Thursday, August 19, 2010

Random Photos Part One

Four parts today.

Macaulay Culkin was in London hanging out with his brother Kieran last night.
MGMT - New York City
I love me some Mary Louise Parker and it looks like Charlie Mars does too.
Natasha Alam is your True Blood photo of the day.
Nina Garcia says she is expecting another baby.
When she wears clothes, Pamela Anderson does not look that bad.
Speaking of clothes, I don't think I would ever have the guts to do the roll up pant leg like Penn Badgley here.
Didn't even recognize Scarlett J.
I recognized Gabriel Aubry. He is selling sheets and stuff in case you were wondering.
More shirtless guys. Terry Crews shows you he has been working out and
it cracks up the other cast members of The Expendables.


jadetoo said...

I would like to purchase some of Gabriel's Charisma.

kcqueen said...

I would like to pay for some of Gabriel.

What? Is that wrong? Halle Berry did it.

And no, julia Roberts "today" dress is just as ghastly as yesterday's.

RocketQueen said...

That last picture is hilarious.

Nice try, Penn. That's Ed's look, and it doesn't work for either of you. (I still would, Ed!)

Macaulay looks high.

Pookie said...

seriously. enough already w/ the dumb-ass hipster nerd glasses. hollywood, you look stupid.

lmnop123 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Meg said...

@jadetoo - LOL

MGMT is coming to my town next weekend...should I go see them??

LOL @ Penn's pants. No, no, no, no!

ScarJo looks amazing

lmnop123 said...

Terry Crew has a really nice bod. I'd love to see him in a FFF picture. :)

ardleighstreet said...

Well HELLO Mr. Aubry.

Was it flooding on the red carpet, Penn? Because if it wasn't, PLEASE don't do that again.

How old is Nina Garcia?

chopchop said...

Ok, I'll say it: Macaulay Culkin looks terrible.

Terry Crews and his 'roid rage are scaring me. I'll bet his little nuts are shriveled up inside those pants and that's why he's so angry.

nunaurbiz said...

I can hear that True Blood chick's breasts screaming to be set free!!!!!!!!! "We're squooshed!" they cry.

Mango said...

@ ardleigh - I think Nina Garcia is 45-ish

Penn Badgely? I thought that was a pic of a young-looking John Mayer. Silly Mango.

Mango said...

That pic of Scarlett looks as if it has been airbrushed from here to hell and back. She looks like a mannequin and not a woman. Not exactly flattering. FAIL.

MommaSaid said...

Oh Gabriel ....

awesome balla. said...

enty, any atlantic city mgmt pictures?? i was there and want to see my nasty, dirty sweaty hairy boys!


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