Monday, April 27, 2009

The US Needs This Show Desperately

If you want to have me sit my fat butt in front of the television watching celebrity reality television, I have found the perfect show to accomplish that. In the UK they have a version of the old Newlywed game, but this time for celebrities who are dating or married. God how I want to watch some celebrity couples on this show. Give me Tori & Dean and Kim & Reggie and Tom & Katie or anyone else. I honestly don't care if they are A list or D list, I know this would be great.

Even on the Newlywed show which featured people who had been married less than a year, it was so fun to watch people not have a clue about the person to whom they were married. In the most recent episode which aired in the UK, Keisha Buchanan from The Sugababes was on with her boyfriend Dean Thomas. It doesn't matter if you don't know who she or the group is, just look at the questions and answers and imagine the fun we could have with our celebrity couples.


K - The Sugababes, of course.

D - Er, Girls Aloud?


K - I hope he says me!

D - Is that ginger one still there?


K - Heidi, Amelle and Keisha.

D - Dopey, Sneezy & Bashful?

You might think it was all a joke, but the couple broke up right after the show. Dean also said he was the better kisser in the couple.

The show is called Mr. & Mrs.


SkittleKitty said...

That would be awesome, but the only US 'celebs' who would probably be willing would be the reality idiots.

jax said...

what i wouldn't give to hear Tommy tell the audience about the weirdest place he's ever made whoopee...

califblondy said...

How about Heidi and that gay guy that just got married?

Paris Hilton could be on every other month with a new guy.

Lindsay and Sam? They'd have a knock down drag out, scream, cry, then kiss and make up all in a half hour.

This crap could be bigger than Rock of Love.

Anonymous said...

I think we need the Match Game before we get Celebrity Newlyweds.

Bitter Queen said...

This was a terrible show in the 70s starring Burt Convey and featuring such low rent celebs as Mr and Mrs Artie Johnson

ardleighstreet said...

Jax, for Katie to get the answer to Match Tom's, they'd have had to have sex with each other first. ;)

BitterQueen, do you mean Tattletales?

Can we hook them to lie detectors to make sure they tell us the truth? It would make sure the fakery that is Speidi isn't blowing (more) smoke up our orifices.
I'd watch the NEWLYWED Truth and Consequces Show. Could you imagine Tommy's hissyfit when Katie is shown as lying when asked

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