Monday, October 05, 2009

Random Photos Part One

Today is Kate Winslet's birthday. She is probably my favorite actress and is someone who doesn't take acting or herself too seriously. Plus she is gorgeous. Kate gets the top spot and the video below is a compilation of her appearance on the show Extras. Hilarious. Well worth the 8 minutes, plus you get Ricky Gervais as well.

A very rare appearance for the twins.
Zahara looks gorgeous and Shiloh has added a tie to go with dad's hat.
This is my favorite though. They are in Syria and the businessman behind them is posing even more than they are.
I'm guessing Anne Hathaway didn't eat anything at the restaurant and won't eat what is in this box either.
Hello Carla Gugino.
It's a tossup. I can't decide if Dave Navarro or Heidi Bell is wearing more makeup. Hey, at least they can shop at MAC together.
I swear I thought Kate Hudson's son had grown three feet overnight or that David Spade was wearing a wig.
2 out of 3 Jonas Brothers think running for charity is a good idea.
Milkshakes cause huge ugly zits. Mmmmmm.
Immediately after this picture was taken, Jamey Johnson, Willie Nelson & Dave Matthews gave a four hour lecture on the evils of smoking pot with special guest lecturer Snoop Dogg.
Yeah, that means you are together.
This is the look you get when you buy Jennifer Lopez a gift.
Jason Mraz - St. Louis
Jennifer Morrison needs work.
Why is Katy Perry smiling? Katy Perry just spent a week in Thailand having sex with Russell Brand. Russell has said he tries to sleep with 6 women each day. Now, according to the Centers For Disease Control the average woman has 6 sexual partners in her life. For the sake of argument lets say they had their complement prior to meeting Russell. So each day Russell sleeps with 6 women who each had sex with six people who each had sex with six people who each had sex with six people and at the end of it all you get a smiley, happy Katy Perry.
Mel B
and Emma Bunton might want to rethink that whole Spice Girl reunion thing. Seems that Victoria Beckham is far too busy with her clothing line which bombed in the US and has disappointing sales all over the world to think about getting back together and singing.
If you ever want to know a Red Sox score, become Michael Chiklis' Facebook friend and you will get more updates than ESPN.
McG and McPerry.
Neil Young - St. Louis
Patrick Warburton and the weirdest pose ever. It is like a senior class picture.
Pete Wentz cut off his hair. Easier to wear Ashlee's wigs now.
Interesting. Simon Baker & Amy Smart.
Do you ever get the feeling that James Caan is always like two seconds away from getting into a fight?
Thom Yorke & Flea - Los Angeles
Vivienne Westwood just blended right in with the models.
It has been awhile since I had Wilmer Valderrama in the pictures.
Zachary Quinto keeps losing weight. He is way too skinny.


ItsJustMe said...

I agree, Kate is gorgeous and my official girl crush.

The first pic of Brangie has Angelina with the most authenic smile I've ever seen her with.

Karmen said...

Russel Brand tries to have sex with 6 women a day? Who would touch him?! This is the guy with the long, gnarly, curly hair who isn't funny in the least bit and is quite possibly the most obnoxious douche that side of the Atlantic, right? Just wanna make sure I didn't mix him up with anyone else. Cringe.

Karmen said...

Oh, and Enty. I realize the CDC says the average number of sexual partners for women is 6, but I have a feeling that the women who bang Russel Brand have much higher numbers. If you're gonna have sex with him, you'd pretty much have sex with anyone. Ughhhghghhg.

Wil said...

That whle Kate Winslet vid was just HIGH-larious!! What a funny lady! I have to agree with NotSoAnonMom .. I now have a new girl crush!

And .. just as a funny side bar .. when I was scanning the pics.. I was wondering why EL had a pic of Jason from "Ghost Hunters" on the site .. then I saw it was Michael Chiklis! Scary how much alike those two look!!

JoElla said...

Oh Enty why.. why WHY! the pic of Jon. :/

incognito said...

No mocking Jennifer Morrison, Enty. Until proven wrong, she's the nicest girl around and the number one supporting fan of House, she deserved to be treated better

teddymac said...

Jennifer Morrison is a sweetie. I wish her all the best.

WednesdayFriday said...

Kate Winslet is my favorite ever.

Also, thank you for the photo of Scott Caan. I have been drooling over him for a few years and I don't understand why he hasn't become more popular.

I think I would give a kidney for an evening with him, alone.

ThoughtElf said...

What is it with Rihanna? She never smiles - a la Victoria Beckham?

Momster said...

My girl crush is on Carla Gugino.

"Do you ever get the feeling that James Caan is always like two seconds away from getting into a fight?" Yeah, and probably winning it, too.

Zach Quinto is looking way too skinny, agree w/ you there. Eat something!

PJ Nelson said...

When I grow up I want to be just like Vivienne Westwood. Love her - the stuffed frog under her shirt is priceless to the total look.

Ells said...

Shiloh, please, you know Suri wouldn't be caught dead in that outfit! lol

JLo gets a sparkly pink dolphin so she gives us the fish face.

B626 said...

Are McG & McP 'together'?

I wish McG would make another movie as good as the 1st Charlie's Angels.

Not the 2nd

Which reminds me- Demi Kutcher is my guess for the doggie naming blind.

nunaurbiz said...

I agree about the smile on Angelina's face. That one photo has erased my recently negative feeling toward that family.

Wil: Can you imagine getting Chiklis, Jason from "Ghost Hunters" and Chef Tom Collichio from "Top Chef" together?!?!?!?

Scooby Dubious said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mygeorgie said...

JLo shlepping the "Sparkly Dolphin" edition for

Navarro & guest- shit I'd hate to see these two amid candlelight.

Vivienne Westwood-Kudos to her for being crusty old & working still, but F&CK, that is ugly shit: Take your bag of clothes-for-donation, cut them up, throw every piece of fugly together, tease your hair, white out your face & call it fashion.

Am loving all the geeky guy glasses on these yummy men.

marchgrl said...

Isn't it interesting that in the Extras video, Kate states she's in a Holocaust movie to win an Oscar and the Oscar that she finally wins is in a movie that is basically about the Holocaust?

Anonymous said...

Lauren -hate to burst your bubble, but it's possible that Scott Caan's homophobic douchiness tends not to get on people's good sides.

WednesdayFriday said...

DN- I must have been blinded by love. I am disappointed. I hate perfectly straight men who become so insecure when it comes to homosexuality.


J-Mo said...

wow, it still looked like a mustache and goatee when I clicked on the picture of J.Lo for a better look!
Gwyneth is indeed looking manly in that picture and sorry, but I like her.

I really wonder how Shiloh lost that front tooth? anyone? She's too young for it to have wiggled out on its own, isn't she?

Alice D Millionaire said...

I like Kate but I am bummed that her husband signed that petition...just glad she didn't follow suit.

Shiloh cracks me up.

I know Anne is in to that alabaster skin thing but would a tiny bit of color kill her?

Love Carla and her hair cut looks awesome.

Willie still kills it in concert.

Is anything up with that Simon/Amy comment?

It has been a while since there was a Wilmer photo and I don't see any reason to start putting him back in.

Leah said...

I agree Alice- It hasn't been THAT long since Wilmer's been in the photos. I certainly didn't miss him.

Anonymous said...

Alice--I thought the same thing with the Amy Smart/Simon Baker comment. Blind item, perhaps?

Sue Ellen Mishkey said...

Love Neil Young. I saw him in concert when he was in my city and it was well worth the hundred dollars.

Selock said...

Thanks for the Jonas, Enty! And also the Brange, I can't help but admire them, I don't care what people say. :)

Actually a shockingly high ratio of awesome people to deadweight in these photos in general! Wicked!

figgy said...

Okay, I officially feel sorry for Jon Gosselin now.

Teresa said...

Simon Baker and Amy Smart starred together in the 2006 tv series, Smith. It was cancelled after the 2nd episode. It's amazing how people will look for something that isn't there.

Teresa said...

I just read where Shiloh lost her tooth playing "football" with Maddux and Pax. Pax accidentally knocked it out. Not unusual to happen to a toddler and no problem since it was a baby tooth. Luv this kid. She's tomboy, just like I was. No girly girly stuff for her. Good for Shiloh!

J-Mo said...

thanks for satisfying my curiosity Teresa! Yep, the roots of baby teeth are very small.


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