Thursday, April 30, 2009

Alison Iraheta Has Already Won $50,000 And A Record Deal

According to one of my Espacio Terra which is one of my favorite sites, Alison Iraheta of American Idol has already won a similar contest to American Idol. Two years ago she competed on the Telemundo show "I Want To Be An Artist," and walked away with the top prize of $50,000 and a record deal.

The writer for Espacio Terra could not determine whether an album was released, but I'm guessing Alison got her $50,000 though. I'm not even sure what the rules are on Idol anymore about having previous record deals and winning televised contests. It seems lately like there have been several contestants with record label pasts and nothing has been done so this doesn't seem to be much different.

It is strange that no one has mentioned until now, especially Alison. As I have said before I don't really watch the show but she does seem to have at least changed her look, if not her singing style.

Below is her winning appearance on the Telemundo show.


Miss(pdx) said...

Listening to this song TOTALLY reminds me of The Dan Band on Oldschool..

"Turnaround bright eyes, f*&ng every now and then i fall apart

And i need you now tonight
And i f*&$ng need you more than ever "

hahaa... Oldschool ruined that song ( or made it way more awesome ) for me forever!

phaballa said...

Last year Sayesha had also competed in a similar show called The One that got canceled before it played out to the end, and the Irish chick had already had a record deal and released songs. Michael Johns had been in a band with a record deal, and David Archuleta won Star Search.

So, no, it's not against the rules. Or they've changed the rules.

jax said...

she should have gone home last night, not theother guy. she has no range. you yell-sing ,good for you. but who's buying that cd? not me.

kimmypie1 said...

haha Miss - I was coming on here to post the exact same thing! I can't hear this song without thinking the words are should be "f*cking every now and then I fall apart"

Kat said...

I was actually glad to see her stay. That little girl can sing, and though she usually comes off as some sort of grungy Janis Joplin, she showed this week that she can really deliver old time standards. The guy who went last night was just another in a sea of Timberlakes, though he was entertaining.

That I even watch the show amazes me, but I got hooked. Anyway, that little girl can really belt it out, and because she's so young, there's still loads of time to finely tune her 'style'. I say who cares about the Telemundo thing. It's not like any of us knew who she was before, anyway, so obviously it wasn't that big of deal that she won.

I want Adam to win, though.

West End Girl said...

Isn't she 16 now? So what 14 then? What the hell does a 14yr old with that amount?? Assuming she's not a Lohan of course.

caralw said...

She's 17... they said she just had her birthday on the show.

I think this is old news. I saw it on another blog weeks ago. And no, its not against the rules to have had a contract in the past. Wiki said she never was awarded the contract.

Sounds like a nice college fund to me.

PollyPureBred said...

I think she's fabulous. True, Adam will more than likely win but she deserves to be there (see Kat's post)

Salsa Lover said...

This is common knowledge and I believe it was presented in one of her short bio videos as well! More power to Allison who I think is really great!

Jungle007 said...

She needs to stop dancing... :(


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