Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Charlie Sheen & Martin Sheen Together Again

Have Charlie and Martin Sheen been in anything together since Wall Street?


Angela said...

Hot Shots: part deux.

Maja With a J said...

Yeah, what Angela said!

Also, I like the fact that Charlie is willing to make fun of himself. These roasts can be pretty brutal...but so funny. Yes, I will be watching, and not only because Seth MacFarlane is in it ;)

KellyLynn said...

Martin Sheen also played Rose's dad on an episode of Two and a Half Men. (One of the drawbacks of antenna television is the abundance of Two and a Half Men on it.)

Basil said...

Cute, but I really wish Martin Sheen WOULD act like that with Charlie. Of course, he probably should have acted like that when Charlie was a kid.

Ive always wondered something though. When Heather Locklear was married to Richie, and Charlie was married to Denise, both couples were pretty friendly and were actually neighbours and hung out alot..... and we know how that almost ended for Heather. Anyway, they all must have at least been drinking together, but I wonder if Heather was partaking in Charlies drug of choice? Despite who she plays on TV, Heather has always seemed like a nice person to me and I think that whole situation really damaged her emotionally. People don't call the police on you because they are worried you will kill yourself unless there is a very valid reason for them to think that.

Anyway, glad Heather has gotten past it and appears to have her life back on track. And it's nice she ended up with Jack Wagner, who seems pretty level headed and also a nice person. Her previous choices in men weren't what I would call pillars of the community.

Geebz said...

dont care until he gets rehab and has to pay for the shenanigans he's partaken in!

mooshki said...

My friend waited on Martin Sheen & Emilio Estevez & some kids (Emilio's?) the other day, and said they were both very nice. You've got to give props to stars who are still good to the "little people."


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