Sean Smith: No. And if I had sensed that, I would have printed it. She seems very relaxed and comfortable in her own skin. I did not feel at all that she was putting on some sort of act. As for the most beautiful man being with the most beautiful woman, that doesn’t seem contrived to me. That seems logical. Being with Billy Bob Thornton seemed stranger to me.
Oceanside CA: Is Angelina Jolie married at the present time to Brad Pitt?

Sean Smith: No, they’re not married.
Waukegan,IL.: Did the Muslim extremists know that Daniel Pearl was Jewish before they killed him? Or did his race come out after they had already done the deed?

Sean Smith: Yes, they did know Daniel Pearl was Jewish before they killed him. They made him say, on videotape,before they beheaded him, “My mother is Jewish, my father is Jewish, I am Jewish.”
Plano, TX: Celebrities pushing charities is fashionable again. We went through this in the 80’s with “We Are The World” and Live Aid. Most people involved in those projects have not publicly continued their support of charities in any large way since (except for Bono, Bob Geldof and a few others). What are the odds Angelina will continue this altruistic behavior, espcially since it seems to have started while she was involved with a married man and can be spun as good PR? I will respect her if she is still involved in these charities 15 years from now. She’s no Bono or Audrey Hepburn, yet.

Sean Smith: She started her refugee work four years before she met Brad, so it’s not accurate that she did this to bolster her image. As for whether she’ll contiune, I suspect she will. She seems very sincere about it, and interested in the world. We’ll see.
Lisbon: I know that she donates one-third of her income to charitable causes, that she has traveled to some 20 countries over the years as a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees… but still people only seem to remember and talk about her past… How do you think Agelina feels about that?

Sean Smith: I suspect it bothers her — it would have to — but she also knows that it’s the way the world works. It’s funny, people complain about the media trivializing things, but almost all the questions I got on this live talk were all about whether she stole Brad from Jennifer and why she doesn’t do more in America. It seems to me that she — all of us –are global citizens, not just Americans, and if life is better in the worst parts of the world, it is better for us here, too. That just makes sense to me. Thank you all for your questions. This has been an educational experience for me. To say the least.

Sean Smith

Ted C is loosing his job at E soon. He felt humiliated for being left out of press by the Pitt-Jolie clan he has it out for them now.... all he wanted was this "blogsphere" discussion insinuating and making people think this is what's going on with AJ. Think about it, its easy... NYP had insinuated it with the Marlyn Manson(sp?) thing and then the recent "contract media" thing happened with AJ and then she's lost lots of weight because of her mothers death.... its easy to follow this and put an suspiciously AJ BI together to "get back" at them.....

he also knows a lot of people still have issues with AJ so it will be easy to jump on her and believe it...

its pitiful really heroine is not something to joke about as someone posted above recounting their addiction. Also AJ travels so much no way she could score everywhere she goes and no she could not carry it with her to any airport..., no way she would have been approved for adoption (PAX was just adopted recently)


sasha said...

Indeed Femmecafe, if you read that fawning Newsweek article, you would know she has been getting the best press money can buy-until recently.

Anonymous said...

Let us not forget that "A Mighty Heart" opens today.

Whether it is true or not, Ted's BV is obviously Angelina Jolie.

There's no such thing as bad publicity.

Here's something else that appeared today:

A peek at an iron lady

BY BILL ZWECKER Sun-Times Columnist

We all know Angelina Jolie is a great international humanitarian, but a recent call from a source close to the actress has revealed some less-than-flattering details about her. For example:

• Jolie's reaction to the news Jane Pitt -- Brad's mother -- had spent Father's Day with Jennifer Aniston at Jen's home in Malibu, Calif.

''She immediately grabbed her cell phone, called Brad and read him the riot act. ... She was mad as hell, screaming, 'What the hell was she thinking -- did she do this just to embarrass me?' "

• The source observes Jolie ''is a tough boss, someone who has to be totally in control.''

The actress repeatedly grills her assistants -- ''always asking questions, even about the most minute details like the name and background details for limo drivers or maids cleaning her hotel suites. Of course, you can understand her concerns about security -- especially for her kids -- but it's clear she doesn't really trust people close [to her] to do that for her ... constantly second-guessing the people who work for her."

''Another weird request ... She demands menus for three days in advance for her lunch choices.''

• As for that statement Jolie's lawyer released -- blaming himself for imposing all those restrictive press controls on reporters interviewing the actress for ''A Mighty Heart,'' my source says that ''was total bull---t!'' -- claiming Jolie was observed specifically going over a media list ''OKing some and crossing out the names of outlets or reporters she didn't like or want to talk to.''

So she's a heroin using control freak bitch? That's why people will go see A Mighty Heart.

(Yes, I am cynical.)

sasha said...

If it comes out, CNN et al will go apeshit insane. Paris who? NO doubt whatsoever the mainstream has a completely uncritical, saint worshipping view of Ms. Jolie. This is beyond question.

sasha said...

1:12 PM, I really doubt people will go a AMH because they heard she's an addict. Look for film to tank, despite a good performance from Ms. Jolie. First of all, the film is not summer fare. Second, Ms. Jolie does not have a good BO track record, and third a backlash has begun and people are tired of her self aggrandizing publicity. Playing a "heroine" like MP will only turn people of further.

Anonymous said...

Jenna Jameson

Anonymous said...

Sasha, good point, perhaps what I wrote says more about me than anything else. :)

All I'm saying is it is no coincidence that the blind item and the column in the Chicago Sun-Times appeared on the same day as A Mighty Heart opens.

(BO=Box Office, not Body Odor, right?)

Melissa said...

Femmecafe, it's a blind item like the ones you see here every day. I must miss you coming to the defense of all the others who get fingers pointed at them on a daily basis. You don't know if any of this is true just as none of us do. Also, it's Ted decision if he wants to leave E! or not. They are ready and willing to keep him right where he is. But, last i checked, we were all responding to a blind item from a gossip site. A blind item that no matter how much you don't want it to be, and true or not, was written about Angelina. I am sure no one truly believes everything they read. at least i know i will not go around saying she is a herion addict unless I see a needle sticking out of her arm. Don't let ted get to you. It's obvious your a fan and admire her. you don't have to prove anything. They are all just gossip hounds ;-) said...

I'm sorry but if Angelina's appearance is due to being depressed over her mother's death, she might want to seriously think about a hospitalization to treat the depression.

Twisted Sister said...

Femmecafe - I just love the questions asked by the woman from NYC. If AJ looked like Roseanne Barr, nobody would give her the time of day.

Thanks for posting this.

Anonymous said...

People will often use drugs to numb reality. Reality is that her mother whom she loved very much is dead, her father is basically dead to her for a while now, she dosnt like George Clooney (how would you feel if your man was constantly galavanting around with single guys- especially one where there is a mutual dislike), Brads mother being close to Jen, eating issues, bad press, and maybe she is overwhelmed with all the children. I dont know, i could be wrong but she does have a lot that she might not want to think about and use heroin to escape.

sasha said...

(BO=Box Office, not Body Odor, right?)

right ;0

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I am pretty sure this BI is Kelly Rippa.

Twisted Sister said...

Anon 10:04 - So glad you're clean! Congrats on getting to the 10 year mark and continued success.

Anonymous said...

Back to the heroin to escape reality theory- also, she has said many times the guilt that she feels knowing whats going on in the world.

Also, does anyone remember what she wore during one of her first major appearances after signing with St. John when everyone was speculating that St. John was pissed because she wore a different designer? Was it Prada?

Sis said...

Hello Kitty is right, it's not Angelina. This fits Pamela Anderson, not only the rhyme but the fakey reference. Everything about PA is fake-boobs, eyelashes, uh get the picure. Also the previous blind was about Pamela with Tommy Lee behind closed doors, this one is obvious, she is looking tired and worn out lately. Also, in Tommy Lee's book she got Hep C from Kid Rock early early on in their relationship. This one is totally Pamela Anderson!

Sis said...

Also, Pamela Anderson's is very involved with Peta, etc.

Anonymous said...

How about Madonna? I think she fits and has been looking particulary skinny lately. She is a designer now right? Did that big world tour last year, adopted the baby and is trying to bring attention to that country. She is very honest, she did the Sex book, and she is a big enough star to make people forget Paris.

Anonymous said...

Good grief! When has PA ever had good press? Is her figure "withering" as it says in the bi? No! she has PUT ON weight.

Anonymous said...

Madonna? sure she's honest, but AJ admitted to using knives during sex, having a lesbian affair, having sex with BBT in a limo...sheesh.

Anonymous said...

And JAX, sweetheart - my prayers and heart go out to you and your family. I wanted to reach out to hug you when I ready your comment. So far I've lost 6 people to Hep-C, and though none of them were as close to me as a brother, it is never easy to lose someone that way. I hope that your heart can heal and have closure, knowing that your brother is finally at peace. So much love to you.

- Ten Years

Thank you to you and B-Love for your kind wasn't easy but knowing he's in' a better place' has healed us all. We only laugh with our memories now...

Much love to ya's.


lara said...

Melissa, you can't be serious when you say "I am sure no one truly believes everything they read."

This will sound awfully rude but - have you ever READ any gossip sites? Just look at how many here read that Marilyn Manson BI and are taking that as gospel truth, and using it as supplementary evidence that this BI is Angelina?

People absolutely blindly believe what they read... particularly when what is being written is something they want to hear. Important distinction, that.

I've commented on Angie BI's here before, so it's no secret that I think she's a good woman. She, and all the other people donating time, effort, resources, anything they can to those less fortunate are worthy of my respect.

And before it's said here (as it often is about Angelina), anyone who claims that unless people are doing something good for others for ONE HUNDRED percent unselfish reasons, that they shouldn't do it in the first make me sad. I give money, time and try to educate myself because i think it needs doing AND because it makes me feel good, and more fulfilled and useful as a person to do it. Just because I feel good doing it doesn't mean I shouldn't, and let people starve, die and wither instead without trying to help, as I see people suggest that she should do. THAT's being selfish to me.

Having said all that, I do think this is written about her. How could it not be? But you need to make a distinction between it being written with her in mind, and it actually being true. Ted may have his own reasons for wanting to cast a nasty light on her (the media contract scandal would be my guess) and neither she nor her lawyers could do anything since...well, he doesn't mention any namea, does he?

But he doesn't have to, since it's written in such a way that everyone will assume it's her, and if there's any trouble with lawyers, Ted can simply say it was someone else.

Whether it's true or not, I don't know. But unless Ted comes out and names her and really stakes his reputation on it, i'm not going to believe it 100% either way.

Anonymous said...

I still like the Madonna idea. AJ did talk about all of her different experiences with sex but Madonna made a freaking coffee table book out of it, music videos that were to erotic for MTV and put out the Truth or Dare movie. I know that now she comes off as the family woman but think back to the 90's and she was pure sex. I'm not saying that I don't think it very well could be AJ - a lot of it fits - but some things don't seem to. I could with either one of those two for the answer to this BI. And I think it is important to remember that it has to be a big enough star to make people forget Paris, ya know? Some of the other guesses like Pam A or Jenna J wouldn't really shock people.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed that Perez has suddenly done a complete U-turn with Jen Aniston? After all the hatred, I find that odd.

I wonder if he's got wind of something about Angelina.

Just a thought.

Anonymous said...


Those articles you posted reveal nothing that indicates she doesn't use heroin. They do, however, point out that she is the press's sweetheart (or has been until last week's Mighty Heart incident).

Anonymous said...

That's actually a common tactic with Perez, Anon 2:43. He fosters an adoring relationship with Star X, and hates on their rival Star Z.

Then a while later he switches, and the fans on both sides go nuts. Which equals more comments = more page views = higher advertising dollars in his pocket.

I've been noticing that for a while now.

Anonymous said...

I'm not saying Angie is a “boozer, user, and loser,” however, it is painfully obvious that Ted intended for us to believe that his blind item is about her.

Why is that? Why would he print that on the day her movie opens>

Tripoli said...

It's a very good point that people are making about why Ted would print this on the day A Mighty Heart opened... and it's clearly about Angelina. I think we all just need to realize that blind items are gossip, even though there is this sense that because it's "blind" then it must be true. It's still coming word of mouth and you know how that is... I don't wish a heroin addiction on anyone, but I wish people would quit trying to pretend this wasn't written about Angelina. Whether Ted is acting out on a grudge against her or if it's really true, we don't know and time may or may not tell.

I'm personally wondering if Ted's getting ready to quit the gossip biz, what with his upcoming marriage, rising competition in the world of internet gossip, and all the misc. problems he bitches about on a regular basis.

Maybe he's going balls out, saying fuck it, I'm going to put everything I know out there?? If I'm going down...

Anonymous said...

Brangeloonies frighten me...

Melissa said...

Tripoli, I agree with everything you said 100%. Couldn't have said it better myself.

Melissa said...

And Lara, looking back, that was foolish of me to say. Of course people do. I don't. I hope thats the only part of your post that was directed at me seeing as you seem to have said the exact same thing I did. I agree with you completly. The item was about her. Does not make it true

Anonymous said...

Has to be AJ, the good reputation in the media until recently comment refers to her request that anyone who interviews her signs a contract, withering weight loss, and she has had substance abuse issues in the past, when she played Gia.

Melissa said...

Oh, and I know I have posted like a million times today but, as for Perez and Jennifer Aniston. She has a pending lawsuit against him along with many other people. Now, he has been fighting fire with fire but I guess someone has told him you catch more flies with honey than vinegar. is my take on him being nicer about her. And not nice. Just NICER :-)

sasha said...

This may not get read, but here goes. There are three possibilities, and only three, when it comes to this bi.

1. He made the whole thing up. He hates AJ and wants to smear her by pointing his item directly at her. Is he off his meds, or just batshit crazy?

2. The whole thing is true. He has impeccable sources/evidence, so he's comfortable pointing his item directly at AJ.

3. The whole thing is about someone else, but he hates AJ and wants people to think it is her by pointing directly at her.

No matter how you look at it, this item points directly at AJ. The Angeloonies (drop the Brad, it ain't about him, except he proves she is sexually powerful enough to conquer/steal the Sexiest Man Alive.)are in deep denial, some even going so far as to point fingers at Jennifer Anniston!

Let us parse 1,2,3.

If it is 1, Ted C has bought himself a surefire lawsuit. There is no denying he is referring to AJ, and she CAN sue him for libel.

If it is 2, AJ can bring it on. TRUTH is an absolute defense against libel/slander.

If it is 3, she can still sue, for the same reasons as 1.

Which leads me to believe it is 2. The item is true, and Ted C is absolutely confident of his sources and/or evidence, or he know's it's about to hit the press anyway and got the jump on them.

lara said...

Melissa - that was definitely the only part that was directly at you. =) I thought the rest of your post was very good, I should have made that clearer - my apologies!

Anonymous said...

Ted C is one of the biggest addicts IN Hollywood and most people are now realizing it, he is on his way out and knows it...please don't beleive the hype people.

And i am NOT a Brangeloony.

nicole said...

this is AJ... she got together with manson a while back to do dope... check socialites life for the story.

Pisly said...

I also think the BI is about AJ.

But for people who believe Ted C's fake names tend to match the stress and syllables of their real names, here are a few names that match stress/syllables with Fake-à-la Ferocity:

Debbie Matenopoulos
Mary Stuart Masterson
Juliana Margulies

And one name that matches the syllables but not the stress:

Sarah Jessica Parker

I doubt any of these. Just throwing names out there for other people to check and cross off the list.

I still think it's AJ.

Anonymous said...

TEN Years, I don't know you but I'm proud of you for staying clean for so long.

And I know how tough depression can be, but it's good to know there's help out there, right? :)

Six years clean, I'm proud of you as well.

Keep up the good work! I have a family member who recently went through Rehab and I hope this sticks. We can support her all we want, but in the end it's her life.

Jax, sorry about losing your brother.

As for the BI, it does seem to point to AJ. As much as I admire her humanitarian work and adoption of 3 beautiful kids and smoothly combining a family of adopted/biological kids, it just seems like she's had a rough time lately. And sometimes, you have to let the walls down and say I can't do this by myself. I just can't handle all of it.

Or you turn to something else like drugs, alcohol, food, activity to numb the pain.

Mia said...

How could Angelina *possibly* sue over a vapid BI by Ted? Theoretically- wouldn't attempting to sue basically be pointing the finger at herself and continuing or further promoting the scandal? Also, how can you really hold someone accountable for that BI? If you go back and read it, it doesn't even use her initials or anything remotely close... Can you imagine trying to explain Ted C's lingo to a judge anyway? LOL

Those of you that say she could sue are retarded. Even if it is her, which it probably isn't, she'll just ignore it along with the 9,999 other gossip rumors started about her every day.

I'm not a superfan, but what choice does she really have? really now.

Oh... and whoever thought up the word 'brangeloonies' got my laugh of the day.

Anonymous said...

Ted C's fake names do not match the stress and syllables of their real names.
Rubba Rubba Release= 6 syllable
John Travolta= 4 syllables
Rubba Rubba Release=John Travolta

One Bound 'n' Bagged Blind Vice: There's a certain actor who's in the
rags these days. On the cover of one of those sorry-ass publicist-
sanctioned suck jobs, actually. [it was Parade magazine].Let's call this performer Rubba-Rubba
Release, shall we? Yes, that suits the schmuck perfectly. Now,
R.R.R.'s career has hit more questionable points than Posh Spice has
bones showing. Nevertheless, audiences and Oscar voters alike have had
their frenzied moments with Rubba, so despite having participated in
some of the most lampooned flicks ever made, R3 possesses awards that
many people would murder their mothers, mistresses and spouses to
possess. (Ah, such is the way in H-town, where cops have the best
sugar tits round, right?) But I do wonder: Could Rubba's debatable-at
best-rep be the reason R.R.R.'s recently on the cover of yet another
widely distributed zine? Uh, nope would be the best answer I could
provide. That's 'cause R-hon-who's well experienced in the
relationship game-is ensconced in yet another rocky hookup, due to
R.R.R.'s myriad dicky dalliances that R. just can't seem to stay away
from. Including with the editor who just put the three-initialed slut
on the damn cover, don't you know. AND IT AIN'T: Steve Carrell; Oprah
Winfrey; Hugh Jackman

NARC said...







Anonymous said...

The shoe stuff is simple. Angie was wearing $1500.00 shoes at the same premier she wore the $26.00 dress and wears often the pricey red soled shoes (whatever they are). The shoes were a source of interest at premier time. Maybe Ted Casablanca gives a shit and made this item not so blind so that someone, anyone would help her. If this is indeed Angie, and I most certainly believe it is, those close to her who have ignored it or helped her with this addiction, are criminals.

sasha said...

umm, Mia? If some well known gossip hound printed an item that although it didn't use my name, used specific terms which described me perfectly, to the point where millions of people believed the item referred to me, and the item accused me of engaging in activities which could cause me to lose my children, I WOULD SUE. AND SO WOULD YOU.

bluegirl said...

Yeah, I agree with Tripoli. Ted looks like he's getting ready to quit, which is a shame but his heart doesn't seem to be in it anymore. He seems to spend a lot of time gossiping about politics. It looks like that's where his interest is heading and he seems to be taking frequent breaks and getting Christina Gibson to fill in for him.

I think he's ready to throw the towel in and let all the goss out. His blind item reveals show that. I say bring it on!

Anonymous said...

"AJ is too obvious."...


That was the whole point of the BI. Ted C. made it dead obvious who it was... Miss Jolie. I realize people live to argue about her... but she is not a saint. Far from it. She was a complete nut job till she decided that she wanted to be perceived as someone else. So she did a about face and put all her crazy ass behavior in the closet.

Problem is you are who you are... and no matter how many kids she adopts... no matter how many men she shags... she is still the same nut job she was in 2000.

She just decided to put on a new public face on it.

And that whole heroin thing have been following her around for years. Is anyone really surprised by it? Really! This is the same girl that openly spoked of all the physical cutting of her own body, at her own hand, to anyone who would listen to her. The girl is not all there.

Anonymous said...

Hey 10:04, congratulations on your ten years! I am at nine years now and couldn't agree with you more about the widespread misconception of what "typical" junkies are like.

People were shocked when I decided to go to rehab. I held down a high-powered six figure job and was always known for my calm under pressure (gee, I wonder what kept me so calm? could it have been those quick little lunchtime meetings I had with my supplier?) I snorted or smoked, so I never had tracks, infections or scabs. (afterall, needles are for junkies!) My income was more than sufficient to support my nasty secret, so I never had to steal or sell myself (but of course I would have if I had needed to.)And I was overweight, not skinny at all. (that's what a diet that consists only of Ben and Jerry's and M&Ms will do for you.)

I've met so many other functioning horse users over the years. I always thought I was special, better, and so in control of the white horse, but learned I was far from being alone. From my personal experience, I completely understand that the subject of this BI, whoever she is, probably has everyone fooled. And it likely won't be the obvious guesses.

Anonymous said...

You should all go peek at the frightening picture of Kim Basinger on Just Jared. I saw the picture a few minutes ago and immediately thought of this blind. It's scary.

Anonymous said...

Btw . . . this blind definitely suggests AJ. But . . . it would completely surprise me if Brad Pitt stayed with a heroin addict and continued to support her adopting more children and giving his name to it while she uses.

Not only that, but they are constantly traveling in and out of countries. There's just no way it would work, and no way I could see BP allowing the children to be at risk.

It has to be someone else who either doesn't have a partner, or has one who is also an addict.

Jem said...

The Rubba Rubba Release = John Travolta thing could be Jonathon Travolta? I don't know if thats his full name or not but it would make sense.

Anonymous said...

People who's in denial that this BI refers to none other Whorelina Holie is either blind or dumb or both.


Anonymous said...

I had to comment on Lainey. I used to love to read her too, until about a month ago I caught her in a total lie. She had rehashed an item from many years ago that I personally knew was untrue, and reported it as having happened now. After that I can't trust her items anymore. I still read her because her opinions are funny, but her info is untrustworthy and she sometimes has personal motives. Also I wonder how "in the know" someone based in Canada can be on Hollywood crap.

Anonymous said...

I reread my comment above and want to clarify. Lainey reported something recently that I know came from another site years ago, and that I personally know was false. She presented it almost verbatem as having happened now [the original report was also false]. So I'm left with doubt about her.

Anonymous said...

anon 1.00 & 1.09

can you be a little more specific please? I love lainey and would consider this a huge disappointment. if you don't want to reveal names, can you maybe narrow down the time of her story?

sasha said...

Not only that, but they are constantly traveling in and out of countries. There's just no way it would work

It's been pointed out time and again, BP and AJ travel by private or chartered planes. They DO NOT have to go through the same searches as regular travelers do.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone think this could refer to Sarah Jessica Parker? The fab. shoes, reference to "sex," the charity work, the endorsements, the cute husband, and she's definitely been looking really thin lately. Just a thought!

Anonymous said...

The shoe thing is a big hint.

BTW - AJ was clearly NOT on heroin during her pregnancy, and Shiloh couldn't look healthier. So if it is AJ she picked this habit up while running around the world the past year with BP and a pack of kids?

Ba ha.

Ted C may be saying it's AJ, because the blind reads like it, but that doesn't mean it is or it's true.

I don't worship Angelina Jolie, but I also don't buy a heroin habit for her. And as I said earlier - I don't see Brad Pitt turning a blind eye to it.

Anonymous said...

its pamela anderson!!! she hasn't been looking so hot these days...


Anonymous said...

Rock Diva (and others)...
Look at the photo and caption of Pam ("And remember, she's a sex symbol, and so is Pam") further up on the site.
This CLEARLY implies that Pam is NOT the answer to this BI.
Plus the first line says it all.
"Some people love Fake-à-la Ferocity...the rest live to hate her."
If you read the postings on celebrity news blogs it is obvious that many many people live to love/hate Angelina Jolie. (Why they care so much is beyond my comprehension.) No way Pam instills that kind of passion in people.
That being said: Although I am sure that AJ is the answer to the blind item, I am not so sure it is true. I do think it is not a coincidence, however, that it appeared in his column on the day her movie opened.
That is all.
Have a nice weekend.

Anonymous said...

The testimonies from the former users say it all. If you've got the money to take care of yourself it is possible to be a functioning heroin user without anyone knowing.

Anonymous said...

it is so kelly ripa

sasha said...

Why can't people get it into their heads what "fabbER" shoes means? He could have simply said "fab" which is the usual way that term is used. But he said "fabbER" shoes, ok? as in BETTER more expensive than the frickin $26 dress.

sasha said...

and it ain't......KELLY RIPA!!

Anonymous said...

another thing that makes me think it is Aj is that Ted used the phrase "lip cemented"...who has the most taled about lips in t-town

Anonymous said...

Sasha--You are absolutely right. Don't let the haters and the idiots who come on these boards just to cause trouble get you down.

I do not know what the libel laws are, but I do not think Ms. Jolie has a cause of action to sue if her name is not mentioned. If she does sue it would like an admission of guilt.
Any lawyers out there care to give their 2 cents?

Anonymous said...

Lara 2.30 - great ITA.

Tripoli 3.07 - correct, Ted C may make it point at AJ but that does not mean it is AJ. He's been pissed at them for weeks now. this could be his way for "getting" back to her without ever getting in trouble... i mean his BI has done exactly what he wanted it to do. Its got people believing its AJ. It definitely points to AJ.

Sasha 3.38 - its a BI, Ted can never ever be sued for it. Why do you think ENT does BI's? he knows he can not get sued for "suggesting" something without having real facts or naming names... TED C will not, cannot get sued for this.

Anon 4.24am - ITA... its pretty pitiful really. TED C has been an addict for ever he has real issues and gets pretty pissed at people. See people want to see/hear ill on Brangelina they'll soon believe anything.

As for people who quickly label anyone a brangeloonie because we choose to doubt crap said about her what does that say about you? You're the opposite, you would rather believe anything and everything you read, its easy to do so beside you don't like her so yeah it MUST be her because TED C said.

The reason I like Angelina is she is a "take it or leave it" person. she has admitted to many stupid things she did in her past, drugs, cutting, sex etc, she's been honest about her faults. Since she got kids she's become more responsible and is giving back, that's more than the rest of the other Hollywood women who are fake all the way... their PR has made them out to be great "good lovely shy people" when in private they do drugs, are bitchy and mean and are whole and entirely different from what the public knows... for Angelina the reason people would hate her is she's admitted to crap she's done and many people hate her for the things she did that even with the good works and change now many are not willing to see past her "blood vile", cutting, drugs, etc etc..

Anon 9.06 ... ITA.... if she was on heroin it must have started after having Shiloh (she just stopped breast feeding she says so she can't have been doing heroin and still breast feeding the kid is just about a yr old) or after her mother dying (happened just a few months ago)... not before... or else Shiloh would not have been the healthy baby she appears to be.

as for the person who talked about "private jets" that's only for the travel from A to B but they do get checked at departure and arrival at every airport. only presidents and monarchy's don't get checked but all, all others get checked (they jump the line and go straight to security but they do get checked), doesn't matter if you're high profile celebrities you do have to go through security checks especially since 911...

again yes this TED C's BI is aimed at AJ. Doesn't mean it is about AJ. Ted C's objective here is clear and has clearly worked look at the posts here but his reasons for doing it.... well I have to be allowed to think he could be lying since he's been pissed at them for some time now. I never believe ANYTHING Ted C says, he's never been right on anything.. to me he's just an angry gay addict pissed at AJ as well as on his way out since the likes of "perezhilton" and others have taken over... Ted C is over and he's not happy about it.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

wow.... i think that everyone here needs to remember that in the end, this is gossip, whether you love or hate AJ, so don't believe or disbelieve anything you read

Sis said... I'm thinking it may be Fergie especially with the over the top diva comments. Today on TMZ they have a blurb about her meth use and they are not implying her past usuage experiences.

Interesting how people who are an Angelina hater will make her fit the most deviant and bad imaged blind items no matter what just because they hate her, I feel sorry for you people and the intolerance you must feel all the time, or maybe you're just perfect!

I'm with Femmecafe, Angelina has proved herself over and over again and has talked candidly about her past problems, something you will hardly see another high profile person do, I have a lot of respect for her and her endeavors and I am glad Brad turned his life around post Jennifer! I, also do not blame her for the press problems last week, a few examples of the ones "banned" were Life and Style, Fox News (if that exists) and a few other tabloid magazines, I mean after all who wants another "What did the kids have for breakfast question"? Also, Brad is the publicity expert, he may be the one who did the arranging but Angelina got blamed. Go figure!

Anonymous said...

Lawyer here and no, there's no cause for libel. Just look at the myriad of guesses claiming different suspects for the identity of the blind item. No one could sue over libel because the item could point to several people and has no names. It doesn't have a single, exclusively identifying fact in it.

That being said . .

Jolie is
a) not known for shoes (puhlease, flip flop city and she's worn the crap out of the same black peep toe Louboutins, the heels must be nubs by now
b) notorious for NOT being accessible to the press - candid yes, but how many times have we seen the press control? Namibia? People magazine? Banning press at the Mighty Heart Premiere?
c) Not a "diva" if you ponder it. That implies either a highly dramatic, fashionista type (old school would be like Joan Collins or someone over the top) or a singer/dancer type. Divas today would be JLo? Mariah Carey? Someone over the top.

So who else is getting scary skinny? Let go of it being AJ for a minute - it COULD be, but I don't really think so.

Who is getting as skin & bones as a Nicole Richie?

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