Friday, August 20, 2010

Random Photos Part Three

Alanis has been one non-stop smile since she told the world she is pregnant. I wonder if Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett J ever smile. Seriously.
Happy birthday Al Roker.
And to Demi Lovato. She says she won't ever talk about a boyfriend to the public again. Uh huh. Until her next tour.
You would think with all the plastic surgery Bruce Jenner has had that he would have no wrinkles.
A mini Baywatch reunion.
No smiles for Victoria. Must be feeling bad about laying off all those people and then heading to Universal Studios for fun.
Or, she can't stand Gordon Ramsay anymore than me.
Daughtry - New York City
Denise Richards has been cupped and not in a porn star Charlie Sheen kind of way.
Constance Zimmer, Lauren Bush and Elizabeth Berkley doing some charity work for FEED USA.
Kristen Bell too.
Haylie Duff gets some pap attention after her sister's wedding.


sunnyside1213 said...

Still laughing about the transsexual reference for Bruce Jenner.

kcqueen said...

I look at David Beckham, and I want to like him, I find him verrry attractive, but just the fact that he stays with that ghastly Victoria makes me assume something is very wrong with him. Not that I want his kids to ever find out, but I hope he has someone on the side.

Pookie said...

i thought cupping was for lower back pain...that doesn't look like denise's lower back...does look like rock massage went too hot tho. ouch.

that's a big polka-dot fail there, kristen bell.

Basil said...

I thought cupping was something doctors did in the Middles Ages involving leeches? They seriously don't still do that do they?

Glad to see Elizabeth Berkely is still around. It was a shame she pretty much got the blame for Showgirls not being the success that Basic Instinct was. She wasn't likely to win an Oscar for it, but she wasn't that bad either.

lanasyogamama said...

Gee, I wonder if Denise did the cupping, and then wore a backless dress because of all the pap attention it brought Goopster. Gee....

Hayley said...

Is it just me, or does Demi Lovato look like a young Mariska Hargitay in that pic?

Mango said...

@Hayley - I also thought Demi Lovato looked like Mariska Hargitay but yesterday I thought that a porn star pictured here in CDAN looked like Hargitay so I was afraid that I was hallucinating...

Also, Demi must be, what, 18 or 19? She looks considerably older in that pic. Wonder if she's the answer to one or more blinds?

Geebz said...

I agree with the above two! Lovato looks like Haggartay! and can I say that I thought Doughtry was Joey Lawrence!

Geebz said...


TV said...

i get cupped for my intense shoulder pain. i dont do it often, but when i do, i feel more relief than with the chiro, massage or acupuncture.

i used to think it was just another dumb idea until the massage therapist suggested it and being in so much pain, i;d agree to anything.

damn if it didnt work. i just wont do it again during the summer.


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