Friday, September 16, 2011

Bravo Fires A Bunch Of New York Real Housewives

I think Bravo has started to realize how popular Real Housewives can be if you have interesting people on the show. New York lost the interesting thing a few seasons back and now some of the Housewives are being fired. Kelly Bensimon, Alex McCord, Jill Zarin and maybe Cindy Barshop. It makes sense for a couple of reasons. They are all kind of boring and they have been on the show long enough that they are making very large salaries. Bravo has told them if they do not find people more interesting that they could be back. I bet Bravo will have no problems finding some women who are more than willing to be dramatic and cause trouble and I also think this is even happening to an extent for Beverly Hills. I think after you have been on the show and start to get appearance money and some fame you start to focus on that aspect and making as much money as you can off the result of being on the show, and trying to create a public brand for yourself. That is why Real World switches everyone after a season.


califblondy said...

Alex was just starting to get interesting and Simon is always entertaining.

Cindy didn't fit and it's time for Kelly to go.

Aly said...

I love the Cuntessa. Just this side of tranny.

WednesdayFriday said...

Hearing Jill Zarin got fired from the show yesterday seriously made my day. I hate that woman. She is probably one of the worst human beings on TV. Her entire life has been about the show, and the rug just got pulled out from underneath her.

I have to say that Kelly is sadly crazy, but I kinda enjoyed Alex in a weird way.

Regardless, a can of tuna has more personality than Cindy Barshop.

__-__=__ said...

I enjoyed Kelly more on Twitter. She's always upbeat and entertaining there. Jill lost her "charm" after the fights with Bethany. That just seemed so unnecessary. I did find Alex and Simon entertaining though. Simon always seemed interesting and Alex seemed like a good mom.

BrandieMarie said...

I was surprised they didn't get rid of Luann too. For me she's just so abrasive and bossy. I thought will Jill out the door Luann would be next.

I'm a little sad to see Alex and Simon go.

Kelly and Cindy, meh, whatevs.

I prob would have send Sonja packing too though. With all the legal and money problems she has just let her do her thing. Its just sad to watch.

Sue Ellen Mishkey said...

Watching Kelly have a nervous breakdown on "Scary Island" made me feel uncomfortable everytime she was on the screen, so I'll be glad to see her go.

I agree with the Jill Zarin comments above. She's a mess.

I kind of can't stand Alex this season, but I'm only 2 episodes in, so that might change. The way she goes on and on and on when she's got a bone to pick. Someone should throw a blanket over her cage to shut her up. I don't care if she goes.

And Cindy-lou Who? I change the channel when she comes on because she looks like a zombie-Who. *shudder*. I'm glad she's gone.

Jessica said...

So glad Kelly and Jill are gone. Cindy, who knows. We didn't get to know her really. Alex, meh. The last season of her being bold and fighting everyone got kind of old. Will be nice to see new people, but kind of wish Luann was axed too.

Tempestuous Grape said...

I disagree. While I love the thought of Jill actually being fired, I think it will be a great lose. Jill & Alex are old school dramz. The problem is the that wretched Kelly Bensimon! Get rid of that slag and we are in business!

Krystal said...

I am SO glad that they're getting rid of Jill and Kelly. I loved Jill in the first couple of seasons but after the way she treated Bethenney and the way she acted this season, she just comes off as horrible and self-obsessed. Ick.

Kelly-Well I couldn't stand her from that whole "I'm up here and you're down there" extravaganza. She's nutso and out of touch with reality and really shouldn't be on TV because it's probably not healthy for her.

I like Alex and Simon. They're entertaining and once Alex found her voice, I LOVED her. They were self-proclaimed social climbers so it was hilarious to see their struggle to fit into the NYC 'in' crowd.

Cindy? ZZzzzzzzzz. Good riddance!

Amartel said...

Alex was the only REAL housewife in this whole demented repulsive franchise. Maybe it's for the best and she can go on to better things.

Mary Ann said...

The only one of these I'll miss is Alex. I kinda like watching her and also Simon. Cindy is so self-absorbed she makes the other self-absorbed twits on this show seem normal. And Kelly is both arrogant and mental. This is a dangerous combination but not fun to watch. Jill is just mean.

I am so ashamed that I know all this. *hangs head*

Lelaina Pierce said...

Mary Ann - It's ok. We're all in this Housewife shame spiral TOGETHER!!

I also liked Jill UNTIL the Bethenny debacle. Kelly B. is crazy in the bad way, (unlike Ramoner who is crazy in the good way) and boring, so no loss there. Cindy was boring & obviously didn't fit in. I bet Alex/Simon are devastated.

They need to find another funny castmate. NYC used to be hilarious when BF was on. Then JZ tried to fill that role and it was a big nasaly fail.

Mango said...

At first I didn't like Alex, then I liked her, then I was back to disliking her. This past season that whole modeling thing cracked me up. She did a talking head statement about modeling for the money and it turned out that the magazine that published the photos was some neighborhood Brooklyn rag. Hardly Vogue. Meanwhile, Simon has gotten downright creepy.

As obnoxious as Jill is, I really wish they would get rid of bug-eyed Ramona. She's a manic ASS.

Cindy is a bore and Kelly won't stay on her meds and keeps flipping back into cray-cray mode. This last season she startled me when she was somewhat rational and then *poof* she was back with the insane ramblings.

Yep. Time for some new blood.

RudyLarue said...

I wish they'd replace the entire cast of all the housewives shows every couple of seasons.

They might be more entertaining and less about women just bitching at each other all the time.


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