Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Random Photos Part Three

Stephen Root gets the top spot because he does not get enough attention for his great acting.
Yes, we know Avril, you are so outrageous.
Cheryl Cole at the Brit Awards tonight.
Abigail Breslin all grown up.
Anna Wintour, alone.
Some great photos from the Berlin Film Festival. I love the huge red carpets at this event and Canes.
Gerard Butler and Jessica Chastain at the same event.

I'm pretty sure Bryanboy gets his clothes from the same place Bobby Trendy does.
Beyonce walks very carefully.
Boy George looking good and healthy.
Demi Moore still looks good in a bikini.
Emily Blunt and Matt Damon at the premiere of their new movie.


FrenchGirl said...
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WednesdayFriday said...

Beyonce looks like Malibu Barbie.

califblondy said...

The style of shoe Beyonce is wearing are tough to walk in for very far or very long.

Demi needs some sunscreen; she's burning on her arm and leg. OMG, premature aging!

I wished Avril would just stop. It's not cute or funny or edgy; it's just dumb.

mooshki said...

D.B. Coop- oops, I mean Stephen Root, was the best part of 'Office Space.'

callywally said...

bryanboy is wearing chanel.

Ray said...

Amen Enty about Stephen Root and I also TOTALLY agree with you Mooshki!!

chihuahuense said...

when did Beyonce turn into a white lady?

RJ said...

Jimmy James!! I loved News Radio.

Gerard Butler may be a man whore, but I think he's very hot!

Missjenny619 said...

Chihuahuense - I was thinking the same thing. Beyonce looks soooo pale and soooo blonde.

Avril - Get over yourself, no ones cares.

Who is Jessica Chastain?

Rose said...

Avril has had the same look since she started and it's not a good one.

I get it, you're punk.

Mindy said...

Whoa, did Beyonce lighten her skin? I wouldn't have known it was her except for the caption.

Meg said...

Avril's 27 years old...probably a good time to stop dying your hair 15 different shades of whatever & flipping off people at red carpet events.

I wouldn't make it around the car in Beyonce's heels.

Anonymous said...

I love Matt Damon.

Hmm, is Beyonce suffering from the same "condition" that Michael Jackson was suffering from? She's a tool.

Gerard Butler looks good!

I don't care how super-awesome-amazing-fantabulous Demi Moore manages to look in a bathing suit. She's still a first class douche.

libby said...

Anyone remember the blind awhile back about someone ordering skin whitening cream in bulk, and the results would show themselves soon.

Does she fit? Was it a singer? anyone remember too, or am I insane? TIA

shakey said...

I love Stephen Root, too. I'm sorry his role on True Blood was small.

Avril - wearing the same hair/makeup/attitude since 2002.

Beyoncé does look rather white. Hard to believe it's her.

Looks like Emily Blunt likes some Matt Damon lovin'!

Cancan said...

That pic of Emily Blunt and Matt Damon makes me uncomfortable. It seems too ... familiar. I hope nothing's going on there.

I love, love, love Stephen Root/Jimmy James/DB Cooper!

I thought Avril had dropped off the face of the earth. Now I see she still lives. Bummer. Useless piece of trash.

Lady J said...

I WANT Beyonce's shoes! She also looks VERY white in that picture. Is she really that light or is it maybe the lighting?
Demi is VERY skinny.

Bleu said...

Avril's dress looks like one of those Michael Costello made on Project Runway. It's the only thing I like about that photo.

Eugenie said...

Avril has not changed oen bit. She still looks like a pissed off teenager, ready for a fight.

I wouldn't be surprised if Emily and Matt had done "it" at some point. I'm sure it's in her contract to sleep with her co-stars ;) Kidding, sort of. I agree though, that picture makes me feel a bit weird too.

Anyone else notice that this is Emily's third premiere without her husband by her side? I know he has to work inLA, and the premiere was in NYC, but the last two were at the weekend in LA, so he'd have been free ;)

Beyonce, what the mother fuck?

mooshki said...

Libby, the bleacher was an actress. It's possible Blind Gossip would call her an actress instead of a singer/actress if they didn't want to make it too obvious. Even if she is bleaching, I still don't find that as offensive as her piling her entourage in the SUVs to go shopping across the street. That kind of behavior will put you first against the wall when the revolution begins.

It's kind of funny - Taylor Momsen is the new Avril and Gaga is the new Xtina, and neither of the "old" gals seem to have a clue that they've been replaced. Take a lesson from Madonna - if you want to stay relevant, you need to reinvent yourself.

I really hope Abigail Breslin stays classy. I would hate for her to go the LiLo route.

Jessica Chastain's dress is to die for. Look at how Gerard is looking at her. It's no wonder he gets all the girls - that's the kind of look that makes your knees weak.

Smart, Demi, you want to keep that new face covered as much as possible.

ForSure said...

I want to see more in the series of Beyonce photos, I think it's the light.

parissucksliterally said...

Beyonce's shoes are INSANE! She does look white!

Demi's stomach is so flat! i remember when my stomach was that flat......11% body fat......sigh......

I go back and forth about that Cheryl Cole lady.

mooshki said...

FS, here you go.

Selock said...

For heaven's sake, Avril, grow up. EVOLVE.

Mango said...

LOVE Stephen Root!

If I had a nickel for every time Avril flipped a bird...

Little Abigail is all grown up! *sniff*

That's a gorgeous photo of Jessica Chastain.

Enty, you'd look as good as Demi if you lavished the same amount of money and care on yourself as she does.

shakey said...

Matt's wife surprised him with a visit to the première - he didn't know she was coming. Hmmm.

nunaurbiz said...

It's a good thing I'm so in love with my bf, or else I'd be real jealous of Jessica Chastain. So I'm just a little jealous (tee hee).

Abby, how you've grown up! (sniffle!)

I saw an interview with Matt and Emily and their chemistry was very obvious. Hopefully, it's just that.

__-__=__ said...

So Beyonce and Jay-Z are splitting up?

RocketQueen said...

Grow up, Avril. Seriously.

Of course Demi still looks good in a bikini. That's all she has.


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