Thursday, August 19, 2010

Random Photos Part Two

Apparently this Jennifer Aniston person is popular. However,
the scourge of the earth, Paris Hilton appears to be even more popular. It has to be her because her shoes are atrocious and no one would ever buy a pair.
I can't believe they made Camp Rock 2. I barely have recovered from seeing five minutes of the first one. Who is that Jonas on the far right? Could he play a young Elvis? Maybe. He stole Cousin Eddie's shoes.
More ads. This time J. Crew has Josh Duhamel and Katie Holmes and the worst looking pants I have ever seen.
Jerry O'Connell and one of my favorites, Elisabeth Shue. The woman in the yellow in the back is Rebecca Romijn. Wait, I will show you.
There you go. With the why is she famous Kelly Brook.
Apparently this whole Jason Sudekis January Jones thing is going to stick. If they are at the Target I think they are, then their next stop is probably BevMo to get January her daily booze ration.
So is this dress Julia Roberts wearing any better than yesterday?
Kelly Osbourne has turned in her old BMX biker for a new BMX biker.
I would love to see LaToya Jackson riding on a BMX bike.
Lisa Marie Presley and her husband have decided to move to England.


RocketQueen said...

I also wonder why this Kelly Brook person is famous. She's always touted as being so hot, but she doesn't seem hotter than any other starlet with talent?

J. Crew fail. That makes me actually NOT want to shop there.

blondegossip said...

Scary how lovingly Josh looks at KatIE (that's for you Tommy Boy!)...

Aren't Lisa-Marie's kids a little big for those holster things?!

Loving Aniston's dress.

Uhm, Kelly, you don't really want Stephanie Pratt's sloppy seconds do you?! If she called him a fame whore, you'd better believe he is. (That whole pot meet kettle thang.)

Pookie said...

is that demi lovato w/ the jo-bros? i can't keep track of those teny boppers, but her dress is the GORGE!

katie's face is lovely...but omg that crotch on those pants...wth WEARS that? =O

go away, julia r.

lol @ detective latoya, her weave and the cheesy hat.

lisa marie's babies have seriuosly long legs.

MISCH said...

Lisa Marie is trying to get as far away from mom & the church as possible....

lmnop123 said...

I like this dress on Julia, it keeps her honest and matches her FUNKY personality.

I luv me some crazy azz Latoya. She is the ONLY Jackson who keeps her crazy real. That woman's been acting kooky since the 80's.

Sis said...

I read the unauthorized bio of Tom Cruise and the stuff Andrew Morton wrote about Scientology was riveting and very scary, (I had a nightmare that somebody had to save Tom and Katie)!

That said, those kids are too big for the carriers, oh I know what about an old fashioned stroller?

Love Elisabeth Shue!!

blondegossip said...

@ Pookie - love it, "go away julia r"-my sentiments exactly.

@ MISCH do tell us more...truly hope that is the case-get away from that cult and crazy-ass mom. mom never stood a chance what with her parents selling her to Elvis at what, 14?!

Chrissy Buns said...

i've said it before, and i will say it again...those Jonas boys are HOMELY! yikes! are teeny bopper girls BLIND?!?

MISCH said...

Read it way back on a reveal....she is way more grounded than anyone would believe....Priscilla has issues...and is very controlling ..and so the distance makes sense.

Meg said...

Maybe Paris is in another country...isn't she kind of well revered in countries other than the US? :)

You watched (part of) Camp Rock?? Hahahahhahaha

I didn't know J Crew sold sparkly glitter pants with long crotches!

Elisabeth Shue still looks the same!

Who is Kelly Brook???

I think I like that dress better than yesterdays. I want to know what Elizabeth Gilbert thought about being excluded from Julia Robert's private party.

Patty said...

Julia - not only go away, but don't come back.

Katie = meh

bionic bunny! said...

i don't know, there's still a pretty big scio center in england. IIRC elron started out there.

chopchop said...

Whoa those kids are way too big to be in a Bjorn! Isn't there a weight limit?

With all the Photoshopping that was done on that ad campaign, couldn't JCrew make those pants look less ... crotch-y? Or is Katie hiding a foil-covered cucumber in there?

nunaurbiz said...

I think that one Jonas looks more like Neil Diamond than Elvis :-O

Maharesred said...

sorry but I actually like some of Paris Hilton's shoes, as hard as it is for me to admit it :(

MadLyb said...

I like Julia's dress and hair.

I guess you won't lose your kids if you strap them to you. And they probably don't get into too much trouble, either. I should've done that with mine when she was a terrible teen.

shakey said...

blondegossip, a couple of weeks ago Stephanie Pratt called him a starfucker on twitter, lol!

Bionic Bunny is right:

lanasyogamama said...

Jerry O'Connell and Romjin seem like a nice, fun loving couple. Yay.

This Julia Roberts dress is better, but that doesn't mean it's good.

Holy Schmoly, The Bjorn weight limit is like 16 lb! Those babies look HUGE in there.

Elle said...

That's LaToya?? I thought that was a white or Latin woman!

PotPourri said...

Actually, Lisa has stated she is moving to be closer to the church.

G said...

actually, I read it was being able to raise her children in a better environment. This was a blind awhile ago. I don't remember the details though!

Mango said...

The only good thing about the Kartrashians is that they have elbowed Paris out of the way. There's not enough room for three fame whore sisters, their greedy, odious mother and and the blonde queen of STD's.

There's something to appeal to all tastes; the Jonas Brothers are each pretty darned goofy in their own way. Have at it, tweens!

Katie Holmes does have a serious case of dropped crotch. I wonder if she can see a doctor for that...

Not familiar with Kelly Brook.

Is January Jones a hooch hound? I love Jason Sudeikis. JJ is lucky.

Horrible dress on Julia R, but she always did have appalling dress sense. You'd think she could hire a stylist.

J-Mo said...

Katie Holmes always had bad pants.

Shanra said...

Kelly Brook is actually incredibly funny, and doesn't have fake cans. And ps, check out her Reebok billboard. THAT is why she's famous. Love her because she admits she works out to look good, and admits she gets by on her looks. Unpretentious and smoking hot.

Henriette said...

I can't stand Becky Romaine Lettuce. I think she is a publicity hound. She tried to get her wedding paid for by the rags, but they declined.


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