Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Random Photos Part Two

Travis Tritt helps George Jones celebrate his 80th birthday and the pair get the top spot.
Colin Firth and Gary Oldman finished a close second. The stumbled on their triple sow cow so the judges gave them a lower score.
Christina Ricci has gone back to not eating.
Apparently there really are two Fannings and not just one that multiplies itself.
Bar and Petra in one photo. The guy behind them is wishing that fashion show will never end.
Michelle Trachtenberg gives a sour look. How can anyone be sour around Emma Roberts?
I admit it. I watched Rachel Zoe's show again last night. I feel ashamed. I need to shower.
Ashlee Simpson at Fashion Week? Oh yeah, Jessica gave her a job.
Have no idea what Beyonce is wearing.
The Lady GaGa impersonator was upset because she was late to work and guys kept taking turns looking at Kim Kardashian's butt.
Kirstie Alley walked the runway at Fashion Week.


RocketQueen said...

I used to be so hot for Gary Oldman back in the day, like during the "Immortal Beloved" phase....sigh, now he looks like a chemistry teacher.

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

WHOA. Kirstie looks just like a vintage Disney villainess, and I TOTALLY mean that as a compliment.

Beyonce appears to be wearing either a gigantic cupcake, or some sort of lampshade. She is SO hit or miss. Is Tina dressing her again?

It's nice to see Petra smiling. She's *way* more of a survivor than most of the celebs discussed here. And I like it when two gorgeous ladies obviously enjoy each other's company, since there are so many tales of rivalry among supermodels.

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

@Rocket Queen -- I feel VERY similarly about Ralph Fiennes -- except I'd rather he look like a chemistry teacher than a bedraggled domestic terrorist. Have you seen him lately? *sob*

When I hear the words "chemistry teacher," I automatically think of Walter White. I just heart him.

Pookie said...

why, hello there, colin firth...*swoon*.

that is all.

Sylvia said...

Where do the gossip sites get the idea that BeYonCe is a fashion icon?? She dresses in cheap clothing.

Ice Angel said...

The Fanning sisters are just all sorts of adorable. Such big Hollywood stars, but they seem so well grounded and normal and close. And they always look gorgous and age appropriate. To me, that signals a long and successful career ahead for both of them, as they will succeed on their talents. Demi, Miley, Lindsey, attention and take notes....THIS is how it's done! ( new favorite girl is China Anne McClain from Disney's Ant Farm-WOW...what voice-I hope she stays sweet and doesn't end up like the others.)

califblondy said...

From looks of this and another picture I've seen, Kirstie appears to be putting the pounds back on.

Enty, now that you're a Rachel Zoe Project fan, isn't that Rache's make-up dude with Kim K.?

Ashlee almost looks good here. Ya, I said it.

Michelle and Emma must hate coming after Bar and Petra.

Angela said...

George Jones might be 80 but the toupee is younger. said...

Damn George Jones' skin is looking pretty awesome for an 80 year old. I wonder if he's had a facelift or maybe he's using bare minerals makeup.

Maja With a J said...

Hmmm...I wonder if Kirstie Alley is the answer to that blind about the celeb who lost a bunch of weight, supposedly through a program she endorses, but actually had surgery. She has definitely had something done to her face recently. She looks great, but I think she's had a li'l help.

And Sylvia - I highly doubt that dress is anywhere near "cheap" ;)

Christiane said...

Haha @ RocketQueen and Ida's comments! Fiennes does indeed invoke memories of the Unabomber (well, with less hair on the head).

And Beyonce's dress looks like curdled cream meets a paper lantern.

parissucksliterally said...

Kirstie is claiming to be a size 4. She looks great, but she is NOT a size 4.

Kim's face looks like a fucking kabuki mask now. Keep telling us how natural you are, you stupid bitch.

Asslee is a drug addict.

Bar is so pretty. JFC/

Anonymous said...

Petra and Bar are gorgeous.

Dakota is lovely and Elle looks so happy!

I would totally wear Kirstie's dress. To work. During the day. And twirl around in the hall with everyone staring.

Zuzu Petals said...

Regarding Michelle Trachtenberg:

I would be sour too if I had those legs.

Amartel said...

Ha ha. "Sow cow." That's how I spell it in my head too every time the Winter Olympics comes around. (I think it'sactually "Salchow.")

Love Rachel Zoe. Hate all those hysterically UNreal housewives but like the people who have shows about their businesses, like Rachel, Flipper Jeff, and Tabatha. (Could live w/o Millionaire Matchmaker lady, tho.)

Gary Oldman is hot, like the Professor on Gilligan's Island. Rahr.

thisoldbroad said...

Don't care how much Kristi weighs, but she is stunning in that dress. That outfit is perfect on her.

libby said...

Ashlee Simpson is trying so hard to 'fashion it up' since she announced she's 'helping design' a line for teens 'with' her sister Jessica. Which basically means the JS brand is expanding, and Jess was kind enough to put Ashlee's name on it, to give her an income.
I suppose it's better than Jess just sending checks every month, but Ashlee is NO fashionista OR designer, I'm sorry.

Basil said...

@Ida. I see what you mean. Kirstie DOES look like a Disney villaness, but they are always glamorous and gorgeous, so it is not an insult. She does look great here. I do wish she would stop obsessing about her weight and what size she is. It's just a number created by the fashion industry to make people feel like shit. Kirstie looks much better with with a few pounds on her because that is her body type. As long as she isn't eating crap, and doing some exercise like walking or swimming, she will look really good being whatever size she is suited for.

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

@Basil -- Agreed! I think she looks so stunning nowadays specifically because she HASN'T been bone-thin for the past few decades. She chose between her ass and her face, and she chose VERY, very well. I wonder if she made some Faustian bargain with Xenu? Nah. He doesn't have that much power. ;-)

Who cares if she *isn't* a size four? I wear about a size six, and I'm probably a couple inches shorter and nowhere near as naturally voluptuous as Kirstie. If I had to guess, I'd say she was about a size 10/12. And she looks incredible. I hope she stays exactly the same, honestly. Gaunt older women make me terribly sad.

I'd rather look like Kirstie than Anna Wintour ANY. DAMNED. DAY.

Mango said...

Chemistry teacher? I wish. I think Gary Oldman looks like a pedo pastor. And he was in one of my favorite movies of all time, "Sid and Nancy" *sob*

Christina Ricci looks very pretty in that photo.

Isn't that the younger Fanning sister towering over Dakota?

Emma Roberts' dress is too large.

Ashlee Simpson = the NEW coke mom.

kathrynnova said...

'kirstie alley walked the runway at fashion week'..... which is why new york fashion week SUCKS and is a total joke. it's not about fashion. it's about celebrity. stupid stupid stupid american destruction of art.

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

@kathrynnova -- I'd way rather see a healthy, older woman with color in her cheeks, a voluptuous figure, lustrous hair, and an actual personality walk the runway -- as opposed to the anemic-looking, spindly, androgynous, wan, palpably miserable teenagers who spend the majority of their time daydreaming about sandwiches, and whose razor-sharp clavicles weigh more than their thighs.

Diff'rent strokes, I know -- but I think Kirstie is about twelve hundred times prettier than someone like Jessica Stam.

Basil said...

@Kathryn, I really know nothing about fashion, or fashion week in whatever country it is going on. But even I can see that it is a big ole commercial to sell stuff. And what better way to make money than to get a celebrity to wear your clothes as an endorsement. I am sure some nameless model could have worn that dress, but we never would have seen a picture of it without a celebrity wearing it. I don't know who the designer of this dress is...yet, but half the stuff runway models wear is completely impractical unless you plan on wearing it for Halloween at an S and M party and have no intention of going to the bathroom. This dress looks like it actually might be comfortable and not something that looks like a Cenobite might wear.

Anyway I am so glad I am a man and can get away with a shirt and jeans and workboots.

Henriette said...

I love the color of the dress Kirstie Alley is wearing. I wish she would get rid of the blond hair though.

nunaurbiz said...

I got George Jones's autograph for Clint Black before they ever met. Both of them remember that.

Travis Tritt's manager (Ken Kragen) and road manager tried to get me fired because of something TT said, but later I had a script that Travis's agent thought was "perfect" for him but the RM blocked it and now TT is just a washed-up country music wannabe.

Just sayin'. LOL. Some of mi vida loca!

Anonymous said...

I´m gonna say something and slap myself for it afterwards. Christina Ricci looks fantastic when she doesn´t eat. Ouch!

Cathy said...

I disagree about Christina Ricci - I think that she has far too large of a forehead to be THAT skinny... it makes her look like a bobblehead.

weezy said...

Parissucksliterally…well, Kirstie’s dress size may have a 4 *in* it.
Ida Blankenship – the only explanation I could think of for Bouncy’s foofy dress and that bikini from the other day is that she’s endorsing someone’s fashion line. At least I hope she’s being paid to wear those things.
Henriette – I think the blond hair is to reflect light on Kirstie’s face so the wrinkles/shadows are minimized.

There’s a pic of Kirstie in a LBD in the NY papers and she really does look like she lost 100 pounds – I’m puzzled by the Evil Queen dress: IMO it makes her look large. She should not be BFFs with whoever talked her into wearing that.

On George Jones: I can’t believe that old coot is still around. What’s keeping him preserved? All those years of drugs and alcohol and hairspray?

weezy said...

I took another look at the pic of Kirstie in the LBD; the hair is wrapped very tightly around her head, covering her ears. I'm wondering if she has those Lucille Ball gizmoes to hitch up sagging jowls to the top of her skull underneath?

Sherry R. said...

There's a lot of ugly in this set of photos.


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