Friday, February 18, 2011

Random Photos Part One

Three parts today.

Keira Knightley after a night out. How does she make her mouth do that?
Apparently Kendra Wilkinson thinks this looks hot.
Lindsay Lohan and Sam Ronson make a break for it.
Miley Cyrus does not look too happy. Apparently she is really mad at Dad.
I still don't get this whole John Mellencamp and Meg Ryan thing. They don't look like a match.
Cy's health will probably regret that kiss. Then again, he has done a whole lot more. Just the thought almost made me puke.
Pink snapping photos of her mother.
Did you know Richie Sambora had a clothing line? Me either, but maybe he can do something about Vincent DePaul's moobs. And mine too.
Salma Hayek's mother leads Salma and Valentina in song.
The one and only Sally Kellerman.


mooshki said...

Sally Kellerman doesn't really look bad, but she is just about unrecognizable.

Nellie said...

..... meg and john have the same face....

MISCH said...

Keira has a very very strong jawline and is very thin to boot it makes it look even sharper.

Mango said...

I thought Sam wasn't talking to LiLo?? I'm glad Sam is driving. Lindsay doesn't need to get behind the wheel. Ever.

Meg said...

@Mango - Yeah..I thought the same thing? I remember her making several comments/tweets referring to the crazy that is Lindsay.

John Formerly Cougar Mellancamp sure likes to keep it casual.

parissucksliterally said...

i see Paris's ugly inside is working it's way out. She is not aging well.

Sam and Lilo. I thought Lindsay was done with clubbing?

yeah, she's sober.

MadLyb said...

Well, I guess that's why Lohan moved next door to Ronson. It was bound to happen. She probably went over to borrow sugar and next thing you know. Oh gawd, I just want her to go away so I can surf in peace.

Same with Paris - get offa my lawn youse two!

I don't get the Meg Ryan/John Cougar thing, either. She is shorter than he is, and yes, they do have the same elfin faces. I can't diss people who look that happy together, though.

Just seeing Sally Kellerman makes me think of "riccccch, smooooth, creamy decadence", LOL.

Unknown said...

John Mellencamp: sweatpants and a sportcoat?

Moonmaid said...

I don't know why people tend to hate on Keira Knightly. She's a good actress, she speaks her mind and she hasn't put fake boobs on her chest. I like her.

Char said...

Regarding the Keira photo... my mouth used to do that too... when I was high as a kite.


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