Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Random Photos Part One

Yesterday I started asking everyone to e-mail me their photos for reader photos and I have received lots and lots. I will start posting them on Monday in the order in which I received them. Then, on July 4, they will all be posted into one big halftime post during reveal day. So, keep sending them.

This is Stefanie Zaner. Why is she on the top of the photos? Because Stefanie didn't miss one second of school between Kindergarten and her high school graduation. Once you reach a certain age it just takes a certain dedication to pull it off, but when you are in elementary school how do you go six years without ever catching a cold or getting injured or having your parents take you somewhere on a three day weekend? It is amazing, and definitely worth the top spot.
So, work with me on this one. This is Cameron Diaz but do you think if I had said Ashley Olsen in 15 years I would be wrong?
See, when you are Danish Princes firefighters will do cool things for you like set stuff on fire and let you put it out. You don't need to play with fire trucks and pretend when you can go out and do the same thing for real. Am I jealous? Hell yeah I'm jealous. When I was 7 I would have loved that. I'm sure the other kids at school are real happy they were invited. Oh, they weren't? Ass kicking time.
Do you remember about 10 years ago, you couldn't turn on the television without seeing Dionne Warwick and her damn psychic hotline. She looks good here.
I know I am about to show my ignorance, but what does Hilary Duff have around her neck? Is it a blanket for her cat? It can't be a scarf can it? The thing looks like it weighs 10 pounds. It's like a snuggie scarf or something.
Hugh Jackman finally made the Mexico City premiere. It was great of him to keep his promise.
Jennifer Lopez on the set of her new movie. Aww, seriously? Who gave her money to act? Come on people. I have never ever heard someone say, "Oh, I can't wait to go see the new Jennifer Lopez movie." Not once. Oh, except for Anaconda but they thought they might get lucky and see her get killed.
Doesn't exactly invoke Daniel Craig coming out of the water in his blue trunks does it? Oh, and so you know this was in Arizona in a very warm lake, so shrinkage should have been to a minimum.
Joan Rivers looks in a mirror.
Somehow Lady Gaga got a Rolling Stone cover.
And Melissa Joan Hart lost 42 pounds. How much of that was baby weight though? I'm shocked she managed to push Mel Gibson off the cover. I know Melissa said she had a deal with People, but I'm really surprised she didn't get pushed back a week.
Mandy Moore - Los Angeles (in probably the greatest record store that exists on the planet)
Nicolas Cage on the set of his movie. See the caption for Jennifer Lopez's photo but substitute Leaving Las Vegas for Anaconda.
Nelly Furtado is back.
Nicole Richie at Larry King right before she was bumped to tonight from last night.
Say what you will about Peaches Geldof. She seems to be growing up a little. Plus, this company Ultimo is paying her a ton of money to promote their products and she showed up, looks good and if I am the company I am happy.
The Bangles - New York
I don't know who Victor Gonzalez is but Uncle Jesse called and wants his jacket back. No? How about Crockett or Tubbs?


RocketQueen said...

I still have nothing good to say about Peaches Geldof.

ItsJustMe said...

Wh-oa, Jerry O'Connell. Damn!

If I lose all my baby weight, will People put me on the cover? I think I'm a lot cuter than Melissa Joan Hart.

Jazz Hands said...

Jerry O'Connell. Speechless.

MontanaMarriott said...

Yayyy Nelly Furtado is baaack, loved her last album

Ugh, Monica Bellucci is playing Nic Cage's love interest in this movie. Poor girl you could not pay me to work with that jerk.

OMG, Joan Rivers has had so much work done that she now looks Asian, wow, I guess she thinks she looks good.

MontanaMarriott said...

Oh and Jerry O Connell, honey a bit of advice from mama, if you are that petite, stay away from bikinis, TRUNKS, THRUNKS and MORE TRUNKS

Ms Cool said...

Yeah, Jerry doesn't fill out that speedo so well. He is attractive with a nice bod but he's no Daniel Craig.

GladysKravitz said...

Except for Hugh Jackman, do any of these people make hearts go pitter pat? I love Enty for reminding me that a good proportion of Hollywood is still, "Ack! He/She's a Celebrity! Get Me Out of Here!"

JaxSux said...

oh come on now.

is anyone really surprised that Vern-o has a teeny peeny??

Maja With a J said...

Yes! I love Amoeba Music!

I wonder if this whole "dieting is newsworthy" thing will ever go away. I wonder if there will be a time when we will look back at all the "special diet issues" of magazines and find it shocking and appalling how we cared about weight and what a certain woman denied herself in order to achieve that weight. I hope that day comes. I really do.

mr. ray said...

Amoeba Music is the best! Whenever I head out to the left coast to visit my one good friend we always spend at least half the day there shopping... it's heaven!

Pookie said...

aww, mandy moore and nelly furtado look gorgeous. go them!

eep @ jerry o'connel shrinkage. poor rebecca.

joan rivers and nic cage look demented. =O

Anonymous said...

whenever I see Jerry all fit with his shirt off, I have to say good for him -- shaking off "fat kid from stand by me" forever. Shame about the peen.

Victor Gonzalez could keep the jacket if he took off everything else, yum.

That Gaga cover is so scary

mazemerizing said...

This may not be applicable to Stefanie Zaner, but my son went to school with several kids who "never missed a day of school" but somehow managed to cough, sneeze and wipe their little germ-ridden hands all over other kids whose parents allowed them to stay home when they were sick. I know one kid went to school, threw up, went home. Came the next day, threw up, went home. This was considered leaving early and not counted as absent, allowing his perfect attendance record to stay intact, meanwhile spreading germs to everyone else in the classroom. But maybe Stefanie is just a really healthy girl.

Jingle Belle said...

Mazemerizing - was thinking the same thing. I work at a clinic and we still have staff members who try to show up with the sniffles and a cough. It doesn't hurt to stay home once in a while!

Nicholas Cage looks like a gargoyle and has the acting range of one.

bionic bunny! said...

jerry o'connell, you know, the worst part of swimming is when the wind hits you getting out of the water...

totally OT, did you guys know that last night was the very last episode of "reaper" EVER?
they've yanked one of my favorite shows after 1-1/2 seasons, and I AM PISSED!!!

whole lotto luv said...

I remember Dionne's psychic friends hotline. I drunk-dialed it demanding to know who really killed Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman. They told me they didn't answer those kinds of questions and kept asking for my date of birth. I told the woman if she was so psychic she should know my birthday. After a few minutes she hung up on me, but I never got billed.

My cat's carrier looks almost exactly like Hilary Duff's, but I only paid $15 for mine. And my hands are usually pretty bloody by the time I get my cat into it.

I hope Lady Gaga has some talent, because she's sorely lacking in the looks department.

Sinjin said...

Will ya look at the length of Jerry O'Connell's nipple shadow? LOL. I could've gone the rest of my life happy to NEVER have seen his pubes! Ick.

Whose the tranny w/ the serious 5 o'clock shadow behind Furtado?

When you look like Victor Gonzales, who's looking at what you're wearing? :-)

mygeorgie said...

Melissa before pic: Does that say 155 lbs? and she now weighs 113? Bullshit! I am so sick of celebs bullshitting about what their start weight was. Like Kirsty Alley saying she started out at 201. I know what 155 and 201 looks like, and that ain't it. Add another 30-50 lbs, respectively & we can talk about them being honest.

I could care less how much they & their cats weigh, just be freeking honest about the 'before pics'. Narcissistic assholes.

.robert said...

Nicolas Cage looks like such a douche.

Aly said...

Jerry has the classic Irishman's disease, doncha know? I don't care. I just love to look at men wearing wet speedos.

monalisa999 said...

Jerry looks like he has something-um-attached to the thing that lurks underneath. Toilet paper? A "happy" stud? ew.

Judi said...

Lisa (original), check the chest hair, too. Great outfit though.
Any FFF photos of Victor floating around?

ardleighstreet said...

Cameron looks OLD. Look at her Revenge of the Mummy hands.


Joan should have just said NO to the scalpel.

Does anyone still read Rolling Stone?

Kate-- Her lonely new life?
Please *^%$#@~ PEOPLE MAG how can she be lonely with all those kids?

I wonder who Larry King thought Nicole Richie was? Paris? Hil Duff?
Come on you know he prob messed up her name too.

nancer said...

cameron diaz was once cute. she is no longer. in fact, she's kind of creepy looking.

peaches may have been a mess but give her a break. she's really young---she has a chance to change.

bionic bunny! said...

i wonder about the duffster's scarf thingy, too? it does look sort of fluffy. i know as soon as i get to the vet's i get the buns out of the travel cage, and i get scratched, so a nice, special scarf for them to hide in would be really cool! especially since it's always so HOT in there for some reason, so a hoody (their favorite hidey place) is out of the question.

wow. was that more OT than usual?

Jerry said...

It's a shame that Melissa Joan Hart pushed Mel Gibson off the cover and not off the cliff.

Leah said...

The O'Connell's photo is the WORST Diet Coke advertisement EVER.

I actually thought it was Charlie, not Jerry.

Leah said...

"Diet Coke,
Shrink your dink."

ElsieFire said...

Bunny, please tell me you are kidding about Reaper????? I love that show! Seriously, how could you not love crazy Ray playing the devil?? He was BORN to play that role!

::pant, pant::

rant over. But now I sad. ;<

jagerlilly said...

Nic Cage is my guilty pleasure....yum!


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