Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Random Photos Part Two

Jessica Alba brings her smoking to Los Angeles.
Jennifer Aniston consoles Jason Bateman before premiering her latest bomb.
The red carpet.
Meanwhile Jason's television son hangs out in Dublin with Jason Schwartzman.
Johnny Depp in Hawaii with
his wife.
Jon Heder looks like he has lost a lot of weight.
Juliette Lewis is clapping because she just hung out with
Patrick Wilson.
Justin Long looks like he is auditioning for a coffee commercial.
Jamie Lynn Spears back with Casey Aldridge.
Julia Roberts in Tokyo.
James Remar has all kinds of stripes and plaids he is rocking here.
This is what Kate Gosselin's hair looks like after a five hour appointment. Seriously?


jax said...

Jamie Lynn's little girl is freakin adorable.

weezy said...

Yeah, that whole thing with Gosselin's hair is odd; why does she need to rent a van and driver and guard and spend 5 hours going to and from Manhattan for an 8-hour beautician visit? Are there no hairdressers in Reading or Philly who can make her look like that?

Shmooey said...

5 hours? What were they doing, glueing each hair strand one by one onto her head?

And what a lovely shade of trashy blonde... She should have gone to Supercuts.

Anonymous said...

depp got married?

sunnyside1213 said...

I am pretty sure Depp did not get married.

Tara said...

WTF is Jessica Alba wearing? I wish these chicks would PLEASE stop trying to make the high waisted stuff happen. It's ugly and makes your crotch and butt look funky.

What's with the Aniston hate? Not all of her stuff bombs. I do wish that she would stop with the romcom and take roles that are deeper, like the one she played in the Good Girl.

Look, it's Flaming Ethan! ;-) lol

I'm digging that color in Juliette's hair.

While I don't think that Justin Long is attractive, I must admit that I'm surprised at his acting chops. He's been the best actor in several of his movies (including HJNTIY).

Oh, Jamie Lynn....no. No, no, no, that's just wrong. Stop w/the tanning and put some clothes on chick. Apparently, her upper body is cold, hence the jacket, while her lower body is hot, hence the too short shorts.

Julia R gives great bitch face.

Kate's hair looks great, but five hours? Really?

RocketQueen said...

Anyone else read that piece on Julia Roberts holding a private party in a separate room at the premiere of her latest movie and only inviting half the cast (the other half were downstairs and not allowed in)? What a BITCH.

Was Jon Heder ever overweight?

Jen's cheekbones look...higher.

I'm not usually one to go off on what a celebrity is wearing since I just don't KNOW, but Alba's shorts are pretty horrific.

Anonymous said...

LOL@Enty's comment on Jennifer A.

I don't like HorseFace Julia.

Awrighty said...

That picture of Jessica Alba is from New York City.

mazemerizing said...

@ Tara: I agree Jennifer was good in The Good Girls, but that was eight years ago. I think she's forgotten how to act. The romantic comedies have made her very rich, but enough already. Time for her to go away and make a big bad movie every few years, like Julia Roberts.

Meg said...

Awww. I love Jen A. but agree that most of her movies have not been .... great. I will see The Switch because I ADORE Jason Bateman.

Anonymous said...

Jessica Alba is another in a long line of idiots who seem to think that smoking cigarettes won't give THEM cancer. What an ass. I wonder if she'll keep smoking even after being treated for cancer a la Christina Applegate. I just hope she's not exposing her daughter to secondhand smoke, but I doubt it.

Julia Roberts is such an asshole. She banged her way to the top, then spent years hitting on taken men before settling with (married) Danny Moder, and the whole time she has treated people around her like shit. Why are there still people who buy all the bullshit PR about her being so down to earth and friendly??? There are too many true stories that contradict all that.

iheartjacksparrow said...

Johnny Depp is not married.

B626 said...

Jennifer Aniston
Annette Bening
Julianne Moore

All victims of the latest
ill-fated crash and burn
movie screenplay fad:

'Sperm donation and it's
after effects are sooo funny!'

weezy said...

RocketQueen -- is it possible that the reception was work-related, for the distributor, major investors and senior production staff to hang with the lead performers?

weezy said...

On Gosselin -- I'm pretty sure I read that she's in the car for 5 hours (that's about right for RT from Reading to NYC) and in the *chair* for 8 hours.

califblondy said...

I'm still pissed to think about all that moola Kate makes pimping out her kids. So unfair.

Fabulous! said...

"oh but i HAVE to be on tv to support my children!!" no kate, you *want* to be on tv to support your ridiculous lifestyle. big difference.

i would respect her if she would just admit it.

lanasyogamama said...

Johnny's wife is crazy skinny for someone that has had a few kids. I SUSPECT something.

OT, a German girl group singer got busted for having unprotected sex despite knowing her HIV+ status.

Done with Justin Long.

and Julia Roberts.

MnGddess said...

But califblondy, she's doing all this for her kiidds. And she doesn't CARE what people say. I give her a year and a half before she realizes no one cares anymore. TLC drops her, the View has moved on, and she has to go back to the mousy brown hair she was born with. She'll wake up in her own bed to the sounds of screaming children and realize there's no one to take care of them but her.

lmnop123 said...

I like Jennifer Aniston's outfit and I agree she was really good in The Good Girl and let's not forget Derailed.

Jessica Alba had cancer? What kind? Those pants that she's wearing are embarrassingly ugly.

Jamie Lynn really does seem to be minding her own business and I respect that.

Someone said the reason Julia was praised for having the #2 movie and only making 23 million at the box office is because this is the best she's done in 10 years. Translation - Umm, LOWERED EXPECTATIONS. That's the best SHE could do.

PotPourri said...

I LOVE JA! I also loved Along Came Polly and Friends with Money. She and Scott Caan were very poignant in that.

Jessica Alba...I could kick your socker mom ass for trying to bring back those 1980's horror jeans.

telesma said...

@Schmooey, that's pretty much exactly what they're doing. Except they're probably sewing the extensions in, not gluing them.

Tempestuous Grape said...

Harry Connick Jr. was at Universal with his kids too that same day. I'd much rather see that pic than whatever Spears and whoever.

RocketQueen said...

@weezy - you'd hope so, but the Friedman article pretty much dashes any hope. Check out this link, which has a link to the Friedman article. Indisputable evidence she's a bitch:


weezy said...

RocketQueen -- holy. cow. At least at a commercial hotel her people could have used my excuse -- at the Metropolitan Club? OMG. And the producer couldn't bring his family in to her party? And the book's author? Interesting Jennifer Salt wasn't there, either. I won't go to see this movie. I've had enough people like this in my own life, I don't need to pay $13.50 to see her dump on me, too. Thanks for the heads up.


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