Thursday, September 15, 2011

Angelina Jolie Sabotages Jennifer Aniston's Wedding

Despite Angelina Jolie publicly saying she was not getting married and Jennifer Aniston probably never getting married, OK!, which by the way is "The Magazine That Stars Trust" uses the cover in their latest issue to discuss how Angelina is trying to race Jennifer to the altar and will do everything she can to ruin Jennifer's perfect day. First of all do you see either of them doing the big wedding thing? I don't. I see small and quiet and no one will know. They are not going to sell television rights and have sponsors because they have been previously married and they just are not those types of people.

The magazine has come out on Jen's side and say that Angelina is the one with the grudge and that Angelina wants to make sure she comes out on top. I have to say that I am continually fascinated by the never ending obsession tabloids have over this couple and I would really love to see how the sales of these covers compare to weeks when they are not on the cover. To keep doing it so often must mean the sales are way better.

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