Friday, February 18, 2011

NY Post Blind Items

Which erratic fashion magazine editor fired a fact checker for not picking up her Xanax just before a recent fashion week (not the one just ending)? .

Which bleacher-babe girlfriend agreed to a threesome with her brawny boyfriend to keep him from straying with every pretty blonde? (Sounds like one of my recent ones, but unlike the Post, mine will be revealed.)

Which randy married actor couldn't keep his wandering hands off his co-star between takes of a sex scene?


Borg Queen said...

(1) Anna Wintour

(2) Cameron Diaz and A-Rod. Werent there stories that Tara Reid and someother blond joined then for a 3some.

(3) Dont know

awesome balla. said...

@borg: agree with you. no idea on 3, too vague.

Seachica said...

I think Enty's blind is Cameron & A-Rod, and this blind is Minka Kelly and Derek Jeter.

3) all of them.

mooshki said...

"unlike the Post, mine will be revealed."

How long is it until July 1st? ;) I was thinking there was no way the next reveal day could match the awesomeness of this past one, but now it sounds like we may get some really juicy stuff again, whee!

reticulation said...

What does fact-checking have to do with running out and getting someone xanax?

Sigh. I could never work in that world...even though I love fashion more than almost anyone.

MommaSaid said...

2. Cammie and Alex or Minka and Jeter

3. valerie got it--all of them!

RJ said...

Don't we always guess Ben Affleck for any blinds like #3.

Anonymous said...


mooshki said...

Duh, how could I have forgotten?! Of course #3 is Affleck! :)

izz said...

2) is much more likely to be Alex who loves his blondes, Jeter is almost exclusively a brunette chaser

Colleen said...

3. Russell Brand

shakey said...

1. Wouldn't that be a clue that the Xanax isn't working? And is it legal what she did?

2. What everyone else says.

3. Duchovny?

ChasingHeaven said...

Oooooh GREAT guess Colleen!

Hello it's me... said...

1) Unless she sent the girl an email saying "Hey, I'm firing you for not getting my drugs." then no, it's not illegal to fire an EMPLOYEE for not doing what you asked. A task is a task.

2) Cameron/A-Rod. Jeter rarely dates blondes. A-Rod loves them (Madonna, Kate Hudson, Cameron)

3) Who gives a shit?

And @reticulation - if you loved fashion more than almost anyone then you would be willing to work in that world. Your unwillingness to do so means you don't really love fashion all that much.


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