Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Random Photos Part One

I put this photo on top because of the randomness of Christina Aguilera and Heidi Klum hanging out, but also because Heidi doesn't look anything like Heidi.
For all of you Adrien Brody fans, I thought you might like this photo of him. Didn't Polaroid say they were going to stop making film? How much of a supply is there? Is Adrien Polaroid worthy?
Amanda Peet and David Benioff are sharing the same color hue. That is the first step that leads to matching outfits.
Which one of these three will still have a career and not be a whatever happened to? From L to R, Ashley Tisdale, Vanessa Hudgens and Brittany Snow. I will say Britanny will be the most famous.
What the hell it has been two weeks since Star Trek photos, so here are Chris Pine
Eric Bana, and for all of you old school fans,
Leonard Nimoy.
Debbie Gibson and Jonathon Knight for all of you NKOTB fans.
Maybe though you were a Backstreet fan, so here is Howie.
And if you hated all boy bands, then maybe you can enjoy Beaver.
Dominic Monaghan cleaned up nicely.
David Spade, not as clean, but not dirty either.
So, is that a wig or has Halle not cut her hair yet?
Who would you rather do? Ryan Reynolds or Hugh Jackman?
For all of you that are fans of Inside Damages.
That is a lot of grey between Ian McKellan and Patrick Stewart. Matching bushy eyebrows too.
One of the very few times I have ever seen Jenna Fischer photographed on the street. Extremely rare.
Kelsey Grammer looks as if he is back to 100% health. I like him and I'm glad.
The Masterson brothers.
So, I have seen Michael and Shakira Caine in photos but I don't think I have ever seen their daughter Dominique in a photo before.
The always lovely Milla Jovovich.
The world really is ending. That is an actual real smile from Mary Kate Olsen. She looks completely different.
Hopefully Marc Jacobs gave all of that to Olivia Palermo for free because these photos were everywhere today.
Rosario Dawson deciding which tattoos are real and which are fake.
Tyson Beckford trying to be noticed.
Usher and his son. No Tameka Foster sightings in public since the plastic surgery disaster though.


Anonymous said...

Chris Pine looks cute.

I love Damages. Glen Close is great.

Who is the hooker next to Grammer??

Didn't know Masterson were twins.

Who is the daughter and wife (Michael)?

Milla not that great of an actress but like her on those action type movies.

MissMouse said...

Enty, really The Beev should have been on top. And this is a request for MORE MORE MORE Eric Bana!! Cannot have enough of that man. Chris Pine? Eh.

Kat said...

McKellan and Stewart look related. Like a hairy twin next to the not-so-hairy twin. I guess we all look alike when we get old then?

Guessing Dominique is not Shakira Caine's biological child? Adopted? What's the deal there?

mooshki said...

Definitely Brittany Snow.

I'm going to see Star Trek in 3 1/2 hours. CAN'T WAIT!!!!

Aww, I love Patrick and Ian. Matching old-guy noses & squints too.

That's interesting that you like Kelsey. I don't think I've ever heard anything good about him.

Scientology plug! They got to Enty!!!

Unknown said...

Is Ian McKellan's nose growing? It's HUGE!!!

kanonymous said...

Shakira and Michael Caine's daughter is Natasha, not Dominique. Dominique is Caine's daughter from a previous marriage.

CDAN Mod said...

lil usher. so cute.

wow, a supermodel that's not exactly like her airbrushed photos!! tell me it ain't so!!

AprilinParis said...

Mooshki: You are the luckiest lady alive! Gawd! I can't WAIT for Star Trek to come out here! ABRAAAAAAAMS!

Spock Prime AND Adrien Brody? I gotta play the lotto because this is for sure my lucky day!

And now to end on a negative note, 'cause that's how I roll: Tyson IS trying to be noticed. Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

whole lotto luv said...

Leonard Nimoy is 78 years old!

Anonymous said...

Those three girls? I don't know what any of them do, though their names are all familiar. (They all sound like detergents.)

Bana, mmmm........
(And a request for some Javier, please??),, Hugh...DAMN you, Enty!
Wait - Hugh has the accent. Hugh, please. Thank you.

The Masterson brother on the right looks like he's doing a Samantha Ronson impression, LOL!

And if I had any, I would bet money that that smiling Olsen is Ashley. I just do NOT believe it's Mary Kate. Too full in the face (read: beautiful and healthy).

City Councilman Doug said...

Interesting about Tameka Foster. I wonder if he finally found a way to escape her evil clutches, since he apparently didn't know about this and she left their children without his consent, let alone knowledge. I would love it if she turned up looking like Amanda Lepore.

Majik said...

I would like Hugh AND Ryan...we'd make a nice little Majik sammich.

Since I can have neither, I'll fantasize about both, thank you very much.

Unknown said...

I would do neither Hugh or Ryan. I like those Scientologist brothers though.

Anonymous said...

I'm human, so I'll go with Hugh, man. Ryan seems to wax his chest more often than Hugh.

I don't think I've ever seen Mary Kate smile. Ashley yes, MK no.

Halle looks gorgeous in that dress.

Adrian Brody is definitely polaroidworthy.

Laura D. said...

Actually, the main factory that produced Polaroid film was bought by a European company that is going to continue to produce the film still. So the film will still exist, but under a different name.

At least, that was the last news piece I read about it.

Ms Cool said...

Since I wasn't given Daniel Craig as a choice, I will go with Hugh Jackman.

Happydog said...

I professed my lust for Adrien last week -- he looks hot this week, too.

What's up with Dom Monahan? Engaged to the LOST chick, gay, available???

Hugh, hands down.

Leah said...

Which Masterson brother farted ?

That Olsen looks great, the look definitely works for her!
Smiling is in the fashion future?

M. said...

Grace, actually, one's nose and ears keep growing (bigger) the older one gets. Sad but true. That's why most old folks have huge schnoz and ears the length of their entire head...

ardleighstreet said...

Do? Hugh! Silly Enty, Ryans are for kids.

Amanda Peet needs to buy a dress that LOOKS like it fits.

Mr. Nimoy looks like he's having fun.

Hardly knew that WAS an Olsen. You hardly ever see one really smile.

Dom looks Lost. HAH. Seriously nice suit BAD haircut.

Ian take a cue from Mr. Stewart no prints with stripes.

Kelsey's Mrs. looks like the big lights baffle her brain.

Milla love the shoes.

Baby Usher is a cutie.

Jade, That Girl said...

Ryan because I am still not over that Men's Health cover....three years later. God, I want to go to there.

mygeorgie said...

Enty, you can make any pic look like a polaroid on free, photo editing website 'Picnik'. All the kids are doing it!

lmnop123 said...

I love Christopher Masterson! Why? Because I love everything about the Malcolm in the Middle tv series.

Fabulous! said...

omg, idk who chris pine is, but he's gorgeous! i'm a fan lol

YAY for jonathon knight! love seeing new kids represented- and debbie was smokin' last night!

like halle's hair, but what's with the constant "head shaving/hair cutting" refs?

Jerry said...

And if you hated all boy bands, then maybe you can enjoy Beaver.Thanks for the shout out, brother. In the future you may refer to me as "the always lovely Jerry Mathers."

figgy said...

Tyson Beckford looks so hot there. Well, always. But especially on that crotch rocket. Mmmm.

Poor Kate said...

Mary Kate looks a bit Hilary Duff-ish in that picture. Now, she'll never smile again.

bionic bunny! said...

jackman is okay, but i'll take ryan. if i'm going to rob a cradle, i'm going to really go for it!

hooray for the beav!

moosh, i'm jealous! i'm going to break my "no movie theatre except for cast and crews" rule for ST. once a trekkie, always a trekkie.

Snautrag said...

Damn. That's a peculiar shade of pink.

coexxi said...

Brittany Snow starred in "American Dreams" which I LOVED (I only saw Season one, but it is really good). She also had an interesting guest role in Nip/Tuck (she played a white supremanist). Other than that I don't even know why she is on a picture with these disney girls....


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