Friday, February 18, 2011

Lets Talk Pete And Ashlee

There seems to be a consensus amongst the tabloids that Pete Wentz and Ashlee's divorce was a long time coming. Everyone also seems to agree that Ashlee's partying probably had a lot to do with it. Here is where I may shock some people. I don't necessarily disagree with Ashlee's partying. So, she went out with friends a lot at night? If Pete is on the road with his band or doing some work, is Ashlee supposed to stay at home every night looking out the window and pining for her man while she stays home and plays the dutiful mother and wife while Pete is out having fun?

The problem I have is Pimpa. According to Pop Eater, Pimpa Joe is happy to have Ashlee back at home under his roof and has done nothing to encourage the couple to reconcile. He is probably hoping Ashlee can find some guy he can manage and make some bucks off. Pimpa is not at quite the level that Thora Birch's dad is, but he is a very controlling guy and I think he hates the fact that he has not been able to control the boyfriends or husbands like he controls the daughters. I think he might actually like Jessica's new boyfriend because the guy has no independence and will be a yes man to Pimpa. He is someone who could be placed under the Pimpa thumb, and Pete and Nick and Tony and John Mayer are just not those kinds of guys.


Anonymous said...

lawyer blogger:

although it's a week out: could you please provide info on the radio station and website that your two hour show will broadcast? thanks.

bluebonnetmom said...

Pimpa is so gross. I wonder what has happened behind the scenes with his daughters. He is way too close and controlling.

Mango said...

When was the last time Pete was on the road with FOB?

I'm kinda surprised that Joe isn't sitting in between them in the photo but I think the real wedge was Ashlee's penchant for coke. Pete always appears to be the hands on parent.

BigMama said...

ok, I have to respectfully disagree. I am not saying she shouldn't have some fun. However, if that fun is most nights and involves reckless behavior i.e. extreme intoxication on a nightly basis etc. than I have issue. It has less to do with obligation to the child (that goes without saying) than the fact that her husband being gone working and generating income is not a good excuse to party. If he were out having a good time and getting drunk every night that would be one thing, but Enty seems (to me at least) be saying that his being gone PERIOD is an excuse for her to go out. My husband works nights alot, that doesn't mean I should be able to go out without him and party it up because I think it's unfair to be home with my children. Grow up, life sucks and her career isn't the one making the money.

mikey said...

I never expected them to last. I thought they got married because she was pregnant and poppa said they had to get married and then could divorce.

I never really liked Pete until they had the baby and he seemed really hands on and good with him.

Patty said...

@BigMama, ITA

As a parent you have responsibilities. Should she stay shuttered in the house, no. But if your husband is away someone needs to "mind the store" Otherwise, you're leaving your child with a babysitter way too much when you don't have to. That's not saying you can't go out when he's not home. It needs to be reasonable. I don't think she like the responsibility that being a mother brings and wants to still behave like she's single and childless. Team Pete.

Jessica said...

I have trouble believing this latest round of rumors for one simple reason: Jessica gave a comment to someone earlier this week or last week where she said that Ashlee had moved in with her, and she was happy to have her and Bronx there.
So this new BS about her moving in with controlling daddy doesn't make much sense.

Sue Ellen Mishkey said...

I think some parents choose to stay out of their children's lives. Not saying that is something Pimpa would do, but it happens.

Borg Queen said...

I kinda disagree. Ok her husband is on the road making the money. Their son is not in school yet so couldnt she have gone on the road with Pete and keep their family intact. Linda McCarthy did it for many yrs.

Asslee has the right to go out and have some fun but not be the public drunken spectacle she has become in the last yr. Why didnt Pimpa put his foot down when Asslee was ruining her public image.

She got kicked off of 90210 b.c of giving drugs to Heather Locklear's daughter.

We all heard the stories at how nasty Asslee was (1) with the cast crew of Chicago when she was on Broadway and (2) Pete Wentz's ex at a party.

HOw bout the McDonalds in Canada when she was drunk and jumped onthe counter screamin at the employees?

It sounds like she's had a problem for a long time but it is spiraling out of control now that she opting out of the marriage so she can party non-stop.

nunaurbiz said...

I know many touring musicians, both famous and not, and touring is really not as fun and glam as it seems, especially when the economy is down and everyone's cutting corners.

Yes, there are and always will be groupies, but it's been my experience that the musicians (male and female) with strong personal relationships have no problem being on the road and staying out of trouble. If they get into trouble on the road, it's because their personal relationship is in trouble.

In other words, musician and his/her partner need trust. That works on both sides. The musician needs to trust that the partner left behind isn't going out on them.

Some couples avoid this by going on the road together, but depending on the band, that causes its own rift.

kathrynnova said...
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Selock said... she's not expected to stare out the window pining for Pete, but she's got a very small CHILD to care for. She's bored of little Mogwai-whatevs already? How old is he, even?! That says quite poorly of her character, in my opinion.

ardleighstreet said...

ENTY, I disagree. Ashlee made a choice to have a child. She now has to be responsible for that child. The child needs stability and a safe home life. How stable is he if Mommy is a drunken party girl?

Am I asking her to give up her life?
I guess I am ,somewhat. She is partying. Pete is WORKING. I am hoping she is leaving Jungle Book in the hands of a nanny. Otherwise, we will be reading he's trapped in a room with Parasite's latest pocketbook puppy dog.

Meg said...

I don't understand how grown women can be so far up their father's ass? I mean, even if he does "have their best interests" at heart. It's weird. That picture is weird. He looks SO slimy (Joe, not Pete).

I'd be embarrassed having all these people talk about what sleezeball my father is & insinuating that he's kind of...incestuous with his daughters.

I don't really see the big deal about her going out & partying unless it was an ongoing continuous basis, which...I'm not sure that was proven. My girlfriends that have kids like to get away from their kids/husbands from time to time & I don't think they are bad mothers.

I think they are divorcing b/c they got married too fast, too young & had a baby they probably weren't ready for.

lanasyogamama said...

YES! She is suppose to stay home and look out the window, or better yet, give her kid dinner, a bath, and then read him stories before he falls asleep. That is what I do every single night, and I am so thankful for it. If she wanted to go out once or twice a week, that's up to her, but I think that lil Bronx is waaay down on the priority list.

Jessica Raechel said...

and it's not simply that asslee has to stay home. pete is constantly talking about how he wanted his family to travel with him and when he was touring with FOB they did just that. i could understand them staying at home when he does super quick trips but everyone is bypassing the fact that a) other than 2 or 3 day trips he hasn't left his family very often in the past year or two and b) asslee had the opportunity to go with him if she wanted.

shehlaS said...

What Borg Queen said.

lutefisk said...

I hate even thinking this but Ashlee's self-destructive behavior and relationship with her father makes me wonder if there was some kind of sexual abuse by him growing up.

Char said...

I don't have a problem with a mom going out with her friends once in awhile and dancing and partying. But snorting coke and getting so drunk you fall on your face several times a week? No, sorry, you're a mother. Grow up.


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