Friday, May 29, 2009

Random Photos Part One

At the top of the photos today is the one and only Carole Bayer Sager. I love her. Yes, I love her even though she seems to be channeling some type of combination of Joan Collins and Elizabeth Taylor.
Blake Lively just because I think it has become some kind of obligation to show as many pictures as possible of people from Gossip Girl. Hey, I'm a sheep.
Chickenfoot - New York (aka everyone Eddie Van Halen has pissed off)
Carla Gugino looking amazing as usual.
"So, then I saw this unicorn and I tried to talk to it and I said to myself what if there was a movie about a magical forest with a princess and a unicorn and I of course would star in it and write it and direct it and produce it and make a million trillion dollars."
I love Emmanuelle Chriqui but it doesn't seem like she ever does anything except the odd episode of Entourage. Is that going to be her career?
Yeah, tell me how thrilled you would look if you had to keep scrawling out the name Gandolfini 100 times an hour.
One of the very few Friends episodes I would actually take the time to watch again was the one with Jill Goodacre. Harry Connick Jr and Jill have been together like 1,000 years in Hollywood time.
Justin Long cleans up pretty nicely when he wants to.
In Lisa Rinna's new book entitled Rinnavation I'm guessing that her entire theory of Rinnavation goes something like this. "Lip injections. Wait for the swelling to reduce. Repeat."
Marisa Tomei looks normal here. The bar must not have opened yet.
What I think Chad Kroger is saying is something like, "Yeah, I'm a big ass tool, but you keep buying my records and making me rich so suck it."
I'm going to go on record as saying Orlando Bloom is not a bad looking guy at all. A bit too Justin Timberlake-ish with the hair, but otherwise very nice.
Today must be Friday because even Rose McGowan looks good. Sure, there was that tragic accident where she cut off both her feet, but she looks good.
Robert Pattinson prepares for his post acting career as a Chippendales dancer.
Wow. Seriously, Sheila E looks incredible.
Scarlett J behind the scenes at an ad shoot.
And in the end, Garth got the chick. Party on Garth.


RocketQueen said...

1. I think I speak for most Canadians when I say I'd like to apologize for the atrocity that is Nickelf*ck. For those of you on Facebook, check out the group "Every time a Nickelback song is played, a llama dies". The comments and discussion boards are awesome.

2. I've been wondering lately if Drew isn't back on the bad sh*t. The last few interviews I've seen she's been acting really weird, squirmy, huge eyes. I hope I'm wrong.

Pookie said...

RQ, i so agree w/ you about DB. she's a whole lotta strange as of late, non?

wow, sheila e! awesome, and classy lady to boot. go her.

the connicks looks the gorge. wow.

"rinnavation"? seriously? *headdesk*

whole lotto luv said...

For some reason, I like Drew, so I hope whatever she's been on lately she will quit soon.

My sister dropped all but her first initial when she married a guy with a 12-letter last name.

Was the Goodacre ep the one where Chandler got stuck in a bank lobby?

Rinna was on The Doctors recently, and I just had to watch it. She almost started crying at one point. While she didn't come out and say she regretted the lips, she said she was young and foolish and yes, it's permanent. She also misused the word "vulnerable" several times-- something like, "this is a vulnerable topic," or something.

Anonymous said...

Rinna went on "The Doctors" (high quality daytime TV, lol) and said she had silicone injected into her lips and then it hardened. oy.

In defense of Orlando's Timberlake hair, they both have that naturally curly stuff that there are very few styles you can do without major chemicals.

Rose looks like Lindsay Price now

I hate to say it but I've seen most of Drew Barrymore's movies in the theater. I always enjoy myself.

WineGirl X said...

OMG... I am seriously loving Blake's shoes!

lutefisk said...

whole_lotto _luv, that was the episode, Chandler was stuck in the bank lobby with Jill Goodacre.

libby said...

Connick and Goodacre found each other in a sea of liberals: They are very right-wing, family values people. When Goodacre was really popular, and they were just dating, she mentioned in an interview that she would be a virgin until her wedding night. Gag.

It's funny, the hairstyle I have, starting last Summer, is halfway between Drew's big blonde bouffant and Scarlett J's hair here. I am hip for 15 minutes.

whole lotto luv said...

thanks, lutefisk, I wasn't a big Friends fan, but that wasn't an episode I had to turn off.

nancer said...

my problem with orlando bloom is he has no lips. i hate men with no lips.

pattinson looks like that commercial where they spray paint the guy's chest with pecs and abs. i think he's a creepy guy.

MissMouse said...

Enty, please no more pics of Orlando Bloom. Yeah besides the gross "No lips" thing that Nancer said (good catch BTW), that hair def needs to be boycotted. Until he "fixes" his looks (OMG can he do that at his age? It might be permanent), and goes back to the Elizabethtown look, please don't post him on your site. It's just too sad! This guy is a walking advert for the ravages of Father Time. Trust me, you'll thank me eventually :)

Majik said...

Ah, yes...Chandler and Jill.

"Gum would be perfection".

Scarlett looks very good...too bad about the 'tude.

Robert P. has his abs painted on--they're not really his.

Shelly said...

Chad Smith is in Chicken Foot, kind seems like he doesn't want to go home, he hasn't stopped since Stadium Arcadium.

jax said...

lol rocket queen, Chad Kroger, lives like 10mins from me NEXT DOOR to a LLAMA farm! i joined that group first thing.

Enty- thankyou for confriming what we all thought all along. i have yet to find a Canadian who will admit to liking Nickleback.

Carte Blanche said...

About Drew...
Lainey (in various articles) has made references about Drew(after all these years) dabling in the white stuff again, and being pretty sure she can control her usage this time.

bionic bunny! said...

i love drew, too! i have adored her since E.T., i love her movies (i even watched the cable one that was just on, and didn't think she was as atrocious as everyone said) and i loved her and justin together, but i guess he was too normal for her. him, of course, i love because he's the mac guy.

and i think orlando bloom looks kinda cute. of course i have a kid who changes his hair/facial hair every ten minutes, so i get it.
wow. carole bayer sager. blast from the past. do we get burt bacharach next week? oh, heavens, is he still alive? i don't even know. see? my weird musical background sometimes comes in handy.

ardleighstreet said...

Ms. Sayer has such a great musical history. Wow the stories I bet she could tell.

Poor Drew she might look like she's tripping in Smurfville but since I think she has a kind heart I'll leave alone.

Gandilfini thinks while writing: "Wow! I remember when the TV Guide looked handheld like this & it just told you what was on TV. Douchebags had to go and change a good thing."

Lisa Rinna wrote a book? a BOOK?

Wow I almost didn't recognise Marisa without her being in the bag.

Sheila E.- Back when they said girls can't drum, she showed them how --then kicked it up a notch.

Is ScarJo channeling a clean and sober Courtney Love?

Garth: A picture? Sure just let me take off my hat. ;)

yeahwhatever said...

whoever said that Orlando Bloom has no lips, well, you're brilliant! that's exactly what bugs me about his face. that and he seems like a wus. I never got his or JT appeal, at all, and i have no issues with curly hair.

Robert P. was hot to me until Lainey (hate her) called his hips "child bearing" or something. Now i just stare at his hips, which do seem unusually big for a male, LOL.

Linnea said...

Wow, I had forgotten how beautiful ScarJo can be! Amazing.

Jerry said...

Tia Carrera, Carla Gugino amd Sheila E. You know how people say, "have a good one?" I think I just did.

GoGo said...

I LOVE the caption for Tia and Dana. I spit coffee all o'er the screen. Now I'm gonna have to watch WW tonight! Thanks Enty!

ablake said...

I like Nickleback songs *shrug*

If that Robert Patt pic wasn't staged you can color me Angelina Jolie

ablake said...

He needs to put the damn wig back on. In that picture he looks like one of my brothers.

Legolas..why has thou forsaken me?

Sue's recipes said...

Orlando B needs the haircut for a current role --he's playing a cop in a Southern town, hence the severe haircut.

I'd like to look a little closer into the "no lips" thing.....

ElsieFire said...

Sweater, it is a pic taking during filming. I hate that I know that.


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