Friday, January 01, 2010

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Cecilia00 said...


I am posting and reading with some very good-looking people.

Great photos.

Genesis said...

LMAO @ who evers posing with goldblum!!! I love it!!!

and enty take my pic down grrr lol

Pamela S. said...

I love reader photos. What a good looking group :)

PollyPureBred said...

Love the Goldblum pic!

READERS, Identify Yourselves!! Please...?

CDAN Mod said...

reader #60,

you look marvelous. your pics are simple, yet artsy. i do believe that your pic from last year, mimicking a peacock is the same person?.

anyhoo, you look FAB!

Genesis said...

Im #34

IrishGossip said...

Lovely bunch! All so pretty!!

Where else on the net would you find such a diverse bunch of gossip hungry pretty people?!

Happy New year folks!

Unknown said...

Been reading this blog for a few years now but always have been too shy to comment. My 2010 news years resolution is to join in the fun!

Reader photos are all so adorable.

ballyhoo. said...

i love reader photos. enty, you sure attract a lot of good looking people!

looserdude said...

Great reader photos! And Reader photo number 3, you are the best argument for recycling I have ever seen.

Katja said...

Agreed- everyone is Fab! I love that Christmas tree dress! And the big 'phone' costume. Thanks for sharing!

captivagrl said...

these photos are great, got to remember to send one in next time.

Cute Little Redhead said...

I am picture the purple dress. That was at my daughter's wedding. The cute kiddos are the flower girls.

IrishGossip said...

@genesis your very pretty :)

LOL @ #52

ChasingHeaven said...

I'm #76, taken 3 months ago, what a great day! So many cars were honking for us when this pic was taken. :)


Genesis said...

Why thank ya kindly Irish =)

empyrios said...

all the photos are great. some are really creative!

i'm photo #10

looserdude said...

Genesis, aka #34, my monitor is smoking!

Rufus II said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
nancykate said...

wow! love pulling up the google reader to check blind reveals today and seeing my big head as pic #1!!! happy new year enty and friends!

ChasingHeaven said...

#46 is my favorite, the expression on your face is priceless. Love it!

Genesis said...

looser dude! open the window!

altar boy said...

This is reader #68, sister of reader#66. Such smart funny BEAUTIFUL people in our group of cdan fans! Happy 2010!!

Carissa said...

Empyrios, people must tell you that you look like Rachel Weiss! Darling, you're gorgeous!

nunaurbiz said...

Proof that CDAN readers are the most fun, beautiful, creative people around (with cute kids to boot!)

Happy New Year everyone!!!!

WednesdayFriday said...

Reader 30- there, I confess.

Reese said...

Reader reveals are the best!

#49, I wish I could do that!

Rickatoo said...

beautiful readers as usual. nice to see some of the smiling faces that I have become friends with. happy new year to all my CDaN family.

lutefisk & i are #32, along with a non-reader friend.

empyrios said...

@Carissa: I've only heard that once before so perhaps it's the photo??

Thanks for the compliment! Mighty kind of you :)

Genesis said...

We're all beautiful btw!

whole lotto luv said...

I love these pictures.

genesis, you're adorable, and that photo is cute as hell.

#52 - LMFAO!

All of these readers are good-looking, and judging from the comments, pretty smart, too.

jax said...

very happy to be in such a fine group of people. really. we all look like good people with good hearts and great fucking taste..for GOSSIP!

happy new year everyone...

oh and crazy blogger lady obsessed with Enty and myself- i'm #5 on the right, you'll recognize me from my 'poorly written' posts. ;o)

emma yardy said...

Whoohoo I feel famous! (no. 6), on the original post everyone thought I was Courtney Love lol! Hi to my special mate Robyn (no.41)!! Xx

Genesis said...

thank you whole lotta luv!

Andrea said...

Always love the reader photos! I'm #50.

#20-your photo is just as adorable as the first time I saw it a few weeks ago!

Genesis said...

lotto whoopsie

Jam...previously Jeb... said...

#23 w/my angel

sunnyside1213 said...

@52, I think I am there too. LOL.

MCH said...

Good looking readers!!

Happy New Year, everyone!

I'm #43.

amazonblue said...

Lovely, lovely photos everyone!

Who made it to the inauguration?

Happy New Year!

Kaitx said...

What a great looking bunch of readers!

I've been reading for years, but never comment. Somehow it seems everyone else here is much more eloquent than me. I keep meaning to send in my photo too but I've never got around to it.

Happy new year everyone!

Tea Lady said...

What a good-lookin' bunch of CDAN folks!

Genesis said...

#66 I showed my brother your picture and he yelled jefff and couldnt stop laughing lol we're lovin it!

jadetoo said...

Great reader photos! There's a little bit of everyone and everything on here. :)

Tea Lady said...

ny emerald - was that taken in Venice? I think I recognize the vaporetto- of all things, I don't recognize the buildings, I recognize the d*mn water bus....

Anonymous said...

This is so great. A lot of beautiful people in here. Next year I will add my pic, didn't have a recent one and when I did it was too late to send it to enty.

Happy New Year!!

sillylittlefreak said...

#38 on the right with my brother Jay on the left and old friend Jim in the center.

Anonymous said...

The guy in the middle of #38 looks like that actor guy who always plays shady characters...but I can't think of where I'd seen him.

Genesis said...

jim caviezel ftw

Maja With a J said...

We have some seriously good looking readers on this site! *L* And I know quite a few of them :)

Unknown said...

I am number 74! What a great and unique group of readers! I love the DC photo, cracks me up.

Dr. Spaceman said...

#68, I love your hair. I've tried to that short do MANY times, but it just never looked cute like that.

TinselSass said...

What a gorgeous group! So thrilled to be part of this online community.

Sporky said...

#28 (and new hubby)
You're all fabulous!

Karmen said...

I'm #15. Pookie - when enty first posted my pic, you asked if it has pockets. Not sure if you read my reply the next day, but yes it does. Love dresses with pockets!

Everyone looks so great! Happy New Years! You guys are awesome!

Andrea said...

@Tea Lady - yep, it's in Venice. It was a beautiful summer day. I would give anything for that right now. Not a big fan of winter.

mooshki said...

Hello to all the gorgeous readers! And special hugs to a few of my dear friends in the mix - you know who you are. :)

Anna said...

#66 here -- Thrilled to see the mutual love for J. Gold -- he's a very fine wine. Best bday present ever! Maybe by next year I'll post a picture with the man himself!

chopchop said...

CDAN readers have more class than any of the celebretards posted about on this site! :-)

Karmen said...

Whoops. I'm #14 not #15.

ItsJustMe said...

I'm #13, please to be in a group of stellar readers!

AphraelDanae said...

#9 here - to my fellow CDAN readers, you're all gorgeous and fabulous!

Unknown said...

Happy New Years to all of cdan family - i absolutely love all the photos - it's great to put faces to internet names and every single one of you is gorgeous!

Ice Angel said...

I'm 64 with my two gorgeous boys the night of their mother/son night at school. The theme was USA. All you guys look fab!

bionic bunny! said...

hugs back to ya, mooshki! am loving the new avi, too!
i've got a long way to go to catch up with the rest of our gorgeous readers, but i always post a pic... always a few pounds less than the previous one!
that's me and mr.buns in #58, napili, maui, HI.
i'm missing pix from some of you.......

lutefisk said...

It is so nice to finally match the names to the faces.
New Year's hugs to everyone---
like Rickatoo had said, we are #32--I am in the middle, Rickatoo is on the right, & our friend who we need to make a steady reader is on the left.
I want to add that we all became friends in the late 70's!!!!

bionic bunny! said...

@41 your eyes are gorgeous! mine are so bland, even with contacts!
@ 48 (iirc) would would you talk to mr. buns about letting me cut my hair that short? DD just cut her long hair off to donate. i just hate dealing w/ my hair. have a cute little ragtop that makes hairstyling a pain anyway.
happy everything, lutefisk!

Miss(pdx) said...

yowza readers! You guys are so lovely! I didn't send mine in this round but did last time!

Um #60 please tell me you like the ladies ( at least sometimes! ) Meow!

lol okay I need to not perve out on enty's site...

shakey said...

What a beautiful bunch! No. 31 on the right - my husband finds you rrrarrr-worthy. Is that a picture of Celine Dion? He's convinced it's her.

sillylittlefreak - I was going to guess Jim Caviziel (sp?), but I'm so used to picturing him in my mind with the blindingly white choppers from Passion of the Christ. Is he a reader, too?

I wonder if we have celebrity readers who are regulars.

Unknown said...

So cool to put faces with names. I'm #40. Two of you definitely recognize me. ;)

PotPourri said...

I'm #44! Yeah!

hotchacha said...

Holy CDAN hotties! I love reader photos. And all the adorable kidderoos!

#3, You look familiar to me.

I'm #60.

juicy said...

numero #22 :)

everyone here looks great!

chestnut-red said...

What a great-looking bunch of readers! #52, that is such a funny picture. I was in same spot the day before. You didn't by any chance find a lonely knit glove there, did you? LOL

daquirigoddess said...

I am number 73. With my husband and 3 darling daughters. Faithful reader for years, just do not post alot.

altar boy said...

@Dr. Spaceman -- my boyfriend lovingly cuts my hair with his Flowbee. I'm sure he'd be happy to give you a similar cut :)

Andy said...

Holy hell I am in love with #14.

Jackie said...

I'm #47. Was in Disney World last March and had a lot more fun than I thought.

Love the creative photos like #3 and #60. Genius and beautiful.

shakey said...

Altar boy - people still have flowbees? I have pictures of my father getting his hair cut that way by my aunt. A classic family gathering that was!

Green Wave Gal said...

I'm #5 on the left! :) Jax and I met when I was in her hometown for a conference!

I just met lutefisk when I was home for the holidays! :)

Who's next?!?!

laesmralda said...

I am number 72 with my daughter while we were in Strasbourg, France.

Melanie said...

I'm #20, with my husband and my gorgeous puppy Calliope at her birthday party.

@ny emerald, thank you very much! Your picture is absolutely beautiful! I'd love to visit Venice, you are quite lucky to have gone there.

Helen said...

First time commenter, but long-time reader - I'm #57, what a great start to the New Year!

H xxx

Unknown said...

#65 were you just visiting? My house is literally a 5 minute bus ride from that view! :D

Unknown said...

I'm #39!

lanasyogamama said...

Number 19 here! Love y'all!!

La Pachuquita said...

Happy New Year to the most awesome Chisme Chain ever (gossip chain). I am numero 24!

Jmrto said...


MnGddess said...

#26 - you are cuuute!!

#52 - THE. BEST. PHOTO. EVER.....

Enty, you should sneak your photo in there.....

MnGddess said...

#26 - you are cuuute!!

#52 - THE. BEST. PHOTO. EVER.....

Enty, you should sneak your photo in there.....

LauPow said...

I'm #46... giving Nicole the stink-eye.

jla said...

Hi! I am #16 with my boyfriend and we were in Vegas. Thanks Jason for complimenting my man candy!!! Love the site!

Karmen said...

So, doubt many people will read this since it's been a few days from the original post, but I'm procrastinating and this was the first time I could get to a computer. Here are the readers who revealed themselves in the photos. Let me know if I missed anyone.

1 - nancykate
2 -
3 -
4 -
5 - jax (right) Green Wave Gal (left)
6 - emma yardy
7 -
8 -
9 - AphraelDanae
10 - empriyos
11 -
12 -
13 - NotSoAnonMom
14 - Karmen
15 -
16 - jla
17 -
18 -
19 - Lana's Blog
20 - Melanie
21 -
22 - juicy
23 - Jam...previously Jeb...
24 - La Pachuquita
25 -
26 -
27 -
28 - Sporky
29 -
30 - Lauren
31 - shakey
32 - Rickatoo (right), lutefisk (middle)
33 -
34 - genesis
35 -
36 -
37 -
38 - sillylittlefreak
39 - vamp
40 - Jewels
41 - robyn
42 - Cute Little Redhead
43 - MCH
44 - Jamie's Girl
45 -
46 - Kinky Bootleg
47 - Jackie
48 -
49 -
50 - ny emerald
51 -
52 -
53 -
54 -
55 -
56 -
57 - Hellycopter
58 - bionic bunny!
59 -
60 - hotchacha
61 -
62 -
63 -
64 - Ice Angel
65 -
66 - Anna
67 -
68 - altar boy
69 -
70 -
71 -
72 - laesmralda
73 - daquirigoddess
74 - Justin
75 -
76 - ChasingHeaven
77 -

MizCaramel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MizCaramel said...

Hey all I'm #41 Robyn and special hello to #6 Emma xo! Love Cdan totally addicted and what beautiful readers you all are!

shakey said...

LMAO, Karmen! That's not me - I just said that my husband found 31 rrrarrr-worthy. LOL!

sprinkles said...

I'm currently unemployed so I have waaaaaaaaaay too much time on my hands. Here is an updated list of who is who.

1. nancykate
3. sarah
5. jax (r) & green wave gal (l)
6. emma yardy
7. js
9. aphraeldanae
10. empyrios
11. in the glow
12. interplanet
13. notsoanonmom
14. karmen
16. jla
17. ryan
18. keks
19. lana's blog
20. melanie
22. juicy
23. jam...previously jeb...
24. la puchuquita
27. yellow rose (middle)
28. sporky
30. lauren
32. rickatoo (l) & lutefisk (r)
34. genesis
38. sillylittlefreak (l)
39. vamp
40. jewels
41. miz caramel
42. cute little redhead
43. mch
44. jamie's girl
46. kinky bootleg
47. jackie
48. O
50. ny emerald
51. not sure but I'm thinking merrick?!
54. rj
57. hellycopter
58. bionic bunny!
60. hotchacha
61. himmmm
63. not sure but I think Catherine
64. ice angel
66. anna
68. altar boy
72. laesmeralda
73. daquirigoddess
74. justin
76. chasing heaven
77. beensie

Please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong on any of these. I didn't see Eli's or Seth's pictures. #26 looks like it could possbily be him but not 100% sure since the initial picture was a close up and this one is further away.

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