Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Random Photos Part Two

Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes on a Valentine's Day date.
David Beckham flew to New York from London to spend the night with Victoria. Their case against In Touch was thrown out of court.
Joshua Jackson met Diane Kruger at the airport before going out.
Even Oksana had a date.
The biggest smile ever from Esperanza Spalding as she lands in Tokyo.
Emma Watson last night. She says she needs to grow her hair to get acting roles. Very daring dress.
Geri Haliwell is back in London after vacationing, well she vacations everyday.
Irina Shayk is the SI Swimsuit cover person.
Johnny Depp and Isla Fisher spent Valentine's Day at the premiere of Rango.
Jon Hamm and his girlfriend who is doing her Charlie Sheen impression.
Julia Stiles has chopped off her hair.
Jessica Simpson goes for the Eddie Vedder look.
Kirsten Dunst at Fashion Week.


FrenchGirl said...

Leann R's physic changed much since she dated with Eddie C

i like Julia Stile's dress(the color above all)

SkittleKitty said...

I don't get the 'Jon Hamm's girlfriend does her Charlie Sheen impression' comment.
I don't see any gold teeth or crack.

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

califblondy said...

Leann and Eddie are both so squinty I don't know how they see where they're going.

It's unfortunate that Jessica even left the house in that outfit. My housecleaning/hair dying outfit looks better than that.

Tempestuous Grape said...

I do believe that Jessica has met her buttchin match! I think it's a clef in technical terms but buttchin to me... because I'm 12, thankyouvermuch.

RJ said...

I'm with Skittle Kitty, what was that "Charlie Sheen impression" comment about? Am I missing something?

Emma Watson has great legs!

Rose said...

I think enty means the way Jessica is smiling. Leann looks awful and sickly.

Meg said...

on Stiles: Wait. Did she cut all her hair off or is it pulled back in a low pony? If that is the cut, it is not attractive.

I think the Eddie Vedder reference is for Jess's flannel shirt.

kathrynnova said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
libby said...

I really liked Julia in the Bourne movies; in fact I like her in general because she looks like a real person. I mean look at her boobs in the photo--definitely real! If it's a trend to keep real boobs, I say I can only hope it lasts.

shakey said...

Yes, Ent is referring to John Hamm's girlfriend's smile. But I prefer the face of the woman between Joshua and Diane.

Has Emma not heard of wigs or extensions?

Tempestuous Grape, can you imagine if they breed? Come to think of it, they do look alike. Maybe they will stay together.

I kind of like the way she dresses more knowing she can afford absolutely anything, but chooses what makes her comfortable.

Lady J said...

Leann looks sickly.
Emma Watson and Isla Fisher look cute.
I like Gerri Halliwell's dress.

KP said...

Leann does not look healthy.

I do not find Julia Stiles attractive at all.

mooshki said...

Leann is holding onto Eddie because if she falls over she will snap in two. I though the backlash against starvation chic was supposed to be underway. Let's get this thing moving, peeps!

Poor Emma, that Lisbeth baiting didn't really work out for her, did it? I do like that dress a lot.

J.Simp's boyfriend really loves the camera, doesn't he?

ForSure said...

I am beginning to believe some of the speculation that Enty is not writing this blog, or at least parts of it, anymore.

Mango said...

Eddie and LeAnn having a Valentine's Day dinner, but LeAnn probably picked up the tab.

Irina Shayk's breasts look so perfect that they must be fake.

Soooo tired of that unwashed look that Depp keeps sporting. Yes, yes, we know you're cool and anti-establishment. In your yacht moored off of your villa in the Riviera.

Jessica's thighs looked suspiciously thin in that magazine shoot she did. Think they might have been airbrushed smaller?

The Kirsten Dunst photo is odd; can't put my finger on why.

David's girl said...

Everytime I see a photo of Jessica Simpson these days I think "this girl is just bustin to be fat!"
Just let it go Jess and be there. you'll still be pretty, stop screwin with your metabolism, every diet you go on now is just gonna make you heftier

reticulation said...

Emma Watson is so pretty! I agree with Shakey, I thought everyone used wigs/extensions on movies when they needed a different style. I use them in real life!

RocketQueen said...

Watson looks incredible.

Stiles, not so much.

Remember when Rimes and Cibrian denied they were fucking and everyone else was a liar? Yeah.


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