Monday, April 27, 2009

Tom & Katie Movie Night

Katie Holmes gave a quick interview to People Magazine over the weekend when she was on a red carpet. For some reason the topic of discussion was movie night at their house. I wish someone would have the guts to ask something more meaningful, but are probably scared they will piss off Tom. Why they would care is beyond me, but for now we end up with the banal, but even that can sometimes lead to interesting revelations.

Apparently at the Cruise house when they watch movies they don't just watch one. Nope, instead Katie and Tom sit down and watch three in a row. Even at a really short running length that is well over four hours sitting right next to Tom as he breaks down why he loves watching himself on the movies. Oh, you think they watch movies that aren't his? What like Battlefield Earth?

It appears from Katie's comments that Tom decides which movies they want to watch. I say this because she said there are times when Tom wants to watch something she doesn't want to watch.

"But I'll watch it anyway, and then we'll talk about it afterward." Great. A question and answer section to make sure you were paying attention. She didn't say anything about times where she picks a movie Tom doesn't want to watch and to me it would have been the natural thing to say next. A stretch? Maybe, but I'm guessing it is probably accurate.

They also spoke briefly about going to Disney World back in February.

"It was really special," she says. "My parents were there so she had Grandma and Grandpa. We had a great time."

Maybe I am just reading too much into quotes, but does it seem from the tenor of the quote that perhaps Suri doesn't see too much of Grandma and Grandpa?


nancer said...

let's see....i'm adding this to what tom says they do at home. they make cookies or cupcakes and play lots of board games. add all these movies in and sounds like life is just one big...uh.....waste of time.

CDAN Mod said...

i really do hope that this woman does not turn up dead; because i just don't see how she can try to divorce him without him catching wind of something.

i would bet my non-existent 401K that tom cruise would have someone killed.

Maja With a J said...

"No, Kate, you don't understand...there was NOTHING gay about Top Gun!" said...

Grandparents should never feel sad. :(

jax said...

"and NEITHER A Few Good Men! you just don't understand genius Kate, you just don't. We'll have IT work on that"

Anonymous said...

Ent, any truth to the rumors that Katie is gearing up to make her escape? read a BI that seemed to point to her consulting her attorneys...

ItsJustMe said...

Katie and crew have a huge fascination with cupcakes. Every single dingle article about them mentions freaking cupcakes.

mooshki said...

Maybe "cupcakes" is her safe word, but no one knows?

ardleighstreet said...

I find that whole interview unsettling and creepy. Do you think she gets a choice of ANYTHING? Clothes? Hair styles? what she gets to eat?

Southerner, Does brain dead count? Cause, Wow, Seems she's stuffed her personality in a box just to be Mrs. Tom Cruise. (shakes head in worry)

Jax, Have you ever seen the MONKEY-ED MOVIE spoof of A FEW GOOD MEN?
Funny stuff. I'd LOVE for someone to tell TommyBoy that.
A conversation for movie night.

Katie: Tom what I'd really like to watch is this SOUTH PARK ep. It's called TRAPPED IN THE CLOSET. It's really funny and all about Xenu.
(the other thing I'd like someone to tell TommyBoy.)

justfriends said...
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