Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Random Photos Part One

Three parts today.

Kerry Katona keeping it classy at the UK premiere of Salt.
You might not like Kanye West, but the man dresses well.
Not dressing well is Levi Johnston. Even though he got denied at a party the other night, he still shows up way too often at events. I bet he thinks this singer actually likes him. You know, what with his excellent career prospects and all.
I feel like if you turn Leona Lewis sideways than I can make a protected left turn.
A rarely seen photo of Marilyn Monroe during her last movie.
Nick Turturro tries to convince Will Estes that he should strip.
And Will listened.
Two musical legends. Noel Gallagher and Paul Weller.
Robert Downey Jr and his wife Susan are all smiles.
Now I need to watch Airplane tonight with a side of Knots Landing. Robert Hays and Kevin Dobson.
Reese after a workout.
Scott Bakula puts in a drive thru order and gets paps.


jax said...

oh MM does not look good. apparently her scalp was raw and patchy from the bleach every second week. i think she was wearing a wig at some points. RIP.

RocketQueen said...

RDJ looks different in the face?

I just had to take a triple look at the woman beside Levi - thought it was Courtney Cox-Arquette!

Kanye just claimed on his Twitter last week he does not own a cell phone. So I guess he was just borrowing this one??

Missjenny619 said...

I wonder what Michael K from DListed would say about MM's eyebrow situation, LoL!

Kerry Katona - That dress makes you look like a pigeon. Burn it.

Noel Gallagher a music legend? Maybe in his own mind... I would never list him in that category. Ever.

Katy said...

The pic of Marilyn looks seriously off. Her head seems HUGE compared to the rest of the body, and the raised arm looks like a man's. The whole picture is really weird.

califblondy said...

Kerry's dress hurts my eyes.

Wasn't MM's last movie Something's Gotta Give? I know she got fired before it was finished.

My Mom swears MM killed Clark Gable when they filmed The Misfits 'cuz she left him waiting for hours in the hot sun and he died after that movie.

Anonymous said...

ten to one, i bet downey is back on drugs.

amazonblue said...

The MM still looks like it's from her last completed film the Misfits. I agree with your mom Califblondy, Gable dropped dead from the stress of that film. I've never seen it, the subject matter is enough to keep me from ever watching it.

Shmooey said...

I want to know where that cafe Noel and Paul frequent is.
I am on a mission to find the best English breakfast in London. Currently, my favourite is in Holborn, by I'm always willing to explore further.

sunnyside1213 said...

Reese, you need to work out a little harder. You thighs are rubbing together.

Tara said...

MM had very hairy arms, but I agree that the picture looks off. Still, she's freaking gorgeous. And, 'Marilyn' always gave great face. Norma Jean was another story, though....

Noel Gallagher a legend? WTF ever.

califblondy said...

I saw The Misfits, but it was years ago and I don't really remember much about it except that it was depressing.

She was better in comedies like Some Like It Hot and Seven Year Itch.

Anonymous said...

Levi looks like a Pimp.

I believe the last movie Marilyn was in was "Misfits" with Clark Gable.

Robert D. looks weird from the face. Is it too much make up or what LOL?

FC said...

I ♥ me some Will Estes - thank you!!

Tara said...

Something's Gotta Give was the last movie that she made, though she never finished it. The Misfits was the last finished and released movie that she was in.

Apparently there were rumors that Arthur Miller based the character on his wife. ;-)

Personally, I didn't/don't care for The Misfits. I found it boring as heck, but some of the acting was impressive and the expressions in MM's eyes were amazing.

Liza said...

That MM pic gives me a very Judy Garland-ish vibe later in life.

Like here: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_QDTnAf3uO1A/SMRKnAWj0OI/AAAAAAAABKI/JeZq9VF_Kko/s400/judy+garland+thoughtful.jpg

Same used up look, vacant in the eyes, clearly on pills, just a tragic life for both of them

B626 said...

Knot's Landing had the most unforgettable hair & makeup!

But the make-up artist on the Misfits should be slapped.

Tenley said...

I really thought that was some weird photoshop of MM. That is one damn ape-level hairy arm. Actually, now I'm back to thinking again it's photoshopped. I mean she so notoriously had her hairline painfully redrawn etc I just cannot believe she had an arm with that much black hair, unless that's dirt? I've never seen a woman with an arm like that

Robert said...

I had a girlfriend whose grandmother called Gable "the answer to a maiden's prayer," and also cursed MM for "killing" him. Probably some truth to that.
I'm not sure about the arm (photo processing?) but she looks haunted and definitely "used up."

lanasyogamama said...

They put Leona Lewis on "the diet" as my husband says.

karen said...

oh MM does not look good. apparently her scalp was raw and patchy from the bleach every second week. i think she was wearing a wig at some points. RIP.

I'm always wondering how Gwen Stefani still has a single hair on her head. You never see her with dark roots and she didn't even stop bleaching her mop while being pregnant with her sons. Maybe she's wearing a wig too?

Also, this is not dark hair on MM's arm. Who the hell has hair on the inside of their arms?
But I was surprised about that picture. I've never seen a photo of MM looking so old. She looks like a 60-year-old woman who's trying to look like a 13-year-old by wearing pigtails. Very odd.

ChasingHeaven said...

That picture of MM freaks me the hell out.

I recently found out that I'm related to Judy Garland waaay down the line.


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