Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Real Housewives - Beverly Hills

Were you bored last night? I was. How desperate were the producers to fill their time that we had to sit through a 4 minute tour of Camille's ski house. Ten percent of the entire episode was spent walking with her around that place.

The only good thing to come out of the night was a game I call, "Is Kim Drunk Right Now?" I honestly could not decide if she was drunk or just heavily medicated. When she showed up at the airport with Kyle I have never heard someone talk so fast without taking a break. She just would not stop talking. Then, later in the program her speech was way slower and it sounded like she was trying to enunciate every word, but they still came out slurred. I had her down as drunk or medicated for almost her entire appearance in the episode last night.

Three bags for two nights? Adrienne set a record for sure. They went out one night right? Yet she still brought an entire bag filled with nothing but shoes. Of course this might be to hide her favorites from the creditors. Apparently the richest person on the show is having severe financial problems.

Lots of Lisa taking every chance to criticize Taylor or Armstrong as she says sometimes. Taylor wet and in the hot tub during the day is not the greatest look for her. It emphasizes the really out of whack lips and the dramatic weight loss.

Does it frustrate you to no end that when the other wives ask Taylor what is wrong she never answers them? Never. Is she hiding abuse or does she want people to think she is abused but really is not? Next week looks better, but I got suckered into this week thinking it was going to be better than last week. No wonder they brought Brandi on board because without her I have a feeling this season would have been a snoozer. All of them appear to be more worried about the cameras and how they look and how it will affect future camera time. The drama all seems manufactured. Last season everything was real.


Sue Ellen Mishkey said...

I can't wait til this shows here, boring or otherwise.

OT, I just watched the first episode of Mob Wives. Holy Hell. Amazing.

Patty said...

Sue Ellen, that Mob Wives show is just something else. Holy Hell nails it.

califblondy said...

I'm glad I stuck with football last night.

So many of these shows have pretty good first seasons and then the "reality" gets manufactured.

Robert said...

Those Mob Wives are too much, like an ensemble of Danielle Staub wanna-bes. Every time one of them opens their mouths, it's like a sewer backed up. I can just hear my Mom saying, "Do you eat with that mouth?" Good LORD.

shakey said...

I've never heard of Mob Wives, but Robert's comment made me laugh!

I thought much of last season *was* made up drama. (It was still fun to watch, though.) Not surprised they're concerned about camera angles, etc. It is Beverly Hills, after all.

Lelaina Pierce said...

I pretty much agree w/ all of what you re-capped, Enty. Very boring episode. Although, I did think it was HILARIOUS when they found out it was a four hour ride to Camille's house. The looks on their faces was priceless.

I thought Kim was either medicated or drunk. I don't think she was really "sick."

I honestly don't believe any of these women truly like each other.

Mango said...

I fell asleep right after it started, but that's okay. Good ol' Bravo will broadcast it another 732 times.

allisonwonderland said...

Did anyone see the pictures of Taylor on ET last night? The whole situation is just so sad and uncomfortable I don't even know what to say...


Sis said...

I do not mind spending 4 minutes looking at Camille's house, or any of the other houses, that is part of the fun for me.

Is there a reveal about Adrienne's financial problems?

I like Kim and am hoping they do not exploit her problems, whatever they are.

And yes, I agree the look on their faces was priceless!

Ok, now I have to find Mob Wives.

Sis said...

And sad about Taylor, knowing about Russell now and it does seem like she does not want to tell whatever is going on, imo.

Worstcompanytoworkfor said...

I'm with you Sis..I liked looking at her house..It must be a girl thing.

Financial problems? I thought she was super rich.

califblondy said...

I don't know how Adrienne could be having money probs unless somebody is really over extended. Last season it was said that they were one of the few couples with REAL money.

I just saw Taylor's picture on nypost.com and it's horrible.

Rose said...

I don't think the Maloofs have any financial problems.

Marna Palmer said...

I was so bored by the first episode, and kind of creeped out now that Russell killed himself, that I think I am going to forgo the rest of the season. Thank god I lowered myself to watching RHONJ. I LOVE that "branch" of the franchise.

Susan said...

Super late to this thread, but last night was uber boring. And Mob Wives is total crazy. Highly recommend those bitches. Or, I guess I should say those fucking bitches.

You could so easily make a drinking game out of Mob Wives. Those broads are rough.

Jasmine said...

Mob Wives is AMAZING.
Cannot wait for season 2- season one was left in sort of a cliff hanger.

I heard about Adrienne's money troubles and the answer has to be overextending their resources because the woman has a percentage in viable buisnesses that continue to see and make profit.

They better not file for bankrupsty like some of those other rich houswives have done- I HATE when people cant control their money and end up getting off...

The episode WAS sorta blah, I also liked perusing Camille's house and I did sorta feel sorry for her for having to sell it. I am also enjoying her personality this season, its like a perfect balance of salty, sarcastic, raunchy, and sweet.

Last season I didnt view Kim an addict so much as one of the most insecure ppl Ive ever witnessed. This year, however, I feel like she is a walking Intervention episode! Her fast talking screamed coke or some kind of upper to me....it was almost too intensely bizzare.

I also feel that Lisa Vanderpump ( i really cant with that name) is obviously being set up as the villian or the Camille type diva in this season. Is it created through careful editting or is it really her? I think its really her and I was really really annoyed when the girls where all having fun on the plane and she looked so stiff and proper british boor. And btw, her husband WAS wrong to give his shitty outdated sexist opinion that therapy makes a man weak or some shit, to say that to the obviously struggling, vulnerable as always Taylor was fucking wrong.

nunaurbiz said...

I thought the best part was Queen Lisa expressing sympathy for Camille because now she would be down to "only" two houses!!!! THE HORROR! THE SHOCK!!!!!

Oh and the limo ride was hilarious.

I don't think Kim is on illegal drugs. I suspect she may be trying to get used to/find the right dose of Rx.

LOVED Camille's house!!! So wish I could buy it and I thought that half the women had the thought that they would buy it in an instant.

I sure hope Taylor's therapist told her (or is showing her these tapes) to pound into her frail head that it doesn't matter what other people think of her. That's one thing that carried over from the first epiosde this year that bothered me. Taylor talks the talk, saying she's learning not to take everything so personally, but then she goes and gets all upset about Ken's comment about therapy. Get over it, chickie!


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