Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Random Photos Part One

This adorable little boy is 4 year old Edgar Hernandez who is thought to be the first survivor of the swine flu outbreak in Mexico.
Meanwhile, Speidi are taking a pre-honeymoon in Mexico. Umm, yeah. And then when they get back they will keep going to parties and coming into contact with hundreds of other people. Good plan. Idiots.
Ashlee Simpson and Brooklyn Junglebook.
Randomness of the day goes to Brian Dennehy (who I love) and Carla Gugino who you know I love.
It has been awhile since Breckin Meyer was in the photos.
The Princess wins again.
A Hollywood couple that has lasted a very long time, Ed Burns and Christie Turlington.
I still contend that when Charlize Theron makes the effort there are very few actors who look better than she does.
Emma Stone and Lacey Chabert can't decide which photographer to face.
The one and only Geoffrey Rush.
"Umm, they told us Hannah Montana was coming."
Jennifer Garner needs to go home and try again.
Kelly Osbourne in a Tarina Tarantino shoot.
Probably one of my favorite photos of the past several weeks. I love it.
Kristin Scott Thomas just looks really plain here.
Lorne Michaels really needs to be on the top of the photos someday soon.
This is Larry Wachowski (Matrix co-creator), now known as Lana. Larry/Lana is almost never seen in public.
Obviously Michael Douglas came straight from a nap.
I almost didn't recognize Matthew Fox.
Matthew McConaughey and Mishka.
Apparently this is what you wear to a steakhouse/strip club opening if you are Pamela Anderson.
If you are Shannen Doherty this is what you wear.
And if you are Big Pussy, this is what you wear. I actually think the woman works there because he had to give her $20 after the picture was taken.
Instead of asking Princess Beatrice to say, "cheese," he showed them a photo of Verne Troyer's tongue.
"I'm on a boat."
I still can't get over the fact that Sally Field played Tom Hanks girlfriend and mother. It is kind of disturbing.
She walks. And apparently also runs judging by the pictures I saw yesterday of Tom trying to catch her. Run Suri run.
Tom Hanks was honored last night with an award.
Julia Roberts in her speech about Tom dropped several F bombs. I would love to see a tape of it.
The woman on the left is named Trinny. I'm thinking that is one letter off.


nancer said...

speidi probably WANTS to get swine flu so they can be hauled away in an ambulance while the paps snap pictures, and get lots of publicity. anyone think they're above that?

i doubt michael douglas just had a nap as i don't think closing his eyes is any longer possible.

i agree about theron. she's perfection about 98% of the time.

CDAN Mod said...

yep, pammy anderson is broke. her outfit is painfully too tight, and her purse doesn't match well with her shoes. but i'm no fashinista!

jenny garner needs a new stylist.

kelly's pic would have been better if she were not looking directly at the photographer???

mooshki said...

Don't worry, Enty, Speidi are wearing masks whenever they are around other people. Best thing to happen to humanity in a long time.

Um, did someone say Charlize isn't the hottest thing ever?!

Isn't Rachel Zoe Garner's stylist? Massive fail.

LOL, Kiefer looks a little too happy, if you know what I mean. :)

Bad photo or not, you'd better watch out for the KST fans - they're rabid!

Sheyna said...

According to The Internet Julia Roberts is the same age as Pam Anderson. Stay out of the sun kids.

Kristin said...

Love Jennifer Garner... she's not trying to pretend that she's lost the baby weight and isn't exhausted.

Please, for the love of humanity, may the swine flu take Speidi rather than helpless children.

I want the princess's dress. Now. Just to play dress-up. TMI?

Hilary said...

Brian Dennehy and Carla Gugino are starring in a Broadway Play together- so not that random- Leiv Schreiber's brother also in the play- I saw it in Chicago and it is STEAMY!

Majik said...

I'd say there are TWO at the bottom that should be named "Trinny" with an 'a'.

ashhol said...

Doesn't it look like Tom and Suri are walking past a crop circle?

lutefisk said...

Can we blame Ben Affleck for Jennifer Garner's fail?

whole lotto luv said...

By the time Suri is in third grade, she'll be taller than her "dad."

Binky Melnik said...

I'll say this about Larry Wachowski: I'm often offended by transvestites and transsexuals as thier ideas of femininity seems to be caricatures, with absurd makeup, hair, and clothing, but Larry looks like some average (if homely) chick you see on the street every day, or in a mall. It looks as if he wants/needs to be a GENUINE female, and not a nightclub act or freakshow like Amanda Lepore. Good on him.

califblondy said...

Jen Garner is the one who looks like she just got up from a nap. I think Michael Douglas looks pretty good, but the suit is awfully wrinkled.

How can Pam show-up at the opening of a steakhouse? She must really be hard up for $$$$.

KellyLynn said...

That Trinny is Trinny Woodhall, half of the original UK team from "What Not To Wear". I used to love that show.

Enny said...

I'm not sure I see either Trinny or Tranny in the last picture, but I sure do see a skeleton!

Unknown said...

Maybe EL meant Thinny?

I love the BBC What Not to Wear. They were a much better team than that hag and the other guy on the US version.

ardleighstreet said...

We couldn't get lucky enough for the flu to take Speidi.

It's a pleasure to see Mr.Dennehy anytime.

Someone looks like they have sash envy.

I think we should give J. Garner a pass. Not the most flattering dress but she did just have a baby.
She's awake and free of baby spitup. She looks great.

Looks like OZZY in a 40's dress

Sigh.. Keifer. Good to see him happy.

Wow I didn't know KST became a prison matron.

Foxy looks like Ed Burns.

Pamela has the big purse to take leftovers home to the kids.

Hah! Suri is half TommyBoys height

What a hideous dress Mrs. Hanks is wearing.

If Trinny stood next no Skeletor Anthony people would think Halloween came early this year .

shakey said...

Your comments are on fire today, Ent!

I love the daily soap that is The Princess vs Carla Bruni

Is it Christie's dress, or are her "tits" really that flabby?

Those kids don't know who that woman is.

Maybe Lana doesn't get out much because of her sense of "style". I have to say good for her for finally feeling good in her own skin.

Are you sure those two women weren't on a show called What Not to Eat? Holy crap.

newsgrrl said...

Love Dennahy's smile and Keifer looks good, too.

Wil said...

Edgar is actually Patient Zero, EL. He is the first person to come down with this latest version of Swine Flu.

Love Trinny .. but scared to death at how freaking skinny she has become! Wish BBCA would reshow "What Not To Wear" ... ADORED that show!

Linnea said...

scary, scary looking trinny! I am pretty sure she fell down straight after this picture was taken when someone sneezed in her direction.

Judi said...

Who's the 60's lounge singer on Tom's arm?


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