Monday, May 25, 2009

Twitter Has Jumped The Shark

It isn't too often a company jumps the shark before it even goes public so the founders can get paid. You know scratch that. There will be some rich dude who only hears about Twitter in the next few months who will still pay a fortune so the founders of Twitter will get paid, but it's relevance and shelf life is expiring quickly.

Apparently Twitter is going to be the focus of a new reality series involving people chasing celebrities and then Twittering about it. The whole idea is really vague. See if you understand what in the hell this quote means. "The show would harness Twitter to put players on the trail of celebrities in an interactive, competitive format."

Yeah, it sounds dumb. And how are they going to Twitter if it is taped? Will everyone know the results before it airs? Anyway, the show actually has some real producers behind it. Real as in they didn't just print up some business cards, walk into a club and tell some woman they are a producer and have the perfect role for her.

These producers actually are involved in The Office and The Sopranos and The Biggest Loser. They know what they are doing, but what I think this is going to do is make Twitter something akin to the pet rock. It was fun while it lasted but now lets pretend it never happened until VH1 does the best of the '00's.

"Oh do you remember Twitter?"
"It was the biggest thing ever. That was when Ashton Kutcher raced CNN to a million followers."
"Whatever happened to Ashton anyway? Is he still doing cruise ship gigs?"

The original jumping the shark, for your Memorial Day viewing.


RocketQueen said...

Ashton doing cruise ship gigs - I hope I live long enough to see it! :)

Maja With a J said...

Is that really where the expression "jumping the shark" came from?

Jungle007 said...


jax said...

hellz yes Harriet! you have just witnessed the death of 70's tv.

you know i'm on twitter and i do nothing on it but read what Diddy and Mayer are up to. it is just another way to get really hasn't caught on with my 'real live friends' at all.

Pookie said...

zingers like, ""Whatever happened to Ashton anyway? Is he still doing cruise ship gigs?"" are why we love you, enty!


ardleighstreet said...

So now celebs not only have to put up with the paps they have to deal with this strange form of The Amazing Celebrity Twitter Race?
I almost feel sorry for them.

Linnea said...

i had no idea jumping the shark originated from someone jumping over a shark... this sure is an educational site!

Maja With a J said...

See? You LEARN things from surfing the nets all day!

mooshki said...

WTF? Hey, I wonder if I can cash in on that. One of my twitter accounts got mistaken for a certain semi-celeb this weekend, and I was getting tweets that were meant for him. It was a hoot.

bionic bunny! said...

you guys really didn't know that?
yup, fonzie skiing in leather jacket and all. one of the worst grabs for ratings ever.

Momster said...

LOl, I remember that show! And how they used to say, "Next week, on a very special episode of. . ."

ItsJustMe said...

Twitter has a very low retention rate ... lots of initial sign ups, very few people who actually stay around.

I'm on it and have connected with a lot of single parents and have gotten some great info that way, BUT, my biggest problem with Twitter is that there are 7,080,098 different RULES that you have to deal with to be a "successful" twitter. It's ridiculous.

shakey said...

I was expecting the shark to jump out of the water. That episode was even more lame than was originally told to me.

I do like Jax - watch the twits twitter away. Have no clue what hashtags are or anything of that sort. I've clicked on some good links, though. Would never have heard of Brick Vader otherwise.

mooshki said...

Shakey, from what I can tell, the hashtags are so you can search for a term and find all the twitters about it. So, if you have news about something, you put the # before it, and people will read about it. I just figured that out this weekend, and for the first time I think I get why Twitter can be kind of fun. Say you're a fan of "Lost," you can search for #Lost and see what people are saying about last night's episode. I still don't get how it could be a profitable site, though.


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