Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dexter Actress Is Missing

An actress who has had small roles in Dexter and Mystery ER has vanished. Mabel Pantaleon was last seen four days ago outside her Manhattan apartment. The actress, has a history of mental illness, and was last seen driving a silver Camry. I really do hope they find her. Her mental illness seems to be just some manic episodes, so that should not just make her wander off and not come back does it? I think this is more serious than that. I do worry that the only reason anyone is paying attention to this is because she is a very attractive woman who is also an aspiring actress. If she was a less attractive woman who worked at a Hallmark store, would anyone even notice in the media? Would anyone care? I think people would care a whole lot less. What does that say about us as a society. Think about who we care about who goes missing and who we ignore everyday when they go missing.


billybob said...

Poor baby, I hope she’ll be alright. Mental illness is a bast.ard of a beast. Sucks your heart and soul then leaves an empty shell. Hope she’s found soon and gets the care that she needs. And Enty, you are an old cynic my deary!

cheesegrater15 said...

Unfortunately it's human nature. Also it's one of the tenants of journalism.

Seachica said...

She played a server in one episode of Dexter, and a nurse in one episode of Mystery ER. I get what you're trying to say, Enty, but you are perpetuating this by talking about her. Nothing particularly newsworthy here for an international audience.

anita_mark said...

Good Lord you are preachy today. This is an entertainment blog so I come here to read entertainment stories. Then I can go to my local news sites and read what's going on in my city where stories like this are being covered. Then I can go to the national news site and read what's going on in the world.

Sometimes your naive musings make me question coming to this site.

Sunny said...

Because of you, I try to find ways to say You Sneaky Fucker on a weekly basis

libby said...

Yes, bipolar disorder makes people run away, disappear, and do 'crazy' things all the time.

This is the m.o. of bipolar. The mania can make you make sudden, total life changes---and then the inevitable crash and self-medicating with hard drugs can make the disappearance last longer or even permanent. Mania can make you feel invincible---- but when you come down, you hate yourself & your mistaken actions so much, and will either keep hiding because you're embarrassed, or keep hiding because you've chosen drugs in a desperate attempt to re-trigger the 'good' feelings of mania.

I had a BFF of 15 years who was eaten up with mental disorders. Thankfully, he never turned to drugs so badly that they couldn't 'get him back'. His manic episodes would have him disappear for a few days, and come back with shame and hundreds or thousands of dollars of purchases he had made for this 'new career idea' or 'new life' he thought he was starting when the mania had him believing he couldn't lose.

anita_mark said...

@Sunny, heehee. My legacy.

libby said...

Sorry I always feel like I have to include my personal/family/friend experiences to my comments---I have noticed if I don't, when I check back hours later (too late to reply), people question how i would know and I never have a chance to defend myself.

Thanks ladies & dudes. I don't mean to sound like a know-it-all, if I come off that way.

Plus, I didn't want it to seem as if I'm bipolar myself. Y'all know I'm depressive, and I didn't want it to seem that I have been hiding the full story or something. At weaker moments, I wish I could taste a bit o' mania for a second, until I remember how life-ruining it really is.

Sylvia said...

I don't remember her in Dexter. She is a pretty little thing. I do hope she is found and all is well.

Newanda said...

Yep - this is pretty much one of the harbingers of bipolar. My husband's mother used to do this regularly - run off to another city for 3 days and live a different life, with three kids at home no less. Untreated it can be a brutal thing, but treated, you can often live a pretty normal life.

Rose said...

It's not a new concept Enty, the media focusing on attractive people or mainly white children that are kidnapped or missing.

Roman Holiday said...
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Brenda L said...

@libby....once you've lived awhile, you can't help but get some experience. Continue to share freely with us.

Unknown said...

I agree with Enty though. It's one of the facts of society, but that doesn't mean we should just accept it and move on. I mean, 200 years ago slavery was just another "fact" of society, to use a more extreme example. When people are cared for and treated differently based on superficial reasons...blah

Frufra said...

@libby - just seconding Brenda L here - life teaches you lessons you didn't even want to learn, am I right :-)?

I always enjoy your insight.

AuntJess said...

I dunno, if I had 3 seconds on Dexter or any other show I'd milk it for just about ever. Sorry. And if putting that info out there gets people to notice this girl wandering the streets in need of help, all the better IMHO.

0_0 said...

Society? Please. I don't hear about this unless the media- via YOU- runs the story.

You should write that his reflects what the media THINKS about society.

Jocasta said...

I'm bipolar and I've been known to disappear. With a newly acquired love interest, in college, and before I got married.

She is young and it within the realm of possibility that she found someone she wanted to spend quality time with?

New York City is teeming with paps; if I was young and beautiful I'd take off in my car and zooma zooma private.

Who the heck wants their private life on every blog in the universe?
Oh yeah, I've had my bffs call the police because I didn't call or go out to clubs with them on a weekend or two. Sorry girls, but that man of the moment was just more important.

As for who she is, I dunno who she is. I base my perceptions on whether or not someone's FAMILY reports her missing. And even at that, lots of people turn up just fine.

This just happened in Kansas, where I live. You can scan the kansas dot com new site if you don't believe. The story was that a woman was abducted by an unknown man while at an older man's house. She showed up a few days later, walking down a major thoroughfare here in Wichita.

She was fine; she said she wasn't abducted. I'm just speculating, but I think she was a caregiver for an elderly man and someone just came to pick her up from work. I can't swear by it, but she was uninjured.


I always sweat missing people, male female...heck...canines. It doesn't matter, missing is MISSING.

Anonymous said...

Let someone DRIVE YOU CRAZY to the point where you act out ONCE, and you too can have a "history of mental illness."

Then watch as people who purport to want to "help" you want nothing more than to have LEVERAGE over someone else, and feel good about themselves.

Has any PATHOGEN ever been linked to ANY psych illness? NO. It is NOT like other diseases; diseases are caused by pathogens. "Mental illness" is SUBJECTIVE, and often abused for political purposes.

Oh and what's with the outcry against looks bias? Try being a MALE SECRETARY like I was as a young adult, watching an endless parade of bimbos and whores STEAL over FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS A YEAR from me.

I know what you're thinking: say something nice to me to placate me. Um, FUCK YOU. I built my wealth on my own, DESPITE all the "good" people who enforce this bias.

I know what they'll say next: "We should be nice to him, tell him to let go of the past, etc." FUCK YOU AGAIN. To steal money from soneon3e is to declare war on them. If they recover, and manage to acquire enough money to maybe buy your company and put you out of work, think about that the next time you assume the worst about someone, or "play along" because you think it might help you financially.

Now those who are TURLY mentally ill will eventually break the law, since they don't have control over their faculties. Oddly, despite being "bipolar," I have no criminal record well into middle age, while those who have actually tried to WARN people about me (because I speak out against looks bias, of course) should have had their eyes on places like Denver.

Oh wait, had someone at UC (which has many secretaries, I'm sure) OPENED THEIR FUCKING MAIL, or had the post office fucking DELIVEREED IT IN LESS THAN TWO WEEKS (gee which is the case? One is not), that theater would never have been shot up, and the same people who would never have hired me as a secretary might still be alive. Poetic fucking JUSTICE.

The best part? You can HATE me for talking like this, but I'm not the one with the guns, I'm not the one going off on a bender, and I'm certainly not the one shooting up a theater. Idiots like all of you want to LOCK UP political enemies with pretexts of "history of mental illness," but you're POWERLESS.

THIS is why people who actually NEED help don't get it. The system was too busy abusing people like me under the pretext of trying to "help" them. In one of my employment lawsuits a judge first ruled that I needed a psych exam to dtermine my "employability." I don't go and get fined. They try AGAIN to get one. I note that if the judge rules for the other side, that a PRETTY WOMAN would be subject to the same precednet. REVERSAL!

As I like to say: "Be careful, next time they might hurt someone you actually care about rather than just me."

Every last one of you losers absolutely DISGUSTS me.

Oh, and anyone who wants to play internet psychologist with me better have their malpractice insurance paid up, and a damn good complex civil litigation attorney.

Go to hell all of you.

Anonymous said...

I should add that in the lawsuit mentiond above, while this IVY LEAGUE UNIVERSITY was standing in federal court, with a straight face, claiming that bipolars were "unemployable," that their star medical research was DRUGGING AND RAPING a job applicant.

Of course, that doc wouldn't maybe cause you to have a GUY in your secretary's chair.

Enty knows what I'm talking about too: law office women are just WHORES. They have to be. In Philadelphia, they have a cute trick:

1. Requre "legal experience" (unless you're a hot chick).

2. Give entry-level experience only to students from ALL-GIRL CATHOLIC SCHOOLS.

3. Hire them upon graduate, full time. By thirty, they often have enough saved up (OT, etc.) to RETIRE.

4. Note4 my "history of mental illness" rather than confront sexual predators in law offices.

Again, go to fucking hell everone. Maybe I'll go dance on the graves of those who died in the Batman shooting one day. They were a pure waste of DNA. Yes, even the SIX year old, since the second she turned 18, she'd have landed on the wrong side anyway.

They all do.

Seachica said...

Good god, Enty, no more posts about mental illness

alliwholovessomuch said...

Wow u need help mate seriously go get some!

Kaizer... said...

"Has any PATHOGEN ever been linked to ANY psych illness? NO. It is NOT like other diseases; diseases are caused by pathogens. "Mental illness" is SUBJECTIVE"

Maybe you should take a psycho-biology/ neuroscience class.

doctressjulia said...

BOS, you have some SERIOUS anger problems and major issues with women. Get help before you snap and do something violent.


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