Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cheat On Your Spouse; Abandon Your Kids; Get Record Ratings

It appears that scandal is good for the show Jon & Kate plus everyone else with whom they are having sex. It will probably come as no surprise to you, but every single house in America and Canada watched the premiere episode of their show last night. Entire cities were empty. Those without televisions went to the houses of neighbors who did. Homeless people combined tips so they could enjoy 25 cent chicken wings and pitchers of beer at Hooters while they showed off their Demi Moore teeth.

Yeah, it wasn't quite like that, but TLC did get almost 10 million people to sit in front of their television sets to watch the episode. Want some perspective? How many of you watched the season finale of Lost? You know the one on a regular network which everyone has for free? Show of hands. Umm, it wasn't enough. Jon & Kate beat the season finale of Lost, by about 500K people. Shows you what we love to see on television doesn't it?

I'm sure Kate is figuring out now how to best exploit this. Jon meanwhile is just searching for a way to be free, but to hang on to all that money.


figgy said...

I am proud to say that, even though I generally love TLC, I have yet to see an episode of J&K+8.

Oh, and now I hate TLC because they ran nothing BUT for the entire weekend. Assholes.

Pookie said...

didn't watch, but didn't watch 'lost' either. don't like either show.

so, i take it the show was good? what'd we miss?

Anonymous said...

Probably they will get another season.

Karmen said...

I heard on the radio today that they're thinking about making a movie. Probably a made for TV movie. That's just what they said, though.

Ugh, I want these jerks to be washed away into oblivion already. Neither of them is a good person. They cheated on each other relentlessly and are only in it for the money. It's sad when these schmucks get attention for being self-centered. And we're wondering why Parasite Hilton makes nearly a mil a month.

MommaBear said...

Sadly I did watch it. What is it about a car crash that just pulls you in?

All is not as it appears on the episode though. Apparently the paparazzi on the episode were as fake as Jon and Kate. I found a great article on it this morning.


Jon and Kate's sofa interviews was the most uncomfortable T.V. I've watched in quite some time. All I know is that if my marriage was in the crapper we'd be in counseling ASAP. Kate needs to spend more time at home working on her marriage and looking after the litter she produced instead of on speaking tours. WTF! Why would anyone spend one thin dime to hear anything that comes out of her mouth. My grandmother raised 8 kids and the last one had Cerebral Palsy, and she never looked for the validation that Kate constantly craves.

It really irks me that when the series began, they sucked viewer in with their Christian devotion and morality. Well where is it now?

Well, now I've gone and got myself all worked up. I think I need to lie down now...

Lioness70 said...

As much as I love commenting on this crazy bitch hag, I didn't watch. I didn't even know J&K+8 was on. My kids were hogging the TV. For once, I was glad to let them.

I sure as hell am not going to contribute to Kate's crazy by watching. Record ratings? I'd like to see a record boycott.

Unknown said...

why does he have a huge bald spot if he had a hair transplant?

Kat said...

Can't lie, I watched it.

I found it really sad, to be honest, mostly because of the children. I've never been an avid fan of the show but it's really one of the only options for family viewing at certain times and kids love it. I saw an episode a while back where Jon said flat out that didn't want to do the show anymore, and she was pushing for another season. This was right before he mysteriously 'became a totally different person'. Kind of obvious what brought it on, though.

At this point they sort of have to keep things going. Eight children, a huge house, college in the future, not to mention carrying on a lifestyle the kids are now accustomed to, they've backed themselves into a corner.

I have to admit that a cold sensation went over me when she said she was 'there, no matter what' when asked about her marriage, and his response was 'I'm here for the kids'.


Kelli said...

I guess my one-person boycott didn't help. I feel so badly for the kids. They didn't ask for any of this and their whole world seems to be crashing in around them. It's completely not fair for them to be exploited like this all because of their parents' tastes for the finer things in life.
And some strange. Can't forget the strange.

mygeorgie said...

I was more riled up than I am watching UFC fight night. Kate threw her husband under the bus and played the sanctimonious card: "poor me, I have to do everything alone". It was very obvious she has no patience with motherhood. Ya, more than usual. When she wasn't rolling her eyes at the camera after speaking with one of the little tykes (heartbreaking), she was bitching about the responsibilities of the party & pinatas.

She wears high heels, full make-up and better clothes. No 'mom outfits' for Kate anymore. She's Hollywood bound.

She bitched incessantly about the 'paps' following them shopping, snooping on their b-day party (at a public park!)I was screaming at the tv at this point. Bitch, please. The paps are trying to catch snippets of unscripted reality that we don't see on your reality cash fest.

I know Jon's a twit, but Kate ain't no saint either & I was surprised he didn't throw any dirt on her like she did so publicly last night.

Now that we know what we're looking for, the 'nuances' of the entire trainwreck & the children's sadness where glaring.

I will not watch again. One trainwreck is enough.

Kristin said...

I didn't watch it, but this post just made me even more sad. Those poor kids will remember more about the cameramen in their lives than their mother. Money brings out the worst in people.

califblondy said...

I got a during the commercial phone call asking if I was watching (no) and that Jon was either drunk or drugged. I said probably both, who could blame him and hung up.

I hate to believe everything I read, but I don't think I've ever heard a good word from anybody about Kate.

Emma31 said...
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Clanger said...

You know, as much as I loathe this show, there honestly was nothing else on last night. Sure, I could have watched Dr. G - but I had already seen that one. Twice. So, in conjunction with the rest of my lazy day, I watched. And dman if I didn't get sucked in like a vacuum. But here's the thing. Enough with the "woe is me" attitude. Jon actually stepped up and admitted he didn;t make the best decisions, and ten apologized to his family for them. Because yes, it's true - one day, his kids WILL google him, and see what an ass he can be. At least he is willing to admit it. While he probably is right that he didn't realize what he was in store for when they started this series, I highly doubt he is not enjoying it - at least some. Namely the salary. Kate, on the other hand - I honestly think she gets off on the whole spiel. Really - must we blatently point out the "paparazzi" across the water to all the other parents? Really? If I was a parent, I'm not so sure I would want my kids somewhere where their friends are being followed by the paparazzi.

Let the kids be kids, and let this marriage fall apart, as it's bound to do. Just please - keep the cameras away. I'm tired of seeing every minute detail of their mundane, sad life played out for me 12 times a day. Let the kids at least have SOME semblance of a normal life. They are the ones who will suffer in the end.

Emma31 said...

I admit it, I watched it..

Of course all of this "cheating" is great PR for the season premier. Thats what reality tv is all about. What is sad is that Kate is so afraid to show one ounce of emotion and when she does...she makes up a lame excuse like "sorry I didn't want to ruin my makeup". I feel bad for these children. TLC, Jon and Kate should be ashamed of themselves. I don't care how much money your getting, you need to get your ego out of your ass and really START being there for your family. The both of them can go out and get real jobs like everyone else.

I heard that her sister in law is encouring people not to watch so this family can get there shit together.

Oh, and I totally agree with Mygeorgie, This crazy loon is Hollywood Bound!!!! Body is toned up, hair done, nails done, along with her tanning bed tan. Please tell me when you have time for all of that with 8 kids.

If it really effected you that much you would stop doing this show and really be there for your kids.

Jon is no better, getting out of his new expensive car at the kids party. They both are just out for the money.

Maja With a J said...

Meanwhile, gay people in California can't get married. But these two assholes have legal rights?

Kat said...

One thing I noticed was how they didn't show the bodyguard once, even though he was there. The paparazzi photos from the party and the parking lot at the party store (which some claim were fake)have shown up on a few online blogs, and he's in them. Also, in back episodes, he's clearly there. I guess they left him out on purpose as a way to protect her? And, since Jon was being fairly candid about his actions, why didn't she address the rumours about her infidelity?

It pains me that I've put this much thought into this.

McDooks said...

These two are sickening. I AIN'T watching their craptastic show. I never have, and never will. I've seen a couple youtube snippets that were linked on blog articles. That was more than enough. These two are just greedy famewhoring, moneygrubbing pimps. No better than the prosti-beaters on any street corner turning out their "employees". That's all those kids are to these jack offs.

Ms Cool said...

So this crap remains on the air and Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles is kaput? What a load.

Harriet has a good point, too.

Dianne P said...

I have never watched it and won't start now. First of all, I am not on good terms with reality to begin with, so why should I watch reality TV?

Second, I feel like anyone who watches it is complicit (sorry, I don't mean this personally) with the horrible people (producers, Jon & Kate, etc.) who are making money off these poor kids.

If people watch, they will continue pimping out their kids. JUST SAY NO.

Children of the 90s said...

I don't even watch the show but I am guilty of getting taken in by the drama. I can't believe more people watched this than the lost finale! At least with John and Kate I assume you don't need to have watched every single episode to figure out whats going on.

Emma31 said...

Dianne P, I agree with you and that is why last night was the first and the LAST time I will be contributing to this "train wreck"!

jax said...

oh i watched and took a bong hit everytime Kate Q and A herself..

"Do i make the right decisions everytime? No, I don't...."

"Am I a perfect parent? No, not by any means"

"Did Jon make some bad choices? Yes, he did"

"Am i angry? Yes I am. I have a lot of anger I'm working through"

"Do i want to just tell him to go away and never come back? Sure."

there are a vast variety of drinking games you can have at Kate's expense as well.

Drink everytime Kate throws Jon under a bus, you should be hammered by first commercial.

I esp. loved when possum head cracked and started crying but almost stopped herself becasue she didn't want to ruin her makeup.

God, she must be a riot in bed!

Anonymous said...

Sara Chronicle is kaput. Shit I was looking forward for the new season.

Anonymous said...

LOL@possum head

jax said...

they've already been renewed for 2 more seasons, so not watching isn't going to do much.

i've tried that for years with Two and 1/2 Men, no dice.

Cheryl said...

I just noticed today that the nurse at my son's school has the Kate Possum Haircut in an un-natural shade of brown.

Carte Blanche said...

Didn't watch the premiere, even though nothing else was really on. Decided to watch an re-run episode of "Tales from the Green Valley" instead. It's a BBC History documentary show about 5 people (experts)that live like its 1620 on a farm in England for a whole year.

I have seen J&K+8 though. About 4-5 episodes/partial episodes. Two scenes struck me and made me raise my eyebrows.

1) During the wedding renewal in Hawaii, Kate said something to the effect of, "We're doing this so that the kids know that no matter what happens or is said at home, that we're never, ever getting divorced". Made me wonder, what IS being said/done at home when the cameras are off and she's actually there?

2) Kate's in her new humongous kitchen in the new mansion and she calls out, "Jon knows WE NEVER buy anything without it being on sale and having a coupon!" WTF? Is everything she says just for the camera or is she really that much of cheap hag?

littleoleme said...

I don't care what your reason is or if you just peacked in on the show etc. - anyone who watched even a milli-second of this show shoud be ashamed.

littleoleme said...

Damn it! I meant "peeked".

Charlie said...

My God, some of you people are mean. There's watching the show with a critical eye, and then there's watching the show hell-bent on taking every word out of Kate's mouth as something nasty. She didn't "stop herself" from crying...she DID cry but was trying to keep a lid on it, and who wouldn't - have you ever started to lose it in front of your boss and had to talk yourself down?

Did it ever occur to any of you that perhaps the reason she got toned up and more well-dressed is NOT because she wants to "go Hollywood," but because she wanted to feel better about herself because her relationship was tanking? Or it could've been in an effort to hang on to him when she could tell he wasn't into it anymore. Or, it could've been that she did what most of us say we're gonna do and just don't get around to - taking better care of our health. Obviously there's nothing wrong with US wanting to look good, but she's not allowed to do that. And that she does, makes her a sellout to mommies everywhere I guess? Please.

Jon struck me as the classic passive-aggressive guy who doesn't want to be in a relationship but then again doesn't want to leave. I feel bad for Kate.

And yes the bodyguard was in one of the scenes. And she did address her alleged affair, in her reference to her traveling for speaking engagements is her job & she's doing what she's supposed to and won't allow the mud slung her way to bring her down.

These two could be as messed-up as two people can be, but meanness for meanness' sake really irks me and purposely interpreting everything about them as a negative is really not the way to "prove" that they are who you believe they are.

mygeorgie said...

Charlie: I don't know any real moms who wear high heels to their kid's B-Day party. Victoria Beckham yes, "average, everyday mom" no.

The observation about Kate's new look is that she harps about being on a budget, clipping coupons, sooooo pressed for time (she can't use real dishes, just paper she's so damn busy) yet she has time to look nothing less than polished, while kids are clearly sad & need mommy time.

You can put the face & nails back on when the kid's are teens and aren't so high maintenance. She's selfish. Period.

whole lotto luv said...

I have never watched the show, and never will. I just can't bring myself to pay for cable tv.

"Homeless people combined tips so they could enjoy 25 cent chicken wings and pitchers of beer at Hooters while they showed off their Demi Moore teeth." LMFAO!

I'm never going to feel sorry for Possum-Head Kate. She obviously chose to get pregnant and carry to term multiples. She's not donating the money to charity, is she? She'd have nothing to say if she didn't have a bunch of kids and a husband with a wandering eye.

CDAN Mod said...

"You can put the face & nails back on when the kid's are teens and aren't so high maintenance. She's selfish. Period."

although i know what you are saying, but i have two friends with small kids, and they take the time to dress and look not frumpish MOST DAYS. i wouldn't label that selfish.

children are born into our lives, but should one change EVERYTHING and sacrifice ALL because you are a mom? is there a nice bablance somewhere?

mygeorgie said...

Quintessential: You are absolutley right. In most circumstances taking care of your is not selfish. But Kate has 8 kids, 6 of which are 5 years old. She can't claim to be this super mom, doing it all alone, living off stamps & bargains, blah, blah when she looks like that. There is not enough time in a day to pull all that shit off.

Lisa (not original) said...

I'll tune in when Jon gets to wear stilettos and wield a whip while "disciplining" Kate.
Otherwise, *yawn*

lmao @ jax That's why gag balls were invented, darlin. ;)

ardleighstreet said...

Wow what a colorful description by Enty. I could almost see tumbleweeds rolling through towns.

Did I watch? Not on your life. Did I watch the season finale of LOST? --Wouldn't miss it. I LOVE that show. The thought of J&K+8 doing better in ratings then Lost makes me want to hurl all over Kate's haircut.

Barton Fink said...

I watched it, I liked it, and I still wonder if the hatred people have for these people is healthy.

califblondy said...

I think Charlie has a crush...

jax said...

oh shit ya'll we should all be ashaaaammmmmmmed becasue two self absorbed fucks decided to air their dirty laundry on tv and we...WATCHED IT.


Charlie said...

Oh man. A crush, no. A disgust for people harping on how hateful they perceive others to be, while being hateful themselves...yes. I know I'm in the minority here and that's fine but there are other points of view on this issue than the standard "Kate's a bitch and everything she says and does is bitchy" line.

bionic bunny! said...

i'll admit, i tuned in at 11pm showing. i've seen the show only once, but felt jon was treated as "hired help" by kate (no, i saw it twice).
did anybody keep count of how many times she said "i'm just exhausted" while preparing for the party?
and this was AFTER she said she had been gone on her book tour, while jon had been home caring for the kids. i got the feeling the party was more for HER, and yes, she WAS over dressed for a kid's party in that sort of location. plus she had 3 HELPERS to decorate!

no, i won't start watching the show, but i find jon the more sympathetic of the two. especially when it comes to the kids. she seems to only talk to the camera or talk down to the kids. no wonder the poor things are loud and screaming all the time.
but they WERE adorable with their school friends.

Alison said...

What I saw is a guy who's checked out of a relationship, and a woman who's still trying to get his attention. I think he's said himself he's the type to close up and not communicate til he blows up...not healthy. And speaking from experience it's really hard to be in a relationship with someone like that.

Jon threw plenty of dirt on her last night. What I saw from Kate is someone who was just trying to get through it. I'm not really sure I'd have the stomach for a breakup to be filmed. Maybe that's why she's lost so much weight?

Lioness70 said...

Charlie: You must have missed my comments in the OctoMom/Kate post. Kate reminds me of too many moms I know: hung up on themselves, not their kids.

I have three kids, all older than the sextuplets (ages nine, seven and five--the five yo is six months older than Kate's crew). I don't have the time she does to put into her hair, her nails, her tanning, and whatever else she does to "enhance" herself. This show has ceased to be about her kids and has turned into furthering her career ambitions, whatever the heck those are.

I won't buy her book, her cookbook, or whatever else she puts out. They're tainted. She's proved herself to be gross, inside and out. No way will I support anyone like that. Don't know why you feel this burning need to defend her.

Charlie said...

Lioness, while I respect your opinion, I didn't miss your previous post; I just didn't feel like I needed to respond to it. But you're bringing up a great point - people can show their disdain for this family and/or show by not tuning in or supporting any of their related products. End of story. But for a lot of people, that's not enough.

You don't understand why I feel "this burning need to defend" Kate (which incidentally, I don't; I'm just trying to be open-minded, fair and not so judgmental) - but I don't understand why you and people like you who don't like what they think the Gosselins stand for feel a "burning need" to criticize a family that has nothing whatsoever to do with their lives. Personally I find that unfair and unproductive.

So I suppose we're equally as confused by each other.

Lisa (not original) said...

Schadenfreude is what the popularity of reality television is based on. No one is forcing them to broadcast their issues to the world. She has to know how she is being portrayed.

As far as comments here, posters are responding to how the characters are portrayed. She hasn't been at all compassionate for the entire run of the show, so she can't play the martyr card now. It would have been more believeable if she had gone ahead and castrated him like she has done metaphorically so many times before. IMHO, of course.

Fabulous! said...

just curious, because i DO know a few women who wear heels and parent @ the same time (makes parenting look good- almost worth trying, lol)

if YOU were a mother in her position- with a show like this, where your image is being displayed EVERYWHERE and CONSTANTLY, while your marriage is falling apart & everyone under the sun is ripping you apart, wouldn't you want to look as good as possible? people can say whatever they want about you as a person when they don't know you, but they can't say you didn't look good while they're ripping you apart. personally when i'm under scrutiny, it makes me feel better about myself when i look my best, sometime's heels are necessary.

i'm a big j&k+8 fan, have been for a long time (although i don't watch every single show religeously). NEITHER of them are innocent, but i don't believe they're both these horrible monsters people accuse them of being. they're actually pretty typical as a family- take away the heels and cameras and you have your next door neighbors, fellow churchmembers, coworkers, etc. they're dealing with raising multiples in a crappy economy, suspected cheating, one is a passive agressive 'child' and the other is overly assertive, i think in hopes that her husband will assume more control. we see this in families everyday, what's so shocking that it's made it's way on tv??

none of us will ever be able to comprehend the decisions, actions & consequences this family faces daily, and because of that, i can't judge them.

bionic bunny! said...

i dunno.
i've never found it neccesary to speak to OR about my husband the way she does. and we'll be married 25 years this year.
maybe it's the lack of respect that gets to me. simple, common, everyday respect. a little goes a long way.

and what's the story with her having an affair? for that matter, what's the story with having sextuplets?

r said...

no. No. NO. NO!

I read a Sookie Steakhouse novel. Undead in Dallas, if you must know.

Didn't watch Lost either.

I'm in the wrong demographic, I guess, too old.

Now, The Mentalist, yeh, gimme somma dat.

MnGddess said...

What I don't get is all the whining she does. She's a nurse. Did she not think of the possiblity of all 8 embryos taking when she agreed (and probably bullied Jon) into having them implanted? THey both had jobs at the time, but one of them would have to take considerable time off to raise the kids. And this is before the idea of a reality show. I had 2 children 2 1/2 years apart and my husband realized it wouldn't do me any good to work as childcare took almost my entire paycheck. So I stayed home and raised my two beautiful children (now teenagers). She alsos bullies and emasculates him beyond belief.

And I'm sure the reason Jon initially agreed to this is because he knew it was the only way to have enough money to survive. I'm sure he didn't believe it would explode like this. I sure a hell wouldn't have known.

And Kate, nobody but women with really bad taste want your haircut.

Local Tourist said...

After watching the show I am totally Team Jon. Yeah it sucks he cheated and obviously a bad choice, but I was waiting for Kate to talk about her "rumors" with the Silver Fox. She kept being short with the kids, rolling her eyes at them, and being a Bitch overall. Jon was the one they always ran too, were hugging on, and he even knew their food preferences like a normal parents. If the show is ruining your marriage- QUIT THE SHOW. Give those kids a break, but she won't.

The Cocoanut Grove said...

Enty, your blog is being invaded by posters from GWOP (Gosselins Without Pity). They will claim they never watch the show, yet somehow seem to know every detail of these peoples' lives. You would do better than to feed their unhealthy obsession.

Kat said...

Please, why would anyone be ashamed for watching the show? Kindly get over yourself. If you are that offended by exploitation then you wouldn't be making comments in a gossip blog which exists for the sole purpose of criticism and exploitation. Furthermore, those kids look fairly happy, and they have advantages that the show has made accessible to them that they most assuredly would not have otherwise. The ones who are suffering are the parents, and that is because of their choices, no one else's. Ashamed? Pfft. Those kids are going to go to college because of the people who are watching. If someone wants to play a drinking game while they do it, everybody wins!

aaa-totally agree with you. Kate's waiting for him to make up his mind and he's taking his time, weighing his options. I suspect a heartfelt apology on her part for being so demanding and rude would make things a little less tense between them, maybe even make him feel like he matters to her to some degree.

fairylights said...

Well I feel no shame, I was at rehearsal that night and didn't watch a single thing! That said, I have watched Jon and Kate a few times over the years, and every time they way they react to each other was just uncomfortable to watch. Every episode I got seemed to focus on Kate pointing out what a stupid helpless schmuk Jon was, while she appeared to be a germophobic perfectionist. No thanks.

Linnea said...

on a rather different note, i just need to ask this question- i have always thought that it doesn´t really matter what you watch, as long as you are not one of those families that are selected few that get to represent the country.

So, for the vast, vast majority, what we do or do not watch doesn´t matter as a way of "boycotting" or "showing support" cause nobody cares about what we watch.

At least that is the case in my country, but perhaps its different in the US. Does anyone know?


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