Thursday, May 28, 2009

Susan Boyle Cracks Under The Pressure

Have you ever wondered what it would be like for you to go from nothing to super stardom in a matter of hours? Well, you probably have wondered about it, but it rarely happens that way. Usually fame takes some time to build, but not with Susan Boyle. From within a few hours of her appearance on Britain's Got Talent she was all over the world and everyone knew her story. Interviews, newspapers, television and Oprah followed. But in between she got to back to her home in Scotland. Not now. With the finals of the show being this weekend, Susan along with the other finalists have been in a hotel in London and surrounded by tourists and media and people just waiting to see her slip.

Well, they got their chance. Apparently during the airing of the show over the weekend, Susan was sitting in the hotel bar and watched one of the judges compliment a singer by calling them the best they had seen so far. Boyle got a little pissed and "was overheard yelling f**k off before making an obscene gesture at the screen and storming off."

Then yesterday when some journalists tried to ask her some questions she lost control again and said, "How f**king dare you! You can't f**king talk to me like that." When police intervened and asked if there was a problem she said, "Of course, there's a f**king problem."

Yeah, it wasn't like she was alone either. She had her family and people from the television show with her both times. It makes you think how you would react if put in the same situation under similar circumstances. It does sound as if she wins the show and attempts some sort of singing career that she will really need to work on her people skills and also I wonder if she might be turning into just a bit of a diva. I don't blame her. I mean the world has been kissing her ass for a month, and I'm sure most of us would act like divas as well if that were the case.


Pookie said...

poor susan. she's caving under the spotlight.

but at least she has nice eyebrows now.

mygeorgie said...

I know I'm alone on this one, but she creeped me out the minute I saw her sing. I am surprised she has such a potty mouth though.

MontanaMarriott said...

Its also difficult when you have been singing all your life and you finally get the recognition you feel you deserve but you are no longer a spring chicken. Surely that would give anyone a reason to have such behaviour

whole lotto luv said...

Well, as to the first incident in a bar, it's not like the f-bomb isn't dropped left and right when there's alcohol in the mix. I wonder what was asked yesterday that she responded with "You can't f**king talk to me like that." Maybe something about her looks? I'd get f**king tired of that, too.

mooshki said...

Being famous is my worst nightmare. But then, I'm not trying out for reality shows.

I think a bit of cussing is a perfectly healthy response to her situation. :)

Clanger said...

You know I'm sorry, but I had to laugh at this one. Really hard, too. Any one else think when you look at a pic of her next to a pic of Simon Cowell, they actually bear a striking resemblance to one another in the way of facial structure?

ItsJustMe said...

I know ... poor Susan!

shakey said...

a) she really is caving under all the scrutiny and is having a hard time handling it all, or

b) she has become what other celebrities have become.

I think maybe she just blew whatever chance she may have had to sing in front of the Queen.

West End Girl said...

It should be noted that she has mild learning difficulties and was starved of oxygen at birth, as well as the sad life she's led thus far.

Stardom, or rather the current insta-version of it, must be one hell of a shock to her.

Momster said...

I didn't know that about her, West End Girl.

Does anyone remember that British movie called "Little Voice" or something like that? It had Ewan McGregor (sigh) and Jane Horrocks in it. I think of it every time I see Susan.

jax said...

sorry, she's not the first women to ever open her yapper and sing!
i find her to be completely over rated. yes she can sing but this kind of behavior is going to create a backlash...and those Brits love a good backlash!

figgy said...

Mooshki, I completely agree--there wouldn't be enough money in the world to persuade me to accept fame. Total fucking hell for people to recognize you everywhere.

and WestEndGirl, that's what I was thinking too. Susan's what my grandmother used to call "simple." It seemed clear to me from her first performance that she wouldn't have good people skills. Poor thing.

I hope she can get some counseling/therapy to deal with this, so that it doesn't turn into something horrible rather than good.

And I don't think she's overrated, either.

Kat said...

I really don't see the big deal here. So, she cursed and lacked grace when dealing with 'paparazzi'. She's a pub girl! She wants to sing but she doesn't want the incessant personal intrusions. If she wants to tell them to eff off it makes me like her more.

And, like jax, I also think her talent is being overblown a great deal, but she can definitely sing, and she has every right to respect even if she is competing in a contest.

selenakyle said...

Wooo Hooo, you go, SuBo! Give 'em hell!

I read the show airing outburst report was false, but that she did lash out at reporters at the hotel.

Got to be tough. Fame's a bitch and instant fame must be brutal.

No doubt the paps harassed her with rude comments, like "are you still a virgin" or some shit like that. You KNOW they did.

I hope she smokes the whole competition, then records a CD of Christmas songs for me to buy and play over and over.

KellyLynn said...

As far as reality stars go (and that's basically what she is, at this point) Susan is a long way from becoming the next Kelly Clarkson. On the other hand, her actions are also a long way from making her the next Kate Gosselin.

She simply has a case of the nerves stemming from her insecurity. Temporary accolades can't erase years of verbal and emotional abuse that she's received in her life.

Who hasn't let their inner mean girl temporarily take over when they see their worthy competition.I don't blame her one bit for acting like this, even if it was wrong.

Maybe her skills have been overblown, but it's not because she lacks talent altogether. Of course she's not a perfect singer. It was just shocking to see someone look so plain yet sing in such a refined way.

lmnop123 said...

Momster I saw the movie "Little Voice" it was actually quite good.

I believe the paps taunted Susan and that's why she lashed out at them. Of course they NEVER tell us how they harassed the "would be" celebrity.

Remember Kirsti Alley said they called her a fat cow and told her to die.

There's no telling how rude they were to Susan.

Pinky said...

I think it's totally getting to her, but not because she swore. I think she swore because she's a pub girl. No shame in that. But I think it's getting to her because her performance of "Memory" had a few janky notes in it. I cringed a few times as I'm sure she did. Like everyone said this "overnight sensation" thing has probably gotten to her. She doesn't believe the press about herself, or has trouble believing she can live up to it - and that's why she cracked on stage. But her swearing? Totally fucking normal.

Kat said...

not on my dollar-you're spot on. We rarely hear what the paparazzi say to people when trying to get a picture or a story. There was also the Rebecca Romijn-Stamos incident where one of them actually yelled out 'no wonder your husband left you!'.

I mean, yes, being a 'celebrity' means you have to give the odd interview or two, but I totally disagree that it means you have to give your entire life over to them. I don't care how well they're paid either, it's completely ridiculous that the people who want their privacy have to put up with that garbage.

nancer said...

i'll never forgive this bitch for getting that horrible song stuck in my brain. for days and days and daysanddaysanddays.

bionic bunny! said...

and she's from scotland, a country who's (according to my kids who recently visited) rather free with the *ahem* king's english and the drink. that's why my boy loved it so much.
and that's not a "bigoted" remark at all.
and she probably isn't used to the publicity, lord, who would be?
i don't think this is a big deal at all, why should she lose the personality that made her a hit in the first place? if she had the julie andrews demeanor, who would have been surprised at her voice?

Judi said...

Cracking under pressure is NOT the same as acting like a diva. Divas think the world owes them something. Yes, most of us would crack.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, she reacted to something awful someone said to her. What a monster. Also, so sick of the Susan Boyle backlash. Everyone always has to be like "Oh they're super popular but I'M cool 'cause I don't like them." Always happens.

ahdaboom said...

my 10 year old hear at school that jon and kate plus 8, were getting a divorce. she asked why and i tried to explain the agony of media glare. why do people seek fame?

mooshki said...

True dat, Bad Fish. She's neither as great or as awful as most people would have you believe. She's an ordinary person with an above-average voice. It's a great feel-good story, but not deserving of all the hype, either positive or negative. IMHO. :)

Unknown said...

LOL. shes british,what do u expect? all british people r FAGS,FAGS,AND FAGOTS.


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